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    Falcao Pearl ABS projectile collision

    Not sure yet. I haven't tried. It was really a single player fix I was working on. I can test it. I would assume that your party members would walk through the enemy since it only checks your proximity. I guess I could do multiple proximity checks if I could figure it out. Problem is once the enemy is at your level shooting won't work anymore so if they are fighting another partner you wouldn't be able to hit them with projectiles. Edit: After a quick test the enemies will pass through them and try to come for you for the most part. Coming for you is normal since the ABS focuses them on you I believe. You can still shoot them and attack them up close too. Edit 2: It works pretty well. The only issue is the enemies won't attack your team mates at all as far as I can tell. If you set them to attack every so many moves they might attack them still. The problem is because the event isn't blocked, it doesn't skip moving and begin attacking. Edit 3: With a shorter attack cycle it works somewhat. It isn't optimal. If I understood the scripting a bit more I could change the priority of the enemies when team mates enter battle too.
  2. NeoXCS

    Falcao Pearl ABS Enemy Attack Enemy Possible?

    I don't believe the script has a built in function for this. In that case it would have to be added to the script by someone with the abilities to do it. The targeting is programmed to have enemies attack the player as it is right now.
  3. NeoXCS

    Falcao Pearl ABS projectile collision

    In the general tutorials section I have a small fix for this. It hasn't been approved yet so it is in the Tutorial Submissions still. This only works for single character RPGs though. (AFAIK) It is a bit of a cobbled together fix so it isn't perfect. It changes the enemies priority to below you so you can hit them and then raises them up to your level when you are touching them. Only side effects are you can't shoot at point blank and once in a while you still pass over them because it doesn't change priority in time. It is pretty rare that you go through them and this was the only fix I could figure out. I hope it helps you.
  4. I have seen a lot of posts around the internet with people having issues with projectile collision in this ABS. The issue begins when setting "Tool Through" to false on a projectile weapon. The projectile no longer passes through objects that are at the same level as the character, such as walls, but won't hit enemies anymore. Proposed fixes include changing the tools size, which has the side issue of hitting a two wide area instead of one. After a lot of messing around I was able to cobble together a fix with a proximity script and a simple script call. This may only work with single character games since this is all I tested it with. The reason being it changes priority (height) of enemies. I may edit this post later with pictures but for now we will start simple. Needed Scripts: Vlue's Proximity Events Script - Link Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 - Link This tutorial starts after you've already installed Falcao's ABS. You should also understand how to set up items and set "Tool Through" to false. As well as also setting up enemies. Step One: Install Vlue's Proximity Event Script. There isn't much setup here. All you have to do to make this work is set the PROXYRANGE to 1 in the script. Step Two: Set enemies second page (the page where they sense you, self-switch "B") priority to "Below Characters". Step Three: Create an event that runs on a "Parallel Process" trigger. You will use a condition branch script check. The check will call the proximity event script. Proxy.inprox?(ID) will be used for the branch check. ID will be the ID of your enemy event. If you have multiple enemies you will have to set up multiple branches with their respective ID numbers in this event. $game_map.events[iD].instance_eval("@priority_type = 1") will be used to move enemies up to your level once you are within one space of them, this way you can't step on them and they will attack you in melee. This ID is the same as above. $game_map.events[iD].instance_eval("@priority_type = 0") is your else case. This moves them back below you so you can shoot them again. ID same as above again. You will need the event on each map where there are enemies you want to check. Also don't forget to make sure your "Tool Through" is set to false. Otherwise this tutorial would be pointless! Bugs / Issues: You can't shoot enemies at point blank range with this, but you can use a melee attack. You may still pass over / step on enemies sometimes. Thanks: Vlue for the useful Proximity Events Script Falcao for the powerful Pearl ABS liquid V3 Script There you have it. A fairly simple fix. I spent hours looking all over the internet for a fix. I finally got the idea to use the priority and proximity to make a quick fix. I hope that anyone with this problem finds this fix and is happy with it!
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