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  1. Sadly humanity's stupidity is beyond any scale, but I do really hope, that such a thing will never happen.
  2. Personally I'm completely unaware of things going in politics and such, but you shouldn't let it demotivate you like this. Eh, I can't say much, because me and politics are two different worlds. I know one thing though, if I'd listen to everything they say and take these personally, I'd end up with depression of some sort, heh...
  3. Scene Combine

    The line in question is: def update super if Input.repeat?(: || Input.repeat?(:C) SceneManager.return end end The reason it crashes is incomplete 'if statement' - it lacks of specified key. It's weird, that the script lacks of that- perhaps the author was modifying something and broke it that way accidentally? Now the real question is what key was there... I assume it was the return key?? Welp, while I'm not sure which key exactly was there, I do know how to fix this. Try replacing that line with this: def update super if Input.repeat?(:B) || Input.repeat?(:C) SceneManager.return end end If the chosen key (:B) will act weirdly (for example close the menu when it shouldn't) , try replacing it with other ones. You'll find the list of keys in the RM settings, it was F1 key during gameplay to access these I believe. There you'll see which key has which symbol. You can also remove that and just keep the (:C) key, which is the action button. If you'll have any troubles, feel free to poke me. Hope that helps!
  4. Hellou :)

    Hello! Welcome to the herd! c:
  5. Hello!

    Hello, hello! Welcome to the herd!
  6. Leina Faronwood

    It is actually really nice, especially for something drawn with a mouse. Great work! x3
  7. i need help

    I have moved this thread to Ace Script Support. Not sure if it actually is Ace, but code-wise it looks similar, so I think it should be good here. Forum Feedback and Support is, as the name suggests, for things related to the forums themselves, not game development. The error you get is because you need to convert the value into a string. "Graphics/Titles/" is a string; @pics[@index] is a value, that needs to be converted into a string, as it does not have quotation marks, nor converting methods. To visually present you how it should look like: @pic.name="Graphics/Titles/"+"@pics[@index]" Notice the quotation marks in the second argument. That, would prevent from getting the error, however, it would just hold a text that way, so you literally would get @pics[@index] rather than a value. If there would be only the value, then in specific circumstances it is converted into a string automatically, but whenever you want to mix them, basically using multiple arguments separated by [ + ], then it has to be done manually. So you need to be sliiiiightly tricky with this. You need to get the value first and then convert it into a string. For that you can do this in two ways: 1) by using the method .to_s ".to_s" simply converts a value into a string, so technically it's being wrapped in quotation marks, but after the value is get. So, @pic.name="Graphics/Titles/"+@pics[@index].to_s visually would look like this: "Graphics/Titles/" + "value, that @pics[@index] holds" This will work, so that's all you need to do. 2) using more fancy method "#{value}" The formula above does the same. For example: @pic.name="Graphics/Titles/"+"#{@pics[@index]}" Will also convert the value into a string after it will be read. Copying the line above will also work. To visually compare the string and that method: " this is a string " " #{there is a value} " As you can see, that format makes the things look more similar, structure wise, as there you're normally using quotation marks, but the value inside just has some special characters. With [ .to_s ] method, you don't use quotation marks, so don't get confused! Either way, it's all up to you which format do you prefer. Just use the one you feel more comfortable with. Hope that helps!
  8. Oh, decent art I gotta admit. I wish I could draw as good as you. Welcome to the herd!
  9. New member

    There's the whole Ace section for your needs. ~But I see you managed to find it already.
  10. New member

    Hello there! No worries, many users don't have English as their native language, so do I, because I'm from Poland. I hope you'll find what you're looking for; have fun! Welcome to the herd!
  11. Sovereignty: TCG

    Actually the purple color scheme and the background-texture were all Tarq's design. All I did is to just rearrange things a little and give them more variety, such as tabs and stuff to cover certain parts of the background to give more spotlight for displayed information. I do agree with Takeo, that the cards in background indeed could be a little bit more transparent. These make the text slightly harder to read. That's what I had in mind when making the sketches. Speaking of these images; I think yours would work better (for example these at the bottom), rather than my drastically upscaled tiny pixel icons. or... something else came to my mind- perhaps putting the preview of the currently selected card somewhere would be a good idea? It could be even put as that semi-transparent card image. That could make it look better as well as make the cards slightly easier to recognize for the player. Either way, I do like the progress you're making with the game. I'll wait for some more updates for the game to get more stable, then give it another legit try once I'll find some time. c:
  12. Sovereignty: TCG

    Some nice progress you've got there and honestly, three weeks is like nothing. Card rarity is a nice addition I think. Heh, the menus were just quickly made sketches on top of your screenshots, so some poor editing can be seen here and there. If you'd like to use these, I could provide you some separate files for things to allow you to configure it all more accurately and make some changes if needed, as at the moment it is noticeable, that things are slightly off.
  13. I can't find something

    Apparently to archives. I looked them up and brought them back. I hope I didn't overlook any. Now these lists have their own subforum in the Resource Center, because these are useful. (Resource Center / RPG Maker / Granny's Lists) You'll find that list of lists under the following link: https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/forum/237-grannys-lists/ Have a nice resource hunting! I guess it will be worth to take a look at archives once in a while to bring some useful threads back...
  14. The problem is, that RM helps you make the game with much less effort, thus is considered to be a software used by beginners, mostly because of its pretty much pre-made game structure. I do admit, that even for me it's sometimes hard to consider something made in RM as a 'game', as it looks more like a 'custom story', due to everything the same, except story and characters. Have you heard of 'Amnesia' and all the custom stories people were making? It's almost the same- they were making maps, story, items and stuff using pre-made mechanics and graphics. That was a success, but only for a limited time. I remember that being kind of popular back then, but now it's pretty much dead (I may be mistaking, though I haven't heard of these for years now) -- is it because people got bored of almost-pretty-much-the-same games? In my view it is almost the same for RM games, I suppose. Normally, you have to put so much effort to make a legit game, way more than in RM. Even if making maps and story for years is considered as effort, then imagine projects outside RM, where people have to write all the mechanics from nothing as well as make graphics to all of this and that's where another years kick in. RM offers developers to make a game without even having to use any code - and that's not what game developing is about. It's like... I don't know, making a level or few in some mario maker and consider it as a game. I suppose people got kind of bored of similar looking games, that use almost the same gameplay mechanics. I do admit, that I also like to enjoy gameplay, as it's one of the more important factors of the game for me (tbh I don't even need story, but it is of course welcomed- that's because these survival ~ crafting things are my favorite genres, so I don't require much from games). Seeing the very default battle engine itself can be disappointing, but that's for games, that actually focus on battles. As for me, I think that RTP is the issue, not RM itself, because it can create good games. With proper modification to make the game work and look to make it fit the story and the rest, it is possible to make good games. There are good games, that aren't hated, but liked - so the RM engines definitely aren't the ones to blame. How they are used is the key. I don't dislike games because they were made in RM (I was making some games there myself, duh!), but it is much harder to get me interested in the game when having the default look and gameplay, that makes it look like a level/custom story, rather than an actual game to discover. Yeah.. roast me, but I got kinda bored of these as well. Not saying that these have to be bad of course, don't get me wrong. Another fact to consider is, that I'm just not really a fan of the RTP. These cute graphics and stuff, not always work well with what devs want to achieve.
  15. Shiny Pixelart from the shining Shin

    These indeed are decent ~ the animations are nicely polished as well!