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  1. DreamWalker Studios is recruiting more people for project Insindious,search us on Facebook/RpgMaker Forum.The hype for MV is growing stronger:)

  2. J0pac

    Resource Feedback Thread

    Spooky I had no idea you were so good with pixel art! This is really awesome I love your style... I'd really like to see the that scarecrow("filthy homeless wizard") finished *_*
  3. Today's birthdays section doesn't work right again :(

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    2. J0pac


      Happy b-day to us :)!!!!

    3. Uriel Everos

      Uriel Everos

      A lot of october 21, people in this forum I see

    4. Knighterius


      Happy birthday to you guys! :D

  4. Anyone played Guild Wars 2,think I'll buy it...Is it worth playing!?

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    2. Intocabille


      Playing it since launch with breaks. Mainly just roaming maps. The selling point for me was no monthly cost, so I can také those prolonged breaks at will.

    3. J0pac


      Just bought it. I'll meet you in game hope you'll help your fellow from rpgmcommunity XD

    4. pencilcase27


      It's okay for casuals (nothing wrong with beeing one btw), but I as a once hardcore dungeon fan felt a little bit neglected by the devs :(

      But it's still a great game. Have fun!

  5. Wow this looks cool .I really like your battle system, I think I might actually use it myself.The facesets looks too young ,but that doesn't bother me as long as you keep using that same art style for the whole game.The maps are Ok nothing special but that's not really important for this kind of game I guess.Your main focus are battles I assume which ,as I've said before look awesome.Have you thought of using custom huds for the battles.I'm willing to make you one if you want,pm me If you're interested.
  6. Yeeeey I won a resource pack on Incredible Journey Mapping/Screenshot Contest :DDDDDD

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    2. Allusion
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    4. Faye V.

      Faye V.

      Yup, i also won... can you tell me how i get my prize? o.o

  7. @Kaelan:Really nice,when I saw the picture the first thing that came to my mind was Baldur's gate.Even though It looks really awesome I don't think I would play that kind of game on PC.Think I would find It boring really quick,no offense.But If you would port it to android,I think you could earn some real money. All in all as I said It looks cool,really professional. Few days ago I've posted an image of my mine city Barjaba,so here's another one in game: Small village,I'd really like some feedbacks on this one since this is the first map I'm doing for a commercial game,so I was quite limited by the amount of tiles I could use since most of them are for non-comercial games:
  8. Wendell@::DDDD Thx a lot,I at first I didn't know how to make the ground ,so I improvised as usual...I didn't like it at first but then I tried to turn off all the dirt,grass,tallgrass layers with only main rocky tiles layer on and it was a big difference. Skeith@: O.o I'm not sure what you're talking about...could you be more precise cause I just can't see it.Haven't played Secret of mana but I sure was aiming for a merchant/Dwarven city YummyTiger@:Yeah those bricks are totally random XD.I'll probably change them but for now they'll stay as they are,this parallax mapping is killing me.It takes sooooo much time.Fixed the cart,thx ah the lake....please don't mention the lake,At first It looked more natural but then I got to the point when I had to animate it,It didn't go well in fact I might remove the lake...:'( You really got sharp eyes XD.That's a statue of one of the gods,doors next to it leads to church. The doors are random...I wanted to have some more variety,but good point I'll probably change that too since It's really bothering me now...thx -.- Hahahaha actually if you take a batter look there are two outhouses Thx for an awesome feedback downwinds@:Thx,I'm glad you liked it.Your map's nice too,I've never seen anyone use that much tall grass but it actually looks good,I bet It looks even better in game Thx everyone for feedbacks and sorry for late reply
  9. Wendell@: :OO It looks so cool ,all of a sudden I wanna go play wild arms:D.It would be nice if you would animate the letterbox so that they stretch from the upper and lower screen edge. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say... I've finally managed to finish most of my mine city,just need to add few more details.
  10. J0pac

    Random Encounters

    Make sure you check "Direction fix" in event options. Hope that helped Edit:looks like I'm too slow lol Anyway event options are located in down left corner of event page.
  11. I'm thinking of adding "shin megami tensei weaknesses/elements" system(don't know how else to call it) to my battles.So basically almost every enemy(except maybe some bosses and such) has one or more weaknesses as well as your characters.Let's say you battle a slime(who is vulnerable to ice and lightning)and your main character has an electric elemental skills.So you hit a slime with Super skydragon thunder mega trust(lightning skill which is slime's weakness)slime gets heavily damaged and you get an extra turn with the same character.The same thing applies for enemies attacking your party. Furthermore at some point your main character learns nul-earth(earth seal,earth guard,whatever) since he is element is lightning and he's weakened to earth. Anyway you are battling ancient golem who is about to use boulder toss(earth element attack,your weakness) but just before he made an attack you used nul-earth on yourself and you are now immune to earth element.You get hit by boulder toss but you get no damage and your ATB bar gets filled immediately and you are ready to attack.The same thing would happend if let's say storm elemental would've attacked you with lightning skill(just to remind you your character element is lightning) and vice versa.So this way you would have to pick your skills very carefully and your whole party will actually be useful since you will need them all(they will all have different element) So tell me what you think about this and are there any scripts that would let me do this,though I doubt it and since I'm using ATB system I would have to make it compatible. Oh and sorry for my bad english.
  12. J0pac

