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    From the land Rockstar Games calls home. I'm currently the project manager of "Lost" a video game I'm working on with a group of friends. We're hoping to one day maybe start working professionally, but for now, we're working one project at a time.

    Qualifications in programming and enterprise management.
  1. Astral Ace

    DONE with RPG Maker VX ACE!

    Not too mention there are far more choice in Scripting Resources for VX than VX Ace, and the lack of backwards compatability is frustrating. I want to use VX for some stuff and Ace for others. And I'm split between the two *pulls hair out*
  2. Astral Ace

    How to make a cutscene like this ?

    Create an Event, go into edit, add "Show Balloon..." and then use set movement route to have the charecters to move or face a different direction.
  3. Thanks your words of encouragement have me really fired up! I'm excited about this project and I hope others will enjoy playing it as much as my team and I enjoyed putting it together.
  4. LOST FurVoice LLC / Titanuim Quill Design [Pre-Demo Stage] If you hate My Little Pony, Bronies, or anything related this game is probably not for you. So please don't leave hateful comments below. Current Production Cost Estimate: 2000$ Cost to Download and Play: Free Abstract: When your miles away from home... there's only one thing to do. Find your way home and hope to god your plan works... Genre: Fantasy, Dark, RPG, Adventure (My Little Pony & Grandia Cross) Game Progression: Demo almost ready. Recruitment: Artists, Musicians, Voice Actors Languages: English, Japanese Age Rating: 12+ Medium: Digital Download (No Discs) WARNING: Contains elements of fear that may be unsuitable for younger players. Story / Setting / Purpose: Applejack had long since taken the Hearth’s Warming Eve story for fact. When she and Fluttershy find themselves in an untamed wilderness, they’ll learn that not all history is preserved. In their struggle to find their way home, the two will unearth secrets unknown to any living being, pony or otherwise. Half a world away, the others have problems of their own. As Rainbow struggles to discover exactly what she is to her friend, and Twilight must face the stunning truth about her long-time mentor. Character Bios: (Main) http://i.imgur.com/ndqsTfE.jpg - Credit: scarletlightning565 (Not actual game art) Applejack: A hardworking, honest and dependable girl who would do anything for her friends. Fluttershy: A timid and scared girl who loves looking after her animals and loves her friends. Credits: GAMEARTS / ESP - Inspiration for battle system icons and spells J STEWART MUSIC - All Music content supplied. TITANIUM QUILL - Background Art Cloudy Skies - Story Author on which this game is based. Screenshots: [Please note the game is in early development and these do not represent the quality of the final product] Features: Over 60 Hours Gameplay Post-Game Stories and Missions Secret Dungeons and optional bosses. New Game Plus features What we will be doing over the next few months: - Improving face tiles - Creating Custom tilesets for mapping - Improving mapping - Constructing Storyline - Polishing battle system and abilities - Creating 300+ items and gear for customization - Organizing talent and media - Switching all characters to anthropomorphic Author Note: I'm tired, it's 3 AM so if I miss anything I promise I'll add it later.
  5. Thank you for your help. Please feel free to lock the thread.
  6. I looked in the rules section to see if there was anything regarding new members and a set time, or limit before I can reply to a topic. The only thing I found was an "approved post" status. Saying that I had to have 5 more approved posts before I get certain rights. I'm trying to reply to someone in the Shop 101 thread because I wanted to purchase some materials from him. I find myself unable to reply, or to contact him, even though that was one of the reasons I signed up. I'm wondering if perhaps something went wrong with my account activation because when I try to upload a picture it says "User blocked" or something like that. Any help would be much appreciated, and I'm sorry for the trouble. I did try to find something in the Forum Rules section, but didn't see anything. Best Wishes, Astral Ace. FurVoice LLC