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  1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Reborn Abstract: The game is remake of an old Gameboy Color Game called “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets†made by EA Games (Google it if you are curious). You control several characters of the Harry Potter Universe. The plot follows the original but with some cuts and additions to suit the gameplay better. Genre: strategy, rpg Average Demo Time: 4 hours Game Progression: 98 %, This in only a BETA version of the game, so some subjects may change, although this is a complete story and plot, ideas and critic is always welcome. So don’t hesitate if you have anything you want to add or feel is missing. Recruitment: Everyone's skill will be considered so don't hesitate if you feel like you have something you add. If so please use the following: Contact Info: Feedback, bug reporting, ideas and critic are always welcome. You can PM “jocae2100"or send an email. Story / Setting / Purpose: As Harry attends his second year at Hogwarts, the dangers are more present than ever, as students get attacked by a mystery guy which keep calling himself Slytherin’s inheritor, and at the same time both Harry and one of his best friends, Ron, are in constant danger of being expelled as they have to break a lot of the school rules this semester. Who is Slytherin’s inheritor and why are the mystery guy attacking students? Will anyone survive? Will Ron and Harry remain at the school? Find out in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Reborn†Character Bios: Harry Potter: The boy who lived. He is the one of the main protagonists. He has strong will and is quite better than average at the most of the stuff he does. Ron Weasley: One of Harry's best friends. Won't give up easily. He can take a lot of blows but still stand upright. One of the main protagonist. He also uses his pet Scabbers in battle to help him out. Hermoine Granger: One of Harry's best friends. Studies a lot which makes her spells excellent and devastating. She is a caring character and does her best to help others. Draco Malfoy: The nemesis to Harry Potter, Draco is a evil and selfobserved character who does his best to suit his own needs. Credits: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-Reborn 0.9.9 Scripts Seiryuki and KGC. yanfly SoulPour777 TDS Yami, Kread-Ex and Archeria_Nessiah Kread-Ex V.M of D.T Casper Gaming KGC Nicke Galv's Enterbrain Tileset Celianna Enterbrain Raven recolor, Mack's animal base and GC VXAN RESTAFF Mapping rpgmaker20221 Plot rpgmaker20221 Various Resources (therefore may never be used as a commercial project) trademark as Warner Bros etc. Lionhead Studios EA Jarrod Radnich Sprites Kotori-chan and LoMastul Music JStewartMusic Jarrod Radnich Screenshots: Features: · Over +130 maps to explore of the Harry Potter Universe · Hidden items to collect and to unlock more areas in the game · Lot of conversation · Achievements · Famous spells and Leveling-UP your character · Strategic Battling More detailed about features: In the game there are a large amount of maps in order to complete the Universe of the Harry Potter world. The maps are accessible in a nearly “open world†and many of them contains hidden items for you to find (optional.) To make looking for hidden items more attractive and valuable, there are achievements and rewards for collecting and completing. About conversation: Conversation in the game is nearly optional, but taking help by conversations with NPC’s could be a great way to get tips on various things, they also contribute to building the universe. Leveling-UP Battling enemies and practicing are crucial in order to not suffer in a later stage of the game as the difficulty follows an increasing slope. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1flnqvuc1f9zlxv/Harry_Potter_and_The_Chamber_of_Secrets-_Reborn_BETA_v.0.9.91.zip Known Issues: None at the moment.