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  1. DreamWalker Studios is recruiting more people for project Insindious,search us on Facebook/RpgMaker Forum.The hype for MV is growing stronger:)

  2. Today's birthdays section doesn't work right again :(

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    2. J0pac


      Happy b-day to us :)!!!!

    3. Uriel Everos

      Uriel Everos

      A lot of october 21, people in this forum I see

    4. Knighterius


      Happy birthday to you guys! :D

  3. Anyone played Guild Wars 2,think I'll buy it...Is it worth playing!?

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    2. Intocabille


      Playing it since launch with breaks. Mainly just roaming maps. The selling point for me was no monthly cost, so I can také those prolonged breaks at will.

    3. J0pac


      Just bought it. I'll meet you in game hope you'll help your fellow from rpgmcommunity XD

    4. pencilcase27


      It's okay for casuals (nothing wrong with beeing one btw), but I as a once hardcore dungeon fan felt a little bit neglected by the devs :(

      But it's still a great game. Have fun!

  4. Yeeeey I won a resource pack on Incredible Journey Mapping/Screenshot Contest :DDDDDD

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    2. Allusion
    3. Retired
    4. Faye V.

      Faye V.

      Yup, i also won... can you tell me how i get my prize? o.o

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