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  1. Y'all... we are all dead, you noticed? And yeah, you probably are aware, but today I would not want to speak ill of the dead. (when in reality, I may actually did) Today I just would like to, mayhaps, share some bonding memories and at the end even MAYBE announce a little competition(in competition zone, for those interested) to spice life into the forums again... even if I'm pretty much the least qualified, due to me being the absolute most inactive member in existence. Also I'm aware that putting my face into the spotlight might irritate some people, because of... let's just say reasons, but I will ignore those from now on, as I now understand what I truly want to have in this existence: tl;dr: Y'all are awesome, keep at it, don't give up, I won't speak for everyone, as everyone wants to speak for themselves, yadda yadda.. I just want to let you know, that no matter the situation, we are STILL here, breathing, regardless of our current situation... and that's what everyone really should be happy about, and if not, then maybe for just a minute. My memory goes as far back as the late 2013s. I remember being the most cringiest kid, having this mentally awesome game that I had no idea would later turn into a giant pile of mess, because it was way too ambitious. The first ever, what I consider friend, I met was @Loriesquare, (back in MY days, we weren't callin' him that, but EienNanashi). Back then I had big plans, but I knew the concepts and everything were extremely flat and landed on their faces the moment I started writing my games story, made the art for it and "borrowed" tracks from other games, that are supriorly better than what I even had planned with my childish brain. Mister Nanashi, back being a lil' ol' lad was actually the first to be interested intensly in my Project I titled "Soul Effect" and from there on, I was motivated to make big plans regardless of them being too ambitious. That push you feel when someone, for the first time, mentions that you are making a cool game is like no other. Eventually you start getting used to compliments and slowly start seeing the dark sides of your hobby/job more than the positives. We've all been there... maybe... you know, when you are kinda sick of receiving praise from the same people and want to come out more. Now I'm not saying this is the case for all the devs, but it was most certaintly for me. I am the kinda person to strive for greater heights and ignoring messages about the "impossible" feats you want but can't accomplish. People tell you "You'll get there, but slow it down a little and play by the rules." I started questioning this more and more as time went on, as I wasn't really satisfied with that conclusion. Instead of obeying the rules and learning slowly that way, I acted a rebellious nature to find out what's hidden in the dark for me, to receive more knowledge of the dark arts of making a game. I found lots, and I mean LOTS of things, for the price of my happiness, sanity, etc. Seeking my own justice, I realized that it's really hecking hard to stand your own ground. But nonetheless, I still am standing my ground today. The first couple of months beating myself over my own mistakes were hard, but once I slowly started realizing that, perhaps, someone else is out there also struggling for themselves are trying to survive their own pain bringing brain like myself. I realized that I didn't wanted to A: disappoint them, because I wanna show that you can INDEED manage to pull through yourself if you are willing your power into existence and B: disappoint myself, as that would ultimately become my downfall, because nobody else but me can support me (in that time). As a young lad, I always wanted to become a hero, someone you can look up to, but eventually realized a year back that it just can't be done. You CANNOT make everyone happy, it's impossible. At that point my fantasy and reality fought each other bringing my mentality to the ground. And then, it hit me... what if, as cliche as it sounds, would the two just combine together? "Genius!" I thought to myself, except I didn't actually think that, because it was a really serious moment where there was no comedy involved. Obviously with that mindset of "bringing them together" the reality side of things didn't wanted that, because it is a ridiculous fairy tale mindset, but once you realize that you can combine both to form fiction into reality, it blew my mind and then I truly said "Genius!". It was never about Light and Dark, it was never about good and bad, it was never about depression or happiness... It was about accepting both sides and bringing them together, regardless of the fact that the negative things boil your inner rage and void. For that... there was always the positivity bringing you back to the middle, to the whole/half (I dunno). Sure, this Ying-Yang crap sounds entitled as all hell, but... do you really have to care about what I say? Do you really have to just put your own mayonnaise on top of my already existing mayonnaise? I'm not saying you can't... in fact, you can. But now imagine doing that in reality with actual mayonnaise on some other strangers bread that he already had mayonnaise on. Pretty sure it's far-fetched, but at the end of the day, you kinda just blame yourself for making these mistakes, even if you say you don't. Which, in the end, I did... I did A LOT. Like me, or like me not. I like myself enough to ignore your... eh... dislike. Is this a public apology? Is this a justification? Maybe... I don't know... I just wrote this, because I felt like it and I didn't think of any drama, except I did when writing further in because I remembered I had beef not only here, but also in various other places. I am still me and you are still you... do with that information as you please, because I know you don't want me to tell you that I am right and you should listen. Yeah... I know, very entitled. But I like myself for it, honestly. ALL I'M SAYING IS... Thank you for making me the person I am today. I may have listed the absolute worst scenarios, but these are the scenarios that helped me grow the most and regardless of them being negative, I still am obligated to thank those that changed my mind and made me realize my place in life. Thanks to all my friends I have made over the 5 years I'm in this RPG maker community. And everyone knowing me, regardless (that's the word of the day) of my beef with you, I STILL consider you a friend... and you know who you are... you... eh... 20 people? lol (yeah, I was a bad boy) Anyway, enough with this cringey depression/selfreflection talk: How about a contest? I was thinking of making a contest based around decision making and multiple path options. Thought that was a cool idea. Obviously like a very short game and I thought it might help out people getting into multiple paths or something. PS: I guess this topic is about how you felt over the years on this community + contest stuff lmao PPS: I know, I still suck at english PPPS: @Loriesquare shoutout to the special snowflake I mentioned here and am still friends with. (Miss you bud)
  2. ShinNessTen


