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    Damage formula help

    Hi, (b.hp*0.75).to_i -should deal 75 damage if the target would have 100 HP remaining, for example. The (x).to_i thing is to make sure, that the output is an integer, as I suspect it could end up throwing floats.
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    Hello, welcome and good luck!
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    Hello I just got RPG Maker

    Hello, welcome! Sounds interesting ~ good luck!
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    Hello people

    Hello and welcome! I hope you'll have a good time here!
  5. Hmm.. I happen to have something a bit... interesting... It was made for lols years ago. It's not really what you're asking for, but I was thinking you may have some fun with it either way. What this script does is to freeze the game leaving players at fullscreened blackscreen. You call a scene with a script call or something and... the next thing you'll see is void. Features (might differ depending on OS / its version) LARGE AREA OF EFFECT: Forces fullscreen all your screen belongs to us CRITICAL STRIKE: gets you stuck at blackscreen all you need to see is your pain HIGH DEFENSE: The game cannot be easily closed you can't control it DOOM IMMUNITY: ALT+F4 won't save you either no cheat codes INFLICTS BLINDNESS: Cannot be minimized fight for a chance to see your desktop again INFINITE DURATION: It's ded, the only way out is to kill the task patience doesn't deal damage THIS BOSS FIGHT CAN BE ESCAPED: Restart your PC if it's too much for you! i hope you saved your progress lmao The game can be killed via the task manager although be warned, that you'll have to navigate the task manager mostly blindly! Inexperienced at system stuff players might mess up few things by pressing random keys (such as running/killing various tasks etc.) and/or end up having to restart their computer. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I DON'T TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR POTENTIAL DAMAGE DONE TO UNAWARE PLAYERS AND EVERYONE ELSE, BUT YOU DO. Just to make it clear lmao The script itself doesn't do anything, but users panicking and pressing random keys kinda can cause some mess. By downloading the script below you acknowledge this warning and declare being aware of potential consequences. RPG MAKER SCREEN OF DEATH V1.1.1 by Rikifive.txt Also moved this thread to Game Dev > Programming.
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    Greetings everyone!

    Hello and welcome!
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    Data Backup

    Edited Thread: The script link is dead, I have embedded the code in the OP itself. It's a great must-have little script I recommend installing.
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    Hello from Brazil!

    Hello and welcome! Looks pretty good so far! You should be able to customize your profile now.
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    Desperately needs help with Jet's mouse syst

    The OP has reported, that the issue has been solved. Since this thread has served its purpose, it will be locked. You're welcome.
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    Desperately needs help with Jet's mouse syst

    Use this to alter the event hover text's Z position: class Window_MousePopUp < Window_Base alias :initialize_z :initialize def initialize(event, text) initialize_z(event, text) self.z = 40 end end The actual modification is just a single line of code, but I think it's still better to have modifications separately when you're an inexperienced scripter. So basically paste it BELOW the cursor script and adjust the self.z to your needs. Pictures are drawn around z=50, so I think 40 should make the hover text appear beneath them. You can of course just paste the self.z line to the mouse script itself if you prefer.
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    Hello and welcome! If you need help with scripting, feel free to create threads in programming- hopefully someone will be able to assist you!
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    Hi, and very confused

    Hello and welcome! You should be able to customize your profile now.
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your projects!
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Hello! Welcome!
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    Hi! and Can't Edit Our Profile =(

    Hello, hello and welcome! Yes, there is an approval period and you should be able to customize your profile now. Good luck with your projects!
  18. It's an issue with the arrow unicode character. When we upgraded the forum software, the unicode characters (all these fancy symbols) in posts, user names etc., got corrupted, leaving messy symbols instead. I've updated the script in the main post to bring back the correct unicode character.
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome!
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    Hi! Hello to you all!

    Hello, welcome and good luck with your projects!
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    Hi everyone!

    Hello, welcome and good luck!
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    Hey new friends!

    Hello, welcome and good luck with your projects!
  23. Hello everyone, In case anyone would be wondering that something is different, I've coded in some things into the site. 1. Sticky User Nav Bar - Your Handy Hotbar // PC ONLY When you'll scroll down a bit, the user menu (notifications/messenger etc.) will follow you like a nice doge, sticking to the top. This makes notifications and other things easily accessible no matter how long thread you'll be reading. It was always kind of irking me, that one had to scroll all the waaaaay up to the top to reach notifications or access profile menu (the one you get when clicking your username in the upper right corner). 2. TAKE ME BACK TO THE TOP - Escape The Dungeon Button When you'll scroll down a bit, an arrow will appear in the upper right corner. Clicking/tapping it will teleport you to town the top. Just like this, click/tap and WHOOSH without loading screens! EPIC! Of course, please note, that I've coded stuff myself, so obviously not everything may be working as expected and/or there might be some derps. I could have made a typo, I could have overlooked something, because I had to copy&paste changes into multiple themes, or maybe I'm just bad at html/css/js, you never know, but at first glance it appears to be working. If you'd notice any weird behavior, please report it in this thread. Thank you. These changes apply only to SKY and SKY NIGHT themes. Basic theme is basic, no cool things there. I hope these changes will be useful for you. If you beg to differ or would like to just share some thoughts, please feel free to do so. Thank you for cooperation. c:
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    We do allow posting NSFW projects here as long as they are marked as such, containing a warning regarding inappropriate content for younger audiences at the top of the post. I suppose it would be fine to post written works, as long as there also would be a warning. At the moment the signature editor doesn't put many limitations, these should be listed while editing your signature. However, note that only first 200 pixels (vertically, that is) will be shown. https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/41971-signature-height-limit-is-200px/
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