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  1. Game updated to 3.5 Version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Enjoy
  2. Game updated to 2.5 Version. Bug fixes during menu scene. New content, new characters and more. Still working in the translation, the game is in spanish so if you can read it good for you.
  3. Evaaan

    Dispose/Hide sprites during the battle scene

    Omg it worked! i love Shiggy! xD i just replaced the *terminate* with your dispose method and now is working perfectly! Thank you very much, we can close this topic as Solved
  4. New version available, fixed a lot of errors and bugs. Added new characters, missions, battles and a lot of new stuff, enjoy.
  5. Evaaan

    Ruined Future: The Bad Ending

    Looking good. Nice work
  6. Thanks man, actually there is an english version but is unfinished, and im unable to complete that by myself because i cant write english correctly.
  7. Yeah! i can use this, but how can i remove the window of the restriction?
  8. It works, i can see the message of the restriction, man you are a genius. The thing is that i can see 2 members of the team in the menu sharing the same tag, that is not supposed to happen, because they are basically the same person.
  9. Yeah- The non battlers characters are just tacit, they are there but they are not represented in any way, just during the dialogues with a picture. In the menu i have the battlers, one for each tacit member. And the idea is to give more options for them.
  10. (Im not a native english speaker) Well, i have a main character, but this character cant fight by itself, and will not appear in the menu or during the battles. He uses another characters (actors) to fight, but he can control certain types, and so his friends.
  11. They say that happy endings are kinda unrealistic... screw them, i love happy endings.

    1. SpookyMothman


      Who are "They", anyway? I'd say happy endings are a lot more realistic than people think.

    2. Chaosian


      There is an enormous capacity for people to create or justify themselves happy endings - though there are no Deus Ex Machinas in real life.

  12. Awesome game! i love the classic Resident evil games (the third is my personal favorite) keep the good work!
  13. Evaaan

    LoL Thread

    Why not both? Lol and Rpg at the same time. Destiny Chronicles coming soon.
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