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  1. 💖My Little Pony: The Game

    Hello everybody! Looks like I've got a tie in the poll I've run in regards of the style of the game! Since the game was initially in pixel art, I've decided, that a reasonable solution will be to just keep it that way, so yep! It will be continued in pixel environment! I've did some science with the non-pixel style and I quickly realized, that it would take longer to create animations there. I believe, that making HUD, UI, maps and other things wouldn't really be an issue, animations on the other hoof, yes. Either way, that tie didn't encourage me to jump over to non-pixel style, so let's just keep it all the way it was. Taking a small step further towards that direction, I think I can announce, that the very basic 8-direction pony sprite is ready! (it still may have some improvements in the future- probably shading will be added... or not. I'll see which one will look better in-game someday) Of course, I'm starting with doing science on the pony, that loves science, Twilight Sparkle! So that's a start! Thank you for visiting!
  2. Hi guys, newbie from Australia here...

    Hello there! That's a good idea to work on silly games first, so have fun! I'm lame and I'm using GIMP for pixel art. Welcome to the herd!
  3. Warm Greetings From a Frog Dude

    Yep! Totally not sad yet! Yeah, bring back KilerDiLeo times!
  4. Cheebz

    This looks actually really nice, great work!
  5. Warm Greetings From a Frog Dude

    OOOOOOOH of course I do! Glad to see you back!
  6. Input Actor name not work

    Uh, now I'm slightly confused. Did you get it fixed? Your demo uses Japanese characters doesn't it? That may be the problem here. Perhaps the Polish translation caused that, though I have no idea.
  7. Hiya!

    Hello there! Good luck with your projects and welcome to the herd!
  8. Input Actor name not work

    Hmm.. that's interesting.. Everything should be working- I have no idea what may be wrong. If that would be possible, could you send me the demo of your project with that issue? I'd like to look around. Feel free to message me if you'd like to keep the project private. If not- I'm not sure what else I could ask for. For me it seems like a tiny overlooked thing somewhere, that causes that problem, but where?
  9. Input Actor name not work

    > I've moved thread to Ace Editor Support and Discussion. Hmm.. I did the same and it worked... Are you sure you've selected the correct actor?
  10. Questions for low end PCs

    Yeah, it's really easy to harm FPS in Ace. Not sure if something could be magically done without scripts~ you'd probably have to reduce amount of these. Though as for scripts, there are few anti-lag scripts available. You can give them a try. Personally I was using Moghunter's Anti-lag script: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-anti-lag/ along with his many other scripts. Good times... But there are some others as well, that I've just googled: Victor Engine - Anti Lag YSA - Simple Anti-lag Event Lune Ultimate Anti-Lag formatting broke in that one; rip Hope that helps!
  11. Hello

    Hello there! Your English is actually good, nevertheless that's good you're not giving up because of that! I wish you luck with your project and I hope you'll find what you're looking for here! Welcome to the herd!
  12. Hello to you all

    Hello! Good luck and have fun! Welcome to the herd!
  13. Themes Hopefully Fixed

    Apparently the themes weren't fully compatible with the new update, which made them unreadable. The themes were completely redone, so hopefully, they should be fixed now. I'm not sure of the dark theme though. I think it looks terrible, but editing it is a pain (I'm terrible at HTML/CSS). I've made stuff darker here and there, but not sure if that looks good. Either way, if you'll bump into any issues, such as unreadable font, please let me know! Eventually I'll get rid of the dark theme.
  14. People are testing fireworks already and my dog is scared to death. Can't they wait for the right time...? What's the point of testing if they'll be launching them on new year anyway? =/

    1. Tarq


      I don't really get the appeal of fireworks; "Oh look some colours. And it did a noise! That's clever isn't it?"

    2. Rikifive


      Personally I like fireworks, but my dog has a different vision on that. :( 

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Oscar, on the other hand, is mostly indifferent. If they get to the point of loud repetitiveness, he'll start barking.

      Same with firearms (well, the shotguns and rifles anyway).


      I love bottle rockets personally...

  15. Morning to you all

    Hello! Welcome to the herd!