    Huge Tod Update came out! I reworked on the page and made it less of a readfest. Enjoy the new Demo! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/um2mxah92oe08du/Tod+-+Almost+finished+game+demo.7z
  3. We have blood on the wall

  4. ShinNessTen

    Shiny Pixelart from the shining Shin

    I had made this Gargoyle enemy that I based off the Gargoyle enemy from MV. I thought about animating all my enemies, but then realized I had to animate huge, big, MASSIVE Monsters too, so I kinda threw it out the window (Except I said to myself I'll be doing it anyway, if I reach 1000 bucks + on patreon each month to get myself motivated to do it, which will never happen.) Still like the animation, though. 6 frames of different wing-a-dings. Some more funky, considered finished frames:
  5. ShinNessTen

    Games made with RM are 'automatically bad'

    I didn't even know you had a game, because that's literally the first Time I replied to you... if that makes you feel any better. RTP or not. A game can be bad in so many different ways and also good in so many different ways. Fact is, the Eye is before the Brain and people that glance over Games will miss out on great story telling Games with RTP, because... the Eye is just a priority to most. It's the unfortunate truth. I'm also not trying to tell you to get good at Art or something. A Game is made out of so many Elements, like the Gameplay, Art Direction, Music and nowadays even Story telling. I can actually get behind why People hate Games that don't take the time to develop the rest of the package, like let's say Art or Music because a game is made out of all these criterias. Games are just meant to be so many things and not only just a few of those. But that's just my Opinion and many others as well... it's just some can't say it like I do and just write "Shit Game". Not everyone can/has the time to write why, because making a Game is complex. And I 100% agree that people should just shut up if they don't tell what's wrong... or just being dicks. Bad stuff is easily louder than the good. If you look at the Universe, you see everything is black. But that's me just philosophizing. lol
  6. ShinNessTen

    Games made with RM are 'automatically bad'

    A person isn't born with determination and self-esteem. Everything has to be taught by either teaching and sometimes and straight up showing the truth. If you sugarcoat this whole thing, imagine someone who's never been told to about anything in his life get's a Job and suddenly he's getting anxiety and isn't prepared for it. The thing is, it's a better world for him/her... and it's not for us. There are people that set standards high because the hard work and development of ones person only proves that we can evolve and become better by getting punched in the face by reality. Of course, it's selfish of us to expect great things, but if nobody ever said anything bad, we wouldn't even have great Games to begin with. And just because somebody is underage, doesn't mean they can't learn from it. Heck, it's maybe even better if they learn it as soon as possible. That's literally the same argument as "VIDEOGAMES ARE BAD FOR OUR CHILDREN, BECAUSE THEY ENFORCE VIOLENCE!", which is just dumb.
  7. ShinNessTen

