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  1. DAMN IT! Now that I have money for becoming a patron, for the additional graphics... Patreon says me to add a credit card to my Paypal to complete the transaction! T_T

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I'm sorry about that.

      But, good news is that you can get a prepaid debit card, no matter your age.

      If you want to inquire more about that, feel free to message me.

    3. lonequeso


      Did you try asking your parents? Offer some sort of housework in return? Steal their credit card?

    4. Crescent


      lol to be honest - I've never been interested in credit/debit cards because it is of no use for me; when I want to buy some stuff I just use Paypal (of course a sort of fake account because there was no other option since it's not able to work in my country XD) though I only buy stuff like resource packs or things related to gamedev, so I don't think credit cards stuff are important for me.

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