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  1. Rikifive

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello and welcome! Good luck on your game-dev journey!
  2. Eh, I planned to release "literally anything" from the pony game by the end of my vacations, but it will have to wait a bit longer heh.

    Today I had a rather tough day. I slept onlyΒ about two hours, because I woke up in pain and had to get up to take some painkillers (I still feel bad, I'll take more painkillers before going to sleep and maybe tomorrow will be better). I kinda wonder if I won't end up having to take them everyday heh, something's going on...Β Nevertheless, I worked all day despite that, hoping to get something released today, but it's just not quite ready yet. I did clean & optimize tons and tons of code, I did implement various features like;

    - woah Twi can actually die now, visuals for that are WIP though (coz for now twi just explodes kek)
    - all spells have properly setup tiers and they can level up
    - various new sounds and stuff
    - ignore the "ducking" text, I keep it for collision testing and stuff

    the prototype is pretty much ready to be released as the core features areΒ covered, but I've encountered some lil bugs I'd like to fix first -- and maybe add few more minor things.

    It's not like there will be anything epic to see yet, there's literally about a minute of actual content I guess. If you'd ask me, I wouldn't really recommend playing it, unless one would be curious about what's there and how the game plays. What I mostly want is to finally have something released, so that the game will start actually existing, so to speak.

    This video shows pretty much everything there is atm.Β I'm still polishing core features, before I'll be able to put more content.
    Also, all music tracks here are placeholder assets.

    Now I better should go to sleep.

    1. Kayzee


      Awww, hope you feel better! The game looks pretty neato so far, so don't give up!

    2. Rikifive


      Still running on painkillers, but I manage, thanks. I'll do what I can, thanks.Β πŸ™‚

  3. Me trying to create OST:
    - thinking about the place I want a soundtrack for
    - starts putting notes
    - realizes I'm getting something completely different
    - reee let's try to make something out of it anyway, perhaps I'll find a use for it
    - profit?

    It's not what I was looking for, but actually it's kiiinda close to something else I was thinking of, so I may have some use for that.


    1. Kayzee


      Well it turned out pretty anyway! :3

    2. Rikifive


      Yeah, thanks. πŸ˜„

  4. Rikifive

    Shups - A Rogue-Like Shoot 'em up Game

    ♦ ←───────~β—Š~───────→ ♦ U P D A T E ♦ ←───────~β—Š~───────→ ♦ Released a minor update, in which items got buffed. Also, collected items are now displayed in the bottom-right corner. Yeah, yeah, sadly it all still goes by their ID's. There will be icons in the future. Planning to slowly work on local multiplayer next, once that's done, I'll get to online multiplayer.
  5. Rikifive