    The Reimagining

    *reads last blog entry oh my... that's a lot. Anyway, I'll keep it short this time. I'll be recreating all 3 of my not-so-great-hits TOD the Grim Reaper, TOD the Grim Reaper 2 and TOD the Grim Reaper 3 into actually fully developed big Projects. I'll aim for the first Game to come out this year, if my Composer is fast enough. I had the same things in mind for the first 2 Games: -They are (still) going to be liniar -Because of the liniarity, I made up for it in some unique and twisted ways. I.e. You can miss your Party Members, but they will still join you regardless later on. You can miss out on great Treasures that will make it easier for you to go from area to area. Areas change dramatically after the Boss is defeated and opens up new paths for some other secrets. -Literally had 7 modes (of which 3 are basically just copy pasted) in mind for additional Challenges once you beat the Game, since they are so short and mind as well. In addition to Normal and Hard mode, the new modes are going to be - Lvl 1 (Normal) - Lvl 1 (Hard) - Time Attack (Normal) aka. Speedrun this under 1 hour - Time Attack (Hard) aka. Speedrun this under 45 minutes - Lvl 1 Time Attack (Normal) aka. Speedrun this under 45 minutes on Lvl. 1 - Lvl 1 Time Attack (Hard) aka. Speedrun this under 30 minutes on lvl. 1 - Ultimate Mode All are pretty self explanatory, except for Ultimate which I won't spoil the surprise for. (Which is probably the only thing I won't spoil from the Games) Since TOD 3 is another thing entirely, It won't have these fancy things at all, since it's multiple path based and this could just be an enourmous amounts of work, considering I'm planning to make sometihng even better than all these modes combined. But yeah, TOD 3 is basically just going to be another choose your own adventure with twists and turns and yadda. And it's also going to be the regular formula of "There's towns in this game you can chill out in!". ^^^^^^^^ if this is my definition of "I'll keep it short", then I will be hopeless in the future...
  8. ShinNessTen

    Shiny Pixelart from the shining Shin

    Made a Skull in the shape of the main Protag. I wanted to make a Title screen that is not just a fancy font I downloaded from google, but honestly, I don't know if that what I'm going for will look nice. :/ Still, kinda liked this one. Also unrelated feather that is not worth mentioning.
  9. ShinNessTen

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    My Cac boi is still there :-D
  10. ShinNessTen

    RPG with no levelling / stat growth?

    If I could, I would want to rid every Game that has a Level system and replace it with abilities like Kingdom Hearts (2 specifically). The idea to toy around with different strategies is something I grew fond of since I played some Platformers (that aren't mario). Since I tackled the Mega Man series, Games that revolve around you growing stronger by defeating the Stage and Boss, I realized that you really don't need anything too drastic to make your Game something special. Kingdom Hearts 2 can be beaten on the highest difficulty on level 1... that's something incredibly mind breaking once you know about it. I remember when I heard you could actually do that and I couldn't believe it, since I had trouble as a kid on normal on some bosses. Here's the thing. My advice would be definitely to keep the Level system, for those who just want to... well... naturally get stronger and just grind for themselves to make fights easier for themselves. I think the level system in RPGs just prevents you from getting mauled by some random boss with an AoE attack, since you can't really dodge in a static menu screen lol. It's for those who don't get the idea of the boss and just want to beat it casually, as opposed to beating it with strategy. And I know some people say they don't like easy things in games, to that I say it's not true. It's either they are too easy or it's too frustratingly hard. So options to have both available is always handy. Designing a Boss around a level system is always tricky (for me at least). Since the growth might be always different from others. I like to give the boss the ability to kill every possible scenario with some sort of counterattacks and defensive strategies.
  11. ShinNessTen

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    My Man, can I just say that you do an IMMENSE amount of work?! I can't believe you have a selection of over 500 pieces right here for your music... for free! Dude, mad props! It's honestly amazing! I feel kinda bad seeing you be the only one who posts here. But I assume you also show it off elsewhere. That is just mad dedication!
  12. ShinNessTen

    Shiny Pixelart from the shining Shin

    oh crap! I never realized the ears are different! I literally just mirrored it and I forgot to change that I guess. And no, they are the same chars with different perspectives, because he's literally the only one talking in the entire game
  13. ShinNessTen

    Shiny Pixelart from the shining Shin

    Lol no worries and thanks!
  14. why is everybody coming back whenever I come back... what about my feelings? They'll be buried underneath the new feelings :(

    1. Kayzee


      [Insert obligatory "You have feelings?" joke here]


      Hehe, but I kid. :3

    2. ShinNessTen


      Yes I have feelings in me.

      I've made them in my secret underground laboratory, where I carved out every single Human Hearts from my Families and implanted it onto my body.


      They are in me, yes. See? I can smile :)

    3. Kayzee


      That's our shin! :P

  15. Here's new Stuff I made since the last year for my Game, that I still work on. Take a look and tell me how trash it is, but don't touch or I'll have to call my agent and tell you to not be a bad person... honestly, I probably wouldn't care. But hey, don't... don't do the bad! Characters: Special Art made for Skills, etc.: Misc.: Probably more to come..
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