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    MLP (apparently). Going for a walk on the fields outside town for hours and enjoying the day, playing games (especially local coop), making games, watching animated films/shows.

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  1. counting game Level Grinding | LV 6

    637 Nice mirror Chungsie! No worries Takeo. c:
  2. counting game Level Grinding | LV 6

    Since it's going to be the 630th reply; 630 In fact, it should be 631 as there's also one number in OP, which doesn't count as a reply, so in total we have 630 replies now + OP = 631; but somebody made a derp pages ago so I left that be, as reply count = exp seemed nice to work with. I shouldn't have started counting in the OP, that would make everything neat, heh. But well, let's just stick to that reply count anyway please. After posting it, the thread looks like this on the list: Which nicely shows current total exp.
  3. counting game Level Grinding | LV 6

    Cleaning... Removed irrelevant posts. 614 But why not both? Talking in meanwhile is absolutely okay.
  4. counting game Level Grinding | LV 6

    Judging by the total amount of replies, it seems that we've got some replies, that failed to follow such extremely simple rules. Yet another time I'll fix it by catching us up to the amount of replies, but next time I'll be fixing it by removing irrelevant posts. Though this game requires insanely low effort, please respect that. Thank you. 608
  5. custom scene [RMMV] Story Book Ex Plugin

    @TBWCS The links are no longer available. Please update your thread with working links and quote/mention me when done. Otherwise the thread will be locked in 7 days. If anybody else manages to find correct links, feel free to post them below, thank you. Thread will be locked on July 20, 2018 at 02:03 AM
  6. Problem with text pictures

    I have moved this thread to Ace Support. Forum feedback is, as the name suggests, for feedback related to the site (forums).
  7. Hello! Welcome to the herd!
  8. Shaz's Region Common Events

    Reopened at OP's request. c:
  9. O Hai RMC!

    Hello there! The new Star Wars episodes seem so unnecessary in my opinion. Not a fan of these tbh. Welcome to the herd!
  10. Intro

    Hello there, I hope you'll find what you're looking for. Welcome to the herd!
  11. Hello!

    Hello there, Good luck and welcome to the herd!
  12. MOAR PROGRESS! :yay:

    BOOM BOOM BOOOOM! :love: 



    Moar in this gifv: https://i.imgur.com/pmn8cKS.gifv

    1. Kayzee


      Is that cave story's bouncy stars for experience I see? :3


      Makes me almost wanna restart my 'Jiggles the Catgirl' project... It was a super mario world romhack originally, but I kinda want to restart it as a stand alone thing someday. The world needs more platformers staring cute catgirls!


      I haven't done anything related to Jiggles in a while, though in my game of Disgaea 5 I have a nekomata named Jiggles as my strongest unit. My first one I got up to level 9999 too! My second strongest is unsurprisingly a fairy named Kayzee. For some reason I am very tsundere in that game. I could switch to the more playful personality, but well, it's cute. :3 Also... I did go through a kinda tsundere phase at one point. Well more like a 'humans are dumb and worthless' phase. That attitude is sadly quite common among us. A little embarrassing, but I am over that. I am rather fond of humans now! Though to be fair they still can be pretty dumb sometimes... Even most humans will agree with that!


      And... I am rambling again...

  13. counting game Level Grinding | LV 6

    X 100 X 10 X 1 TOTAL: 565