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  1. malonkey1

    Picture Choices

    I've been trying to find an plugin that lets me use images to represent choices in a dialog, without much luck. The idea was to make something like Mass Effect's Interrupts ( ), using Tsukihime's Timed Choice Selection and having the choice be represented by an image. The issue is, even though I can use icons with the \i escape code for this, that's not ideal because that restricts me to icon-sized images, and I don't want to give players eye strain every time they have to decide whether or not to trigger the interrupt. Is there a plugin like this out there already that I just haven't been able to find?
  2. malonkey1

    Triggered Skills

    Alright, that's definitely a step in the right direction. Thanks!
  3. malonkey1

    Triggered Skills

    So, I've been searching around and couldn't find it: I would like a plugin that allows you to define conditions under which a specific skill will be used automatically (either unique to a given Actor or Class, or as part of the Skill), and when the conditions are met, the skill fires instantly (if the actor knows the skill). I tried getting the effect I wanted with Yanfly's Passive states, but I'm limited to passive effects there, so I can't do something like a "retaliation attack" or a triggered heal or the like. If somebody were to make this, or if it already exists and floated past my notice, I'd very much appreciate it.
  4. malonkey1

    Something akin to a Fire Emblem Battle Sysem?

    So, do you mean a Tactical Battle System? Like GubiD's, but for MV?
  5. malonkey1

    Ability for actors to have Abilties

    In order: Use Yanfly's Skill Equip plugin. This can be done just with the Class information in the Database, and with events respectively This could be done with events as well (check if parent actor has skill, is yes then give child actor skill) You can define enemy skills in the Database You can define the message a skill displays in that skill's entry in the Database.
  6. malonkey1

    Skill Tree

    And how would you define it exactly : a skill tree is not as obvious as it sounds,it is a huge amount of data (both game system data and graphical data). I'm not intersted to work on that for now (unless commisioned for it) but I'm just curious about how you would "define" your skill tree The idea would be that Each skill would have note tags that peg it as being in a specific tree, then the ID's of any skills that branch from it in that tree. For example, say you had a Fireball skill (ID 1) that branched to smoke and lightning skills (IDs 5 and 12) in one tree, and branched to lightning and Fireball II (IDs 12 and 2) in another. Then, the game populates the skill trees for the actors from the note tags. <skill_tree: 1> <branch_ID: 5> //Smoke <branch_ID: 12> //Lightning </skill_tree> <skill_tree: 2> <branch_ID: 2> //Fireball II <branch_ID: 12> //Lightning again </skill_tree> And then classes or actors would have note tags noting which skill trees they have access to: <skill_trees: x, y, z> I'm sure there's a way more elegant way to do it, but this is what comes up off the top of my head.
  7. malonkey1

    Skill Tree

    I've been looking for a plugin to replace normal character skill learning with a skill tree.I haven't been able to find one, and it'd be really useful. For those unaware of what a skill tree is, it's basically where your skills are arranged in a branching tree, with certain skills requiring you have earlier skills in the branch to learn them. (See spoilered image for an example) All I need it to do is let me define a skill tree for a character, and have a UI where the player can select the next skill they want when they level up. Ideally, it'd be compatible with Yanfly's Job Points, but I'd be pretty happy with just the basic skill tree.
  8. malonkey1

    VE - MP Levels

    Yes you can, jusd add multiple <mp level cost> notetags, one for each level. Also, notice that you can use icons to display the level name wich should be better for each 'level' display. Fantastic. Definitely going to make use of this, thanks.
  9. malonkey1

    VE - MP Levels

    So, can a spell require MP from multiple levels? Because that could be great for an elemental spell system I wanted to do. Just rename the levels as elements, and have spells use a mix of different level/elements
  10. malonkey1

    "Palette Swap" script

    I don't really want to make a bunch of different copies of a single tileset, but I guess that's the best I'm getting. I found a script that can recolor bitmaps, but I don't know how to use it with a tileset: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/4038-coperns-bitmap-color-functions/ If it's possible to use this with the tileset, I think it will do what I need, but again, I'm sure how to work it.
  11. malonkey1

    "Palette Swap" script

    I do not think you are getting what I mean. The maps are connected at an edge, without a transition, and upon crossing from one to the other, I want to change the colors of everything on-screen. So when I step from here at the bottom edge of this map: into the top edge of this other, directly connected one, you can see the color palette has changed.
  12. malonkey1

    "Palette Swap" script

    In most circumstances, yes, but like I said, the idea is to replicate the color changes as they are in the early Pokemon games, where you step from one connected map to the other, and the color changes instantly.
  13. malonkey1

    "Palette Swap" script

    Alright, just bumping this thread here.
  14. malonkey1

    on-screen buttons

    Upon looking over the script again, I just realized I could already do that. Nevermind!
  15. malonkey1

    Hello, all.

    Hi guys. Name's Malonkey1, or Eoin if you prefer, and I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace, and hope to learn a lot here!