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  1. Rikifive

    Indie game fanatic Spielerseele says hello!

    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your studio/company and all the stuff you'll be working on!
  2. Rikifive

    DvLyon here!

    Hello and welcome! Mmm that's interesting. I hope you'll have a good time here!
  3. Rikifive

    New and trying to learn

    Hello, welcome and good luck with you projects!
  4. Rikifive

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    Hello and welcome! I hope you'll find what you're looking for and good luck with your projects!
  5. Rikifive

    Hi hi everyone!

    Hello, hello and welcome! Good luck with your game!
  6. Rikifive

    MV day and night enemies

    Moved to Editor Support and Discussion; Games in Progress is for submitting projects, that are under development.
  7. Rikifive

    Working on my first game!

    That's really odd. Hmm... Using Ace and/or getting makers from Humble can't be the case, because that would be ridiculous. I did a bit of research on their forums and they still seem to support older engines, including Ace (there are subforums for these), so it can't be about using Ace -- and they advertised their own software bundle hosted on Humble themselves at one point, so that can't be the case either. Besides, you own a legal copy either way (some users for example use sneaky ways to obtain the software, if you know what I mean), so who cares, you're "clean" in that regard. There has to be something else, but I'm not sure at which point and how exactly your account got stuck to be able to pinpoint any possibilities. Eeeeeither way, you're of course welcomed here, I was just asking out of curiosity. If you'll have any troubles, I'll do my best to help as fast as I can.
  8. Rikifive

    Working on my first game!

    Hello and welcome! VX Ace FTW! Is it that bad over there? I haven't really visited these forums in years now. Our little forum also has the tendency to break once in a while. I hope you'll have a good time here! Feel free to message me if anything will ever bother you. Good luck with your projects!
  9. Rikifive

    Good morning everyone!

    Hello, welcome and good luck!
  10. > At OP's request, this thread is closed, as it served its purpose.
  11. Rikifive

    Hello there...

    Hello there and welcome! Good luck with your projects!
  12. Rikifive

    Hi guys!

    Hello, welcome and good luck!
  13. Rikifive

    Coming back after so long!

    Hello and welcome back!
  14. Rikifive


    Hello and welcome!
  15. Rikifive

    Class: Lurker

    It's been a while, welcome back!
  16. Rikifive

    Hobby growing

    Better late than never Hello and welcome!
  17. Rikifive

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Actually I just followed the link, that's attached here in this topic
  18. Rikifive

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    @imp16k4 Perhaps there,
  19. Rikifive

    Happy quarantine everyone

    Hello, welcome and good luck with your project!
  20. Rikifive

    Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome!
  21. Rikifive


    Hello! Welcome and good luck! c:
  22. Rikifive

    Redundant Notifications

    That somebody can be you, because somebody should visit their Notification Settings. You should see this right at the top (under general notification settings) Just tick it off and messages will no longer poke your notification bell.
  23. Rikifive

    Anomaly Detected

    Hello and welcome!
  24. Rikifive

    OTHER Skydancer - A post atomic tale

    Sounds interesting and looks really good I have to say. That made me curious, did you make it all yourself? 6 years is a rather big deal, but looks like it was worth it. This game is certainly 'refreshing', compared to what users typically upload, so I might give it a go when life will be generous enough to leave me some free time, heh.
  25. Rikifive

    Why hello there.

    Hello, welcome and good luck!
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