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  1. Is there a way to name an equipment type like this for more than two slots in VX Ace? (Accessory #1, Accessory #2 and so on)


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    2. PhoenixSoul


      TsukiHime has a script that goes along with her equipment system that allows via notetags (of course, this is for VX Ace), to have various equips be of more than one type.

      <equip type: 4>

      <equip type: 5>

      <equip type: 6>

      <equip type: 7>


      Which will have those accessories be allowed to be equipped in any of the four slots.

      Gotoranamete sa!

    3. Crescent


      ohh, I didn't knew that was possible. I'll try that, then! Thanks~ ^^

    4. PhoenixSoul


      TsukiHime's Equip System:

      Core-Equip Slots

      Custom Equip Types (this is the script that will allow one to extend equip slots past the standard slots)

      Multiple Equip Types (this is the script that will allow one to label equips as more than one type)

      Dynamic Equip Slots (this allows one to add/remove equip slots in game-automatically sorted too)

      Utility: Change Equipment (allows one to use script calls to change equipment if the event editor is not helping)

      Equip Slot Sealing (for sealing equip slots beyond the standard slots)

      Equip Slot Fixing (for fixing equip slots beyond the standard slots)

      Equippable Limits (not a necessary part, but it does allow one to limit how many of one type of equipment a character can equip-useful to limit something that may increase EXP Rate as one example)


      Hope I helped. ^_^

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