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    Power/Mind Charge and Tetra/Makara Karn Help

    Hy there... I know I asked this tread long time ago but I confused about it. So can you teach me how to do it or there are any scripts for it, thank you. I want to create the skill Power/Mind Charge and the effectiveness of Tetra/Makara Karn (If been hit by a magical atk or physical atk, It will automatically dissapeared). P.S: the part that I got confused are suggested by this guy: Milennin: -Put state on Actor, then link all physical/magical attacks to a Common Event that remove that state. -Link enemy attacks to a Common Event that removes the reflect state. These two lines got me confuesed. Can you help me with specific how to do it?
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    Random Repeats

    Can you fix this link, please?