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  1. Lol all y'all fell into my trap, by simply becoming attached to the idea that I give a shit. You'd already won, if you just had decided to ignore me, but ya' took the bait anyway. If you guys think the Internet is a wonderful Place filled with the most wonderful People that can change the World for the better, you obviously haven't even stepped outside your House yet. The true Heroes of this "Game" are we Humans and we do whatever the fuck we want, because there are no universal rules. I realized it not to long ago and just became aware that I can do anything if I just care enough for it. Luckily for you guys, I didn't became a sociopath and wasted my time whining about my Life, because nobody fucking cares, even if People tell you they do. I mean, I did that for a while, was crying like a Baby on Twitter and told everyone how bad my Situation was, but not to the extreme of "I DIDN'T DESERVE THIS! I NEED LOVE TOO!" I accepted that i made mistakes in my Life and fixed them MYSELF! Other peoples Problems aren't yours, unless you make them yours. And if you do, you are just looking for something to do, because you are bored, not because you feel bad. Nobody ever will give a shit about others, unless they prove themselves to sociaty. That's what I am doing right now. Even by just simply telling you this, I proved myself that I am capable of doing my own shit, solving my own Problems and standing up for myself, because I have earned enough Experience for myself to understand all of it. That's something that even YOUR GODDAMN PARENTS will tell you! "Go to school.", "Earn good Grades.", "Make Friends.", occaisonally they will help you with your Homework too, but then they leave you because they TRUST you that you learned something for yourself! If you don't accept all of that, then you are fighting against the Human Will to live. And I'd image you don't want this to happen, right? But what do I know? I'm just a standard Troll on the Internet, apparently.
  2. Lmao, I like how you go for the Gender Card, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Your thick brain couldn't process that I was only baiting you and it ticked you off because I said you're a Man. Sure, I saw that you looked like a Woman, but nowadays, I won't trust even a single Person who's showed me that they are clearly looking like a Woman. So I naturally default to seeing People on the Internet as being Male as a majority of them use the Internet. That's something that you got to accept... besides. You are acting like a Narcissistic asshole to me, so I just treat you like one. The newer Generation is at fault for this, because they are proud of themselves for "showing their true color" and showing they are "different" and "special". Shit like this makes me fucking laugh. Before the Millenials, there where legit People that had to worry about something different in their Lifes, like Food, their Family and the War. Nowadays, everyone just sits on their asses and let's the Robot handle everything for them and in the meantime they just look into their Smartphones and take Pictures of themselves and publish them on Social Media sites to share them around to feel good about themselves, because looks are so important for this fucked Generation. Sure, most Millenials aren't racist or fascist or whatever the fuck, but that doesn't excuse their narcissistic, selfish behavior. Nobody cares about someone who's being at the top of their own self, because they have different shit to worry about in their own lifes. Your life has no priority over another. If you think on this scale, I have no respect for you as a Woman or even Human. You are just something that weighs down this Sociaty and we don't need someone like you. And I am not really being mean, it's just what I think that should be changed for this Generation. And most will agree to that, because we are common people that help each other out and not encourage selfish behavior. Whatever, i'm done with you. I don't care about you anymore, because you don't seem to realize in what Situation you are in. I will leave you be to your miserable life. Cheers~
  3. I just like having fun and I really don't care if it is at the expenses of others. They just should deal with it and move on. And if you wanna know why so much lately? Just my fucked up Household with my dement Grandma who just bosses us around and thinks we are idiots that just sit around and do nothing all day, while in reality I really am actually working on my Project, playing Video Games or watching Youtube Videos to ignore her. I have no real reason to go outside because I have no Friends in Germany, besides taking a breather and walk through the Forest, or going to work. But maybe my Grandma is right, the Internet is a Place full of ignorant, whiny brats, that only care about themselves and cry about their pathetic Lifes, like they have it oh-so baaad like PhoenixSoul. I saw how that dude looked like and he definitely looked like he was older than me and could've had much more experience in his Life that he could've shared with me, but no... instead he just whines about dumb shit like this. So naturally, I make fun of him, because he clearly won't change his ways in Life, because he's pathetically hiding behind his mask of ignorance. Watch him get angry at this and write something dumb. I can already see his pathetic anger towards me.
  4. How to Start your Game - Simple Beginners Guide

    It also could be a big troll, to waste your Time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Well, some are clueless/have no grasp on humour, like the topic creator, some are not taking this seriously, because there is no reason to take it seriously, like myself, some are protective for no reason, like a certain fairy and some are just curious, like you. It's actually like a normal everyday internet Thread, and not really worthy of spending your precious Time on it at all, unless you have nothing better to do than make fun of it... like myself. lmao
  6. So, you're either... An internet troll A Soldier of Greed One of the ISP's LAPDOGS OR A DEMON INCARNATE ISP did nothing wrong and I think their way of thinking is justified in every way. I am glad to serve our new Lord and Savior. They will bring happiness to this gruesome Net. Hail ISP!