    Face Generator

    Hmm I think there were few RTP style generators,but I just can't find any anymore.I think there is Celianna's generator and I'm quite sure there was one in PSD format.So you would open it up in photoshop and then turn the on the layers for eyes,hair etc.In fact I think that, that one belongs to Celianna,but I'm not sure.Anyway there are RTP style generators they are just hard to find. Edit:Hnjhnjhnjhnjhnj Found them, hope this will work for you: http://viscocent.deviantart.com/art/RMVX-RMXP-Faceset-Generator-196969645 http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44369
  13. @_elvenheart::OOOOOOO Best airship port I've seen so far ,though I haven't seen many but still... Did you make those little propellers yourself?Anyway It looks awesome and using the pillars to make ships stand above ground was very clever,I'll definitely steal that for my airship port if I'll ever make one As for improvement,the only thing I can think of are adding some grass and flowers on cliffs behind the house but that's not really necessary.Oh and maybe some tree shadows. So I've made two battle huds for my game and I can't decide which one to use.
  14. J0pac

    Kyoko Kasan (Completed)

    I'd agree with Tsarmina,the houses look really strange, more precisely confusing @.@.It's like they're in bird perspective.If you'd ask me I'd add some walls, to add more depth to houses.
  15. @Feldschlacht IV:Looks awesome,I like the old SNES graphics style.Reminds me of Final Fantasy 6. @Lihinel:Looks so simple ,and yet so EPIC! :o The cliffs are nicely done(too bad you can't really see them in game)and the walls are just...damn I really like this map,I think It's flawless and I wouldn't change a thing on it. Looks a bit like one of the cities from Elder Scrolls Oblivion,I think Bruma was its name. I'm going through my Xp tilesets and I can't find those walls... Most of my new menu:
  16. @More cowbell:Really O.o?English is not my first language ,though I'm quite sure "Armor" is not wrongly spelled,or is it O.o? I've done some research and It seams like:"In American English there is the tendency to simplify the words: ex. : Honour > Honor; Armour> Armor; Rumour>rumor; colour>color; " This seams legit to me... As for your map hmm...It looks nice I guess but I'd agree with Tsarmina lakes are muddy and dark ,but that's just my opinion.I would like to see It finished. Edit:Damn,I didn't see your second post about making the lake more murky and adding river sorry
  17. J0pac

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Noooooooooooooo couldn't get to slime girl scene because of error: .It occurred while battling the first boss ,devilgirl. I've checked some maps and I really like the outside ones . Anyway, I enjoyed playing your demo even though I've played for 10-15 min because of error Edit:Ops looks like you are already informed about the error,sorry should've read the whole tread. Oh and I've forgot to ask:which script allows you to play the animation on battlers while they are affected by certain state(please don't tell me it's victors side view system... )
  18. Thx .I'm trying to make the menu now.This is what I've made so far...Does It look familiar I'm using Galv's scripts If anyone's wondering.
  19. I've set the message box to transparent and drew the name box on the actual message box Hope I've answered your question:)
  20. @:YummyTiger:Much better.The houses look more realistic now. Where did you get those big rocks ? Message window V.2
  21. @AlliedG:Ah...I know what you mean, unfortunately it's not sfi-game it's a traditional fantasy game with some elements of modern.I got the same problem with my battle hud... Think I'll try to make a new one the more I look at It the less I like it. I would gladly replace faces with busts if only I had someone to make them for me,which is highly unlikely.Since It's a lot of work and everything... @Cait:The map is nice.I really like the idea of paws in message box ,but it took me some time to actually see them so I'd agree with Raindeerman.Either change them to match the rest, so it's more visible or just remove them...
  22. @ShinGamix:Nice battle system you got there ,but exactly which part of it was made by you all I see Is bunch of others people graphics and scripts(moghunter/Hanzo Kimura)don't get me wrong It looks very nice and all ,but still...Are you using VX or VX Ace!? Correct me if I'm wrong ,but I think Hanzo said that we can't use his battle message skin,the one you're using. Here's a pic from me... I've made window skin for my game.At first it looked really ugly to me but now ,I just don't know what to think.So give me some feedbacks ,should I use the old one. BTW in the background you can see my second, inside parallax map
  23. J0pac

    Parallax Mapping (Help)

    You didn't even try to look http://pinkfirefly.deviantart.com/art/Advanced-Parallaxing-196222246 http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=51490 http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/12299-getting-started-with-parallax-mapping/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_S36UFijr8 http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=36589
  24. @TheHarmp:Not bad,I don't see anything wrong except the edges.They are kinda ugly but i guess you can't really do anything about that since the map is done in maker ,if I'm not wrong.You might try using tiles with edges and then remove the edges where you don't need them by holding shift. Something like this: Here's my first inside parallax map ,let me know what you think.
  25. Translate:Do you speak Croatian since "vatra" and "priroda" are Croatian words for fire and nature. Anyway I liked the demo ,though as everyone already said the demo is quite short and you can't really give much feedbacks on what we've seen in demo.The maps are decent and I like main characters personality. As for grammar I'm the last person who should criticize you about that since english is not my native language and as you've probably figured out by reading this my grammer sucks too. P.S let me know if you're from Croatia
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