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  1. Vibuki

    LMMS - open source alternative to FL Studio

    Woah I'm definitely going to look into this and try it. Thanks!!
  2. Vibuki

    Free Sketch-Lineart (-/- slots) - [On Break]

    WOW! That looks so good, ahhh!! :')))) I love it so much!!
  3. Vibuki

    Fumi Tiles

    Wowow these look really good! I'm really diggin' the textures.
  4. Vibuki

    Howdy ^_^

    Hello there! I think it's amazing that you're trying to spread awareness. You're totally right on how there's so little representation, so I think it'd be really cool to see your game. Welcome to the forum!
  5. Vibuki

    Free Sketch-Lineart (-/- slots) - [On Break]

    @When Bugs Roam Ur House The character's name is Nita and she's supposed to be pretty androgynous looking, so it's okay if she doesn't look super girly. She's around 15 years old, but pretty short and also a little on the round side. Thank you so much!!
  6. Vibuki

    Free Sketch-Lineart (-/- slots) - [On Break]

    Hello! I'm new on this site so I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to request a picture.. Though if anything, from all the sketches I've seen so far, I have to say they look amazing! *o* Like, wow, ART. The ref might be a little sketchy so please let me know if you need me to redo/describe in more detail. If you can't do it, that's alright! It's still nice seeing all these cool sketches! Have a good day! o/
  7. Vibuki

    I'm glad to be here!

    Thank you all so much! It seems like this place is already a wellspring of knowledge and resources, and I'll be sure to let you know when I need help. For sure I'm going to be clueless in all aspects until I get the hang of it, haha. I hope you all have a great day! o/ Please take care!
  8. Right now? A total noob. Looking forward to seeing what's out there!

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      Thank you very much!

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      Be home before dark.

    4. Necromedes


      I sometimes stream lessons on Saturdays via Twitch. Keep an eye on my status updates and maybe you can attend one.


  9. vibuii vibuki vibuki I... got it right the last two times!
  10. Hello! I've been meaning to join this community for a while but hadn't gotten to actually doing so until today (although it's finals week and I should really be doing other things). Nevertheless, I'm here and I wanted to introduce myself with a little post since I'm still very new and haven't gotten used to the site yet. My name is Vibuki and I'm planning on making an adventure game starting this summer. My goal is to finish before I graduate which is in a few years so it's going to be a work in progress until then, but I'll spare the details since I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to post that in this forum. I'm looking forward to meeting people in this community!
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