  7. Alright, I'm sorry to tell you, but you got baited hardcore. This isn't about how you start off your Game, but about what you need to learn in order to make your Game, yourself and your Job/Hobby successful. This actually has nothing to do with how you approach Art, Eventing, Scripting, Composing, etc., but how you approach yourself first. I had a revelation the other day and wanted to brag about it and make myself look smart infront of the Internet today. So let's go. WARNING: Everything I tell you from this point forward is just an Opinion! I like to share my Opinions and views with others around, so don't take them seriously! TL;DR: Mentally strengthen yourself, accept Change and be a Jerk if you want. Strength Let's begin a little friendly here. What's Strength? What defines it? What do I do with it? I could be a total smartass here and just pull out the Wikipedia Article for Strength, but i'm not gonna rely on a Website to tell me what the definition of Strength means. Strength means a lot to people, but people also don't know what Strength exactly means to them. It's different for every Human, hell, even for every Being! Strength is substantial, without it we would not have any desires, thus no motivation to do anything. And if we don't do anything, nothing moves forward. It's something that we naturally have, so losing it is extremely fatal for your Psyche. It's like if you are a Worker and you build a House with your own Strength. But for the sake of not talking about Houses and Workers, let's just call Workers "You", "People", etc. and this House "self" for now. People have different tastes, so usually you'll see different people with different "selfs". When you are aware of your surroundings and you are a little Kid, you aim something to be. You aim, but you don't have the right tools yet to build yourself with. As Time flows and your Age increases the World opens up to you in many different ways. But that is also where you get your tools from to build your "self". In my Eyes, I view Strength simply as a Progress or Growth of myself. Do you know how people always say that they got "stronger" because they lvl'd up in a Video Game or something like that? Let's just ignore the Level, because that's just a "Stage" of your progress. What's more important here is the Experience you get. Your Experience bar fills up more and more until you get to the next "Stage". In the Real World, "Stages" would actually look different from Games. Every single Experience Point is a "Stage" for us. So meaning that if you get one Exp. Point, you'd already be at Level 2. We get Experience in the Real World through different means, rather than fighting Monsters, obviously. What does Experience do for us Humans? Well, let's just take a look back at the Game and tell me what the Game does if you Level up... That's right! They give us Stat increases, they give us new Skills to work with, but most importantly, they "Change" your Level, or rather your "Stage" meaning you "Changed". Which brings me to my next "Stage" that i'm about to explain... (I'm not sorry) Change This is probably the Stage that is the most horrifying for Humans. Change means you, well, you changed... but why do some people seem to be scared of the "Change"? Let's take Britt Nicoles "Be The Change" Music as an example. "I've been starin' at the World... waitin'... I've been lookin' for a change... lately... All the trouble... All the Pain... We're facin'... Someone gotta be the Hope... Someone gotta be the Love..." So, now that we've looked at this rather... exquisite Lyric, tell me what she means by "All the trouble... All the Pain... We're facin'... Someone gotta be the Hope... Someone gotta be the Love..."? You're right, at the current moment, she's troubled with... something, it honestly doesn't matter, the point is she's not in a very good mood. And it seems like she wishes for "Hope" and "Love", or rather someone needs to give her "Hope" and "Love". Let's listen to more of it. "Too much Light to be livin' in the Dark... Where are we goin' we ain't gettin' very far... Why waste Time we only got one Life" "Too much Light to be livin' in the Dark"? What could this entail? Well, I think she means that "Hope" is all around us and we shouldn't be gloomy all the time. We should always think positively on things, rather than trying to find negative things to say/have a negative look on the things. "And don't you know it starts today... And Baby, no it's not too late... It begins with you and I... Together we can be the Change." So Britt Nicole views this in a rather positive way, right? But that doesn't really explain why Humans are scared of Change. Let me ask you something... Why did she wrote these Lyrics specifically? Well, according to her, she tells us how important it is to "Change" things. That... also doesn't quite help us figure out why People are scared of Change. Ok, i'm gonna tell you the answer, or at least what I think about it: There is no answer. I'm just gonna assume that Britt Nicole wrote the Lyrics, because she... just felt like it. Not saying she did it for Money or whatever other Reason, because i have no clue about her, i just dug this Song up randomly to talk about it. Why? Well, you