    Shups - A Rogue-Like Shoot 'em up Game

    ♦ ←───────~β—Š~───────→ ♦ L A T E S T U P D A T E ♦ ←───────~β—Š~───────→ ♦ VERSION IS OUT! // C H A N G E L O G //===================================================================================================== // V0.1.1.0 - 24-07-2021 - Item Display And Minor Balancing //===================================================================================================== [ GAMEPLAY ] - Buffed Arthur Ditto regeneration effect from 0.4 HP/s (+0.4 HP/s per stack) back to 1 HP/s (+1 HP/s). - Buffed Sticky Bullets projectile damage from 40% (+2% per stack) to 80% (+10% per stack) and increased the amount of them from 3 (+1 every 10 stacks) to 3 (+1 every 5 stacks). [ VISUALS ] - Collected items are now displayed on screen. Item descriptions can be viewed by hovering cursor over their icons. // U P D A T E P O S T ♦ ←───────~β—Š~───────→ ♦
  6. A Rogue-Like Shoot 'em up Game v . 0 . 1 . 1 . 0 The game is in early stage of development and everything seen there is not indicative of the final product. ============================================= A B O U T ============================================= Shups is a game in which you're controlling a spaceship and your objective is to survive the endless swarm of enemies. The game challenges players with constantly raising difficulty, which makes enemies more and more aggressive as the time goes to the point, where it becomes unbearable. Your aid in the endless fight are items, that allow you to raise your parameters indefinitely. Some items will cause various effects to happen and these too, can be stacked for even more mayhem! Aside that, destroying enemy ships grants player experience, which boosts base parameters with each level-up. The game currently lacks any real goal to achieve and therefore, players are expected to die at some point. The current challenge is to survive as long as possible. How far will you go? ============================================= S C R E E N S H O T S ============================================= Title Screen - someday it will be better lol A wild rare item has appeared! LEVEL UP! BOOM BOOM BOOM! (Note: Hold TAB to view STATISTICS or toggle with CAPS LOCK) Woo the game was so kind to throw a legendary item (Firecrackers) at me pretty early. "Maybe it'll be a good run..." ============================================= D O W N L O A D ============================================= PLATFORM: Windows FILE TYPE: .exe (installer) ESTIMATED GAME LENGTH: A single good run can go beyond 30 minutes. There's no save, it's rogue-like, duh! ♦ β†β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ΦŠ~ΦŠβ—ŠΦŠ~ΦŠβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β†’ ♦ VISIT MY WEBSITE TO DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION ♦ β†β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ΦŠ~ΦŠβ—ŠΦŠ~ΦŠβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β†’ ♦ ============================================= P L A N N E D F E A T U R E S ============================================= These are currently planned features, but things may change in the future. > PROPER STAGE SYSTEM AND ENDING < Basically, the goal will be to travel through paths to #ENEMY BASE# and wreck the main boss. There will be different stages with moving backgrounds and whatsoever. After each stage, players will be able to choose the next stage from randomly generated paths. Each stage will have randomized effects, that lower/boost enemy stats and yield less/better loot. > BOSSES < Each stage shall end with a boss fight. > ELITE ENEMIES < A bigger boi shall spawn once in a while. > LOCAL AND ONLINE MULTIPLAYER (COOP) < What's better than one ship? Having two. > ITEM DISPLAY AND ICONS < All items you've gathered shall be displayed on screen. And they shall have icons too. > MORE SHIPS AND WEAPONS < There will be different ships to choose from, each having different base stats and loadouts. > MOAR ITENS < There definitely will be more items in the future. > AND PERHAPS SOME OTHER CONTENT < ... I can't think of at the moment. ============================================= C R E D I T S ============================================= PROGRAMMING Rikifive GRAPHIC DESIGN Rikifive ADDITIONAL GRAPHICS Kenney Game Assets MUSIC SHMUP Music Pack Mega Game Music Collection SUPPORT AND BETA-TESTING My brother
  7. Rikifive

    Help me with my script.

    If you'd like your credits to be an image with text that is scrolled, then all you need is to just update the y position. For that approach you'd need to create an another Sprite and assign the image to its bitmap (like you did with the background) and then add an update method, that will keep adjusting the Y position of that image, making it go up. For example, in the Scene_Credits, you'd first add the Sprite (credits image) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Scrolling Text #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_text @scrolling_text = Sprite.new @scrolling_text.bitmap = Cache.picture("CREDITS_IMAGE") end and then add an update method, that is run every frame (60/sec) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update super @scrolling_text.y -= 1 # to move it 1 pixel UPWARDS per frame end That should get the job done for what it's worth. You may want to adjust the Y position in the create method, so that it starts with a blank screen while the text is just about to show up. For that set the Y position of that sprite to the HEIGHT of your game window like this: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Scrolling Text #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_text @scrolling_text = Sprite.new @scrolling_text.bitmap = Cache.picture("CREDITS_IMAGE") @scrolling_text.y = Graphics.height end As I was going to mention to remember to dispose the sprite, I noticed that your existing dispose method isn't run either, as it lacks its own terminate method that would point to sprite disposal, so you may want to fix that. To the Scene_Credits, also add this: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Termination Processing #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def terminate super dispose_background # now your dispose method will be run dispose_scrolling_text # for the scrolling sprite end and then of course the dispose method for the scrolling text. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Dispose Scrolling Text #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def dispose_scrolling_text @scrolling_text.bitmap.dispose @scrolling_text.dispose end You could also just plug the two dispose lines to the existing method you have instead, that would work too. Disclaimer: My Ruby got really rusty, so I might have overlooked something or derp'd somewhere.
  8. Rikifive


    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your project!
  9. No worries, I have moved the thread for you.
  10. Rikifive

    Howdy :)

    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your game!
  11. Rikifive


    Hello and welcome!
  12. Rikifive

    Greetings from WidgetKitty

    Hello and welcome! I hope you'll find what you're looking for!
  13. Rikifive

    Hello from Singapore

    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your projects!
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    New Member

    Hello, welcome and good luck!
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    Just joined

    Hello and welcome! Have fun and may everything go well with your projects!
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