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    Howdy, howdy!

    "The Gaming Lounge This area is for games in development with a working demo." If you have a playable demo, this is the place where you should look into. (I didn't posted my game yet, so I didn't used any of this, but from description it has to be right, right? )
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    Young Prodigy's Music Thread

    Nice! =3
  3. Rikifive

    Toggling cells

    So... I guess there's no such a shortcut or something like that? If not this topic can be closed.
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    Howdy, howdy!

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  7. I do not know if I understood, so sorry if this will be unhelpful as balls. You're using basic portraits, that are in game? You can export these files and edit them. For example if your actor 1 uses third face from "actor3" file, you can export that picture and edit it. Remove unused faces in GIMP or something and leave one portrait, rename file and put into your game folder. That way you'll be able to recognize which face actors are using.
  8. Well, sorry about that bad stuff I wrote, I didn't mean that you need to change that as soon as possible 'cause that's bad. Don't get me wrong. He asked for suggestions, so I told what could he do to make his game better. I don't know about your skills and stuff like that, so you can ignore some advice if it will bring only problems. I don't need "HD gwaphics" and anything like that. If gameplay is good it doesn't need to have super great graphics at all. That's totally fine. As I said I only suggested. Better to focus on the things in which you are good. I assume you're doing this game only by yourself, so congratulate your patience; I'm sometimes bored to death working on mine Keep going and don't GIVE UP and of course take your time.
  9. Rikifive

    Items with Skills, but not Teaching Skills?

    I'm not sure how it works, since I'm not using it, but you can check that: http://cobbtocs.co.uk/wp/?p=204. That script limits skill uses per battle. I don't know about options to configure in that script, so it may be not what you want.
  10. Rikifive

    Items with Skills, but not Teaching Skills?

    He's right. I checked that and It worked as he said.
  11. Rikifive

    Toggling cells

    It works, but I don't like using these options, because when you do something wrong and you mess up that frame (or you can even mess up the whole animation in Cell Batch) you cannot undo. I broke my animation once, which has 86 frames! I wasted more than hour of my work, because I couldn't undo that. Besides that, I would like to grab that cell and move around by mouse than guessing the x/y position. I was thinking about keyboard shortcut or something... Thanks for help though, maybe I'll use that in a critical situation.
  12. Rikifive

    Skill Ideas you can do with Custom Formula

    Is this possible to make a skill, which deals damage to all enemies and removes (for example) poison from actor and also gives a buff to actor (for example) poison resist? @ EDIT Nvm. I figured that out.
  13. He's right... From information and screenshots it looks... well simple. I mean graphics and battle system are (as mentioned above) so common. I'm not telling, that your game is bad or something, but it's not special at all. Random characters isn't a good idea, I'm using MOG's scripts as well and I saw those characters already. I spent many hours editing HUD and other stuff like that, despite the fact that I'm not a good artist. What I want to tell you, that you need to put something from yourself. It's time-consuming, but this is very necessary. Make it special.
  14. Rikifive

    forum games This Vs. That

    Play games! Winter or Summer?
  15. To use grid in GIMP you need to check "Show Grid" option located in the middle of "View" tab. To configure the grid there is an option "Configure Grid" located at the bottom of the "Image" tab and there you can set "Spacing". The thing with layer is good indeed, but using grid is faster and you don't have to count and draw spaces for each sprite. When I make animations and other stuff I firstly setup the grid and then make a layer with helpful borders and a crosshair in the middle. It looks like this:
  16. Rikifive

    [SOLVED] MOG | ATB System - Turn Duration

    Yes I know there's function like that, but it's not working as I want and as you described. It still acts in the middle of ATB gauge charging... I tried that also on a raw version (Master Demo), but the same thing happens. Hmm... I don't know what is wrong...
  17. Rikifive


    Well... "To The Moon" is more or less about somebody's life and that's a great game. (Yes I know that stuff is kinda a fiction, but it's sorta of a biography game) I mean this is a good idea if your life is... well interesting (special). Imagine a game, where you control a person, who... Idk... goes to work then back to home and other usual stuff... That game would be horrible. It depends on a story you want to show everybody. If your biography is interesting and instructive then why not? Make a game to tell everybody your story, there's no limitations. It also depends on HOW you will show your story. For me it's a good idea, but it's up to you to make that game interesting. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH, I'm from Poland.
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