see, it seems like "Change" is something that almost every single Person wants, but from other People. "Change" occurs during a Stage Switch, or more in Game-ly terms: Level up. I'm gonna make a somewhat weird metaphor to explain exactly why Change can be scary. "But you said, there's no answer!" That's where i got you by your skin, you fool! There's no answer for Britt Nicoles desire why she wrote this song this way, but there is one for why people fear "Change"! Often times Humans are unpredictable. You will never truly know why People did stuff like this and like that. You don't even know why you wanted to eat an Apple today, even though you were full from that one Fruitsalad. This is something I probably should have mentioned in the Strength section, but the more you strengthen yourself, the more desire/motivation you get to do certain things. In this case, eating an Apple after eating a whole Fruitsalad. Desire can be very unpredictable at times, you just get a feeling that it is the right thing to do, so you do it. That's what I think is a true Change. Anyway, let's get back to the metaphor. So most of you probably know the Final Fantasy Series, right? In the Final Fantasy Series you have certain Abilities that can do certain things on the Target, if the Target has a specific Level. The most wildly known Level-Skill is probably Level-5 Death, which if casted, kills the Target that has a Level multiplied by 5, like Level 10 or 25. Now let's go a little bit further. If you know Final Fantasy, you also know about the Blue Mage. For those who don't, a Blue Mage can learn Enemy Skills if the Enemy Skill is used directly on the Blue Mage. Imagine this: Your Party is currently a whole bunch of Blue Mages and everyone is at Level 14. They arrive in some sort of Library and one of the Enemies knows how to kill your Party if your Party has Levels multiplied by 5.(aka. knows Level-5 Death) The Blue Mages, knowing they can learn this Skill have all very different opinions on the current situation they find themselves in. Blue Mage 1: "Hey! That's an Enemy that knows how to kill us if we have a certain Level! Let's get that Skill!" Blue Mage 2: "I don't know about this... this sounds scary, what if we get killed from this Skill?" Blue Mage 3: "Who knows how useful that skill is gonna be anyway?" Blue Mage 4: "You never know, this might actually come in handy some day!" Alright, there are 4 types of Blue Mages with very distinct opinions on the matter. B-Mage 1 seems excited about it, doesn't fear the outcome and is relatively positive about his chances to get that Skill. Though it seems like he doesn't actually care about using it, he's more excited about "acquiring" it. B-Mage 2 seems to be wary of the ways of "acquiring" it. She fears that it might end up being a very bad idea in the end. B-Mage 3 isn't exactly scared of it, he rather questions the usefullness of that Skill and thinks it's not even worth his Time, because he's already wise enough. B-Mage 4 thinks it could prove use in the Future and doesn't shy away from this Skill. Alright, now i'm gonna use a Magic Trick... are you ready? Replace "Skill" with "Experience". The World looks a whole lot different now, ey? ... no? ... alright... Here we have a 1/4 ratio on the amount of People that are scared to gain this Experience, to gain this "Change". Some People are willing to Change even if it kills them, some aren't bothered by it and already have enough experience in their Lifes to completely ignore other Experiences, some are willing to give all Experiences a chance and some are simply afraid that they can be wounded if they Change. B-Mage 2, or let's just call her Lenna from now on, is afraid of "Change" and this is the only opinion I don't really see as an opinion at all, it's just fear. Of course it is important to be wary and sometimes have your guard up, but only if the Situation presents itself as dangerous. Were Lenna and her friends in danger? Well, obviously. Someone wanted to go to Level 15 to learn that Skill and get killed by it, I would also react to it a bit eye-bally. But the fact that 2 of them wanted to learn it and 1 simply didn't care, means that 3 of them were confident that this Experience won't really hurt them in the Process if they just try. But this metaphor is presented in an active manner, where things actually do matter and being scared can be a valuable opinion. I only didn't think being scared is a opinion in a mental kind of way. Physically, yes, you can hurt yourself alot if your Change was really dumb, like trying to pick up a 300 pound heavy thing with your skinny arms and breaking your Back. Breaking your Back being the dumb Change. Mentally, however in my opinion, you've got nothing to lose. So being scared isn't really a valid opinion in this situation. Being versatile and keep pushing towards higher Goals is what gives you even more Strength. These two things compliment each other very well and it makes you a better Human overall. Nature What doesn't make you a better Human, however, is the fact that you are being a Jerk! ...but... is that really true? So, while the first 2 Stages seem useful to know about, is it really enough to make a good impact upon