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  1. I hope the super blue blood moon will be visible from here... I'm excited to see it!

    1. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      I just saw it even there some clouds get in the way but I still manage to see it, it's dark red from here(park near my home).

    2. Crescent


      @Perang Cemen sadly we couldn't see the moon because the eclipse ended before the moonrise here :< damn it, I was really looking forward to see it's beauty...

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I didn't see it...ah well...

  2. I hate being sick, ughh...

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    2. Saeryen


      Get well soon. I feel you; I was sick earlier this month. *hugs*

    3. Crescent


      thanks you two *hugs back* <3


      @Saeryen it sucks - especially when you have a lot of pending work to do and you're not feeling okay enough to work on things ><

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I was sick the first part of December and for the end of December, all related to the feasting days and the change in the weather. I'm still recovering a bit but on the mend, for the most part.

      Being sick is no fun, no matter what ails you...it sucks monkey farts.

  3. your username is a pakistani name, is that your actual name? I'm from Pakistan, are you from there too? :D

    1. Naveed_Ashfaq


      It is my actual name, but I'm actually from Bangladesh (currently living in Canada). Southeast Asian names tend to be very similar I guess, especially Muslim names :D

  4. This looks really interesting and I like the concept of it
  5. 2017 was a bad one, hope 2018 will be better.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I definitely agree. Let us hope that nothing stupid happens that could be prevented.

  6. woah you just replied to something I totally forgot I posted XD yeah that project is no longer in development now but thank you~ the tiles and stuff I used there is from Crazy_Leen, but sadly now her retro graphics are down
  7. Things are starting to get better, just keep praying guys~! ^^

    1. Vis_Mage


      Glad to hear that things are starting to look up!

  8. there's some depressive issues going on here so I won't be active here as I am here normally, since I need some time and space for myself in real life. I'll also reply to PMs and some stuff (request/commission related) as soon as I can. Please pray for betterment in my life so I can overcome these problems...

    1. PhoenixSoul


      You take care of you, okay dear?

      We'll be here, come Hell, High Water, Net Neutrality Overturned, or Illumina's Wrath.

  9. Golem Sprite Request

    I wish I could help you out with this, but sadly, currently I'm really busy with some stuff. Maybe you can try searching around for any golem sprite that matches? I believe there must be at least one of them done already. If not, I hope someone can fulfill your request
  10. Meanwhile, the admin are absent...

    @Rikifive @Tsarmina @Seriel

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I'm more worried about if the hacker/s decide to go after an ACTIVE user...

    3. Seriel
    4. PhoenixSoul


      Like, myself, or you, or anyone who is active here, and use their account to spam people.

  11. oww the avatar

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    2. Crescent


      and I'm feeling lucky enough to work as a pixel artist (doing sprites and Kaduki battlers for her) for Spuddy's game, I'm really enjoying when drawing these characters :D

    3. PhoenixSoul


      That's actually really neat. Sounds like a good game...

    4. Rezanta


      Welp, look at you, ru- I mean, b-

      Jokes aside, neat work! Really like the style and feeling of the avatar and art lol




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    2. PhoenixSoul


      In all due fairness, I have seen much worse.


      And that's not including some of the unfair examples I could think of, like with LJN Video Art (yes an AVGN classic)...

    3. Rikifive


      Uh, I don't even want to find my old stuff. :P 

    4. Rezanta


      I mean, there are always a way to use anything. Alternate routes, making a portal that takes things back in time, etc etc. Creativity is always at the ready to show off.

  13. music Ferret Entertainment - Free Music Requests

    A bit late but here I am~ SpuddyFerret recently did a phenomenal job in composing whole OST (that link doesn't have all the tracks in it btw) (around 18 tracks in chiptune style!) in just less than a month, for my project that was supposed to be my IGMC 2017 entry but I failed at completing it within time - although I'm still excited in using these tracks for the project that I'll be redoing from start (yass MORE CHANCES TO USE SPUDDY'S MUSIC *insert evil laugh*) The big thing is that, she is very fast and DOES MUSIC FOR FREE she just asked for some pixel art in return but she really doesn't cost anything from you~ She's very fun (she sends you funny videos XD) to work with - she also understanding and humble to talk with (also thanks to her for suggesting me some name ideas for my project!) I highly recommend hiring her for some quality music for your games! I'll definitely hire her again (okay i'm broke lol and i really want to pay her for her hardwork lol lol)
  14. Okay I wasn't able to complete my IGMC project within time, well I'm still I'm happy I tried my best...

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    2. Crescent


      @PhoenixSoul thank you~ just wish me luck so I can do better :)

    3. LadyMinerva


      Awww I'm sorry to hear that.. It was like me with my project, I always create a deadline for myself but wouldn't be able to finish it because of something that would happen with the project and real life :3 Oh well, we'll both take it as a lesson and plan it out first before our schedule meets xD Hopefully you'll get better~

    4. Crescent


      @LadyMinerva I'm hoping to come back with more positive energy, but I really need to look a bit on real life things now XD


      thank you~