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  1. Rikifive

    Hi everyone!

    Hello, welcome and good luck!
  2. Rikifive

    Hey new friends!

    Hello, welcome and good luck with your projects!
  3. Hello everyone, In case anyone would be wondering that something is different, I've coded in some things into the site. 1. Sticky User Nav Bar - Your Handy Hotbar // PC ONLY When you'll scroll down a bit, the user menu (notifications/messenger etc.) will follow you like a nice doge, sticking to the top. This makes notifications and other things easily accessible no matter how long thread you'll be reading. It was always kind of irking me, that one had to scroll all the waaaaay up to the top to reach notifications or access profile menu (the one you get when clicking your username in the upper right corner). 2. TAKE ME BACK TO THE TOP - Escape The Dungeon Button When you'll scroll down a bit, an arrow will appear in the upper right corner. Clicking/tapping it will teleport you to town the top. Just like this, click/tap and WHOOSH without loading screens! EPIC! Of course, please note, that I've coded stuff myself, so obviously not everything may be working as expected and/or there might be some derps. I could have made a typo, I could have overlooked something, because I had to copy&paste changes into multiple themes, or maybe I'm just bad at html/css/js, you never know, but at first glance it appears to be working. If you'd notice any weird behavior, please report it in this thread. Thank you. These changes apply only to SKY and SKY NIGHT themes. Basic theme is basic, no cool things there. I hope these changes will be useful for you. If you beg to differ or would like to just share some thoughts, please feel free to do so. Thank you for cooperation. c:
  4. Rikifive


    We do allow posting NSFW projects here as long as they are marked as such, containing a warning regarding inappropriate content for younger audiences at the top of the post. I suppose it would be fine to post written works, as long as there also would be a warning. At the moment the signature editor doesn't put many limitations, these should be listed while editing your signature. However, note that only first 200 pixels (vertically, that is) will be shown. https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/41971-signature-height-limit-is-200px/
  5. Rikifive

    Help with a Syntax Error

    Where you have this: if @ninja_throw_skill_weapons[skill.id] != nil unless $game_party.has_item?($data_weapons[@ninja_throw_skill_weapons [skill.id]]) return false end end backspace the [skill.id]]) line into the previous one to get this: if @ninja_throw_skill_weapons[skill.id] != nil unless $game_party.has_item?($data_weapons[@ninja_throw_skill_weapons[skill.id]]) return false end end Not sure why, nor how that line got split that way in the first place, just merge it back. Also I have moved your thread to appropriate place, no worries, it's all fine.
  6. Hmm yeah; Then in this case my lil code won't be compatible with Hime's damage processing core script, regardless of their placement. These overwrite the same thing, so only one can be in-effect. (If anyone would be unaware / that wasn't obvious)
  7. I did quick tests and it seemed to work, but yeah, check it out yourself as I tend to overlook things. You're welcome. c: If by normal attacks you mean the default attack, then yes, the default attack is actually just a skill from the database (the first one by default) and therefore it works like any other skill. If the default attack in database won't have the <penetrate> tag (you can rename the tag if you wish ofc) in notes, it will deal 1 damage to enemies with that state. And yes, the damage modification I've added is at the end of calculations, so even if the result is a critical and will have the damage multiplied, it will be set to solid 1 (or less) at the end if the conditions regarding the hardened state will be met. I'd also like to remind, to put that piece of code above any other 3rd party scripts that have anything to do with battles (putting right below materials would be okay), as I overwrote the default damage calculation method, which may result in incompatibilities with other scripts if put below them.
  8. Hmm... as far as the damage formula suggested above goes, I think, that b.state(ID) ? 1 : dmg_formula would be enough. That [1, 1].min part is interesting - intriguing is what you said, although .min returns the lowest value, so putting two the same values doesn't have any real usage and the actual output from there will be 1 as if it was typed like I suggested. I think I get your idea, but throwing [1, 1].min will not bypass damage variance, nor further modifications (crit, damage resistances etc.), so it still can return a value other than 1 in specific circumstances, if multipliers in total will exceed 100% (because I believe the dmg is rounded down, judging by the fact it uses .to_i at the end of calculations). Putting, for example, b.hp -= 1; 0 in the damage formula will always deal one point of damage, but it is rather a direct subtract than dealing actual damage. It will skip the further multipliers, but the battle system will most likely not register the "damage" and the hp will be subtracted silently without popups --- or the popups will say 0 / NULL, while actually subtracting that 1 HP (eventually killing). Aaaaaanyway, modifying damage formulas all over the place to support just one status effect is rather inconvenient I'd say. What I'd do is to adjust how the damage is calculated in the scripts themselves. For example, pasting the following right below materials; class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Calculate Damage #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_damage_value(user, item) value = item.damage.eval(user, self, $game_variables) value *= item_element_rate(user, item) value *= pdr if item.physical? value *= mdr if item.magical? value *= rec if item.damage.recover? value = apply_critical(value) if @result.critical value = apply_variance(value, item.damage.variance) value = apply_guard(value) #------------------------------------------------ if item.damage.to_hp? && state?(29) && !item.note.include?("<penetrate>") value = [value, 1].min # min in case the initial damage would be 0 or sth end #------------------------------------------------ @result.make_damage(value.to_i, item) end end would add a check, that if the item/skill has damage type set as HP damage AND target has a state with ID:29 AND the used skill doesn't have <penetrate> in its note, the damage will be lowered to 1 (after all multipliers, so it should always be a solid 1 or lower, if initially the damage would be nulled/blocked or sth). So basically, if enemy would have a state with ID:29, ALL the damage he'd receive would be lowered to 1, UNLESS it would be hit with a skill, that would contain the <penetrate> tag in the notes, in which case it would normally deal damage from the formula. This of course could be modified further to support more circumstances and whatsoever. PS I did want to alias the method, but looks like aliasing methods doesn't pass local variables, so it wasn't possible to work with "value" anymore. Couldn't figure out how to get that to work from the top of my head. I might be missing something, it's been a rather long while now since I worked with Ruby/Ace.
  9. Rikifive


    Hello and welcome!
  10. Rikifive

    Help with mathematical formula

    Ask and you shall receive. Although personally I don't mind creating threads even for simpler questions, so use whichever way you feel would work better for you.
  11. Feel free to use this thread for simpler questions you may have regarding JavaScript within MZ.
  12. Similarly to how Ace has one, feel free to use this thread for simpler questions you may have regarding JavaScript within MV.
  13. Rikifive

    Using a cellphone as a tool?

    It is absolutely possible, with working features and all. I believe one could achieve this with eventing using draw picture commands and such. If not, this definitely could be coded.
  14. Rikifive

    Hey everyone!!

    Hello and welcome!
  15. Rikifive

    Do you have RPG Maker MZ section?

    Added MZ tags everywhere where specifying one is needed and added MZ section in the resources. I'm wondering if scripts etc. should also just have their own subsections or if it is convenient enough to still keep it all in one place, topics being distinguishable by their tags...
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