yourself? This depends on your "Nature" or your "Personality". I could talk... SO. MUCH. ABOUT. PERSONALITIES! and want to share SO. MUCH. OPINION! but i need to stay neutral and present this Topic in a non-controversial way. Let me just get my Opinion out the window before we begin with this Topic: I REALLY THINK THAT HUMANS AREN'T BAD OR GOOD, I JUST DON'T TRY TO BOTHER THEM SO THAT THEY CAN'T BOTHER ME. I PERSONALLY ACCEPT EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING, AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T AFFECT ME! Alright, so where to begin... ... ... ... eh... I guess I pretty much said everything there's to say in my opinion, didn't I? Lmao But that's just my opinion and you really don't need to be this way, if you don't want to be. The only thing I can add to this, is that tastes vary and you sometimes need to adjust a little to your surrounded Folks. If the majority agrees that you are being a Jerk, then stop. If the majority agrees you are not being a bother, then continue being you... HOWEVER, we can play a little advanced! At this Stage in the Game you already can tell who's at what Stage and depending on their Stage, you can either continue being a Jerk, even though they told you not to be a Jerk anymore, or just do something else. Is that ok, though? Well, this has something to do with Respect. If you are a Jerk and respect their Nature and Progress, then go ahead and continue being a Jerk, even though they told you not to do it. They should learn to respect you as well and if they don't respect you, then I guess just stop being Friends with them, because they are still stuck at their second Stage called "Change", or, even better, try to Change them yourself. If you are a Jerk and DON'T respect their Nature and Progress... then there's two more ways: First one being if your Friends are still stuck at "Changing" themselves up(hence, why you don't respect them that much), then you can still continue being a Jerk. Why? You probably think at this Point:"That's bullying!" No, it's not at all. I mean... sarcastically making fun of someone nowadays is a common thing and if they don't see your, at this point, MASSIVE change in Character and Strength, just means they never Experienced anything, making them look like a Stage 0 Hero at this point. The other being-... OK GRANDPA, SHUT IT! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR CRAP! You probably get my view at this point. Most people think that everybody should Respect everyone, no matter what they do, who they are and etc. as long as they follow the rules. Alright... you wanna know my Point of view for this, for the last time? This is a controversial opinion, so hear me out on this one, before you crucify me... Yes, I said I don't want to be controversial, but this point is something that I think will open your minds a bit about why I decided to go controversial for this. I do not think you should respect everyone, or follow rules... like at all. Rules are, in my opinion, the MOST devastating thing that can happen to your Character/Psyche. Rules weren't made by some otherworldly Being that you need to obey to, or you die because of it, no questions asked. No, Rules are made by us Humans and Humans CAN be wrong, therefore some Rules can be seen wrong as well and we can question about it. If you blindly follow them, without questioning them, then, in my opinion, you deserve no more respect than a kid being thaught how to draw a perfect circle. However, the Kid sees that it can draw a Circle. You know what happens after the Kid tried to draw a circle? He tried different shapes. Next he went for a Square, and even if it doesn't look quite right, he tried anyway. And nobody told him to do that, he just simply went ahead and drew a really crappy square. And this crappy Square deserves more praise and respect than a taught circle. The same logic applies to breaking the rules. Yes, I said that. Breaking the rules that you do not agree with, can actually give you more respect than anything else, because you are proud of your opinion and everybody applauds you for that. And I'm obviously not talking about Rules like no murdering or no robbing or even bother others. Dude... at this point, you probably would've figured it out at this point, without me having to actually write that sentence down. So why did I do it? Because it seems like most Humans forgot what exactly they are doing, what they were fighting for and where to go. I just wanted to recall all of this for you, because I'm legit worried about our Future. All of this makes us Humans. Like I said... this up here is all just an opinion based on the Experiences of a 22 year old Idiot, whose english is Bad. Whether you choose to value my Experiences is up to you.
  8. You do realize that this could be very bad for my and many others' creative careers, right? At the very least, you and I grasp that... Yeah, but... think about it, no more 12 year olds. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) All hail the ISP!!!
  9. Good, hopefully it'll go through, so that 12 year olds have a more difficult time to access the internet and go back outside and play soccer with friends, like real healthy human beings.
  10. So today I'm gonna talk about how TOD 3 is gonna be 10x more fun than the first 2 Games. But before we begin, I know I harp on the first 2 Games like they are trash and not worth playing, but there's is a legitimate reason as to why these 2 Games are the way they are. And as much as I tell myself that they could be improved upon, they aren't really that bad! It's just something you can do a 1st time Playthrough of and never play it again. But the reason, why they are so lackluster is actually a little complicated and has a lot to do with the 3rd Game as well. tl;dr. Basically symbolism and laziness. !Spoilers... kinda for the whole TOD series ahead! Now you know! So what exactly will TOD 3 do in terms of variety? Alright... check this shit out: -Negotiation/Interactions with the Monsters This probably will mostly determine your future in this Playthrough, so you'll be doing this a lot maybe... probably... or not. Monsters will have Traits of their own and you can decipher the Traits with your Scan Ability. You will also have access to the Talk Skill which let's you choose to interact with certain Monsters and try to do what they wish from you. Once you talk to them, you will be given choices on what to do. If the Choice is met with the Trait of the Monster (I.e. if the Monster Trait is Honest, tell the truth, or if it's Funny, tell a Joke, etc.), you two may get along and you will either receive prices, money, information, etc. There aren't JUST good traits though... there also will be bad and Neutral traits for Monsters as well. The bad traits are handled differently. You will have to fight the bad trait monsters, but of course not until you kill them, but until you hit them with certain skills. (I.e. if they have the trait Fearless, hit them with their weakness or if their trait is pessimistic, hit them with something they absorb, etc.) Neutral ones will be rare and will have HIGH rewards. They are regarded as very wise and will be difficult to convince. Their Traits will have special ways to convince them. Here are the Traits for each Group: GOOD Traits (Indicated by Blue Names) Honest = Tell the Truth Kind = Show Care Funny = Show your Funny Bone Optimistic = Show you see potential in the Future BAD Traits (Indicated by Red Names) Fearless = Hit their weakspot Confident = Hit them with whatever Pessimistic = Hit them with what they absorb Wild = Survive the Battle until he's had enough NEUTRAL Traits (Indicated by Green Names) Persuasive = ??? Ambitious = ??? Informed = ??? Authoritative = ??? -Keywords Remember Final Fantasy 2? No... not for the SNES but for the Famicom. Remember how that had a neat Keyword Mechanic and how almost every NPC reacted to the Keywords (To be Fair, most of their responses were "?" lol) I will implement that and have every NPC tell you something about every Keyword. You will receive a bunch of stuff if you say certain Keywords to certain NPCs. -Mini Games lol for those that just wanna fuck around. (I saw a Touhou sort of Script for VX... i might throw that in, just for lolz) -Side Stories Remember your Friends? That one Robot dude, that Abomination with just one eye and a Silent Puppet? Yeah... they were kinda there in the first 2 Games. I'll give them proper Stories in the 3rd, but only if you want to. This will be completely Optional for each route, but you will receive something for it, don't worry. I'll also not forget about the NPCs, i'll give each one a lil' bit of Backstory and Character. -5 Endings. 5? Why not 3? Ok, so i kinda hated how Undertale handled the 3 different Routes with their endings. Like, let's say if you kill EVERY monster and like hit Metatton not hard enough you will get the neutral ending... that made sense... There will be more variation in the endings you approach. -True Pacifist Ending Never killing anything. -Pacifist Ending Never killing anything, but also not really helping out anyone. -Neutral Ending Kill some Monsters. -Mad Ending Killing a bit too much... -Death Ending Killing everyone. Is this going to be too much for me? Is this just a promise I will never keep? Am i a madman who has way too much Time? You tell me, i don't really know. Either way, i will inform you once i'm done with the Game. Cheers, fam! ~Shin
  11. https://rpgmaker.net/games/9639/blog/18846/ YO, this will be dope and i'm ready! Don't believe me? Well... you'll be sorry once i sent your asses to the Shadow Realm with this bad Boy
  12. If you're an expert on No Method errors, then PM me, because i'm a lil' confused right now. Not really wanna do a Topic about it, since it SEEMS to be not so complex, but if it's going that route, i'll ask for help. AND AS ALWAYS, IT'S RGSS2 NOT 3, SO JUST A WARNING, HOPE THAT DOESN'T SCARE ANYONE AWAY OK THANKS

    1. Kayzee


      Well no method errors aren't that hard to understand... does it say what class is giving the error?

    2. ShinNessTen


      send a pm, good luck lmao

  13. TOD the Grim Reaper 2

    Yo, fam! I updated the game! Should be much better now with minor bug fixes, added hard mode and rewritten dialogue. Have fun! http://www.mediafire.com/file/4s2dail4h5bw8nh/TOD+II.rar
  14. The return... shall thy blessed image be ruined by thy cupidity! Thou have doth't me anger! From whence thee came upon conclusion to me death? Myeth posthumouth decease hath never occured! Curses! I bring thee ultimate sacrifice in participating in the humid sacrileges act of creating thy ultimate mortem! Soon... waketh from thy slumber and reveal thy BOSOMS!

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      *reveals her bosoms*