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    MLP (apparently). Going for a walk on the fields outside town for hours and enjoying the day, playing games (especially local coop), making games, watching animated films/shows.

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  1. 9 hours of work to get this PC run for that one more time. Heh, and the whole Saturday wasted.

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    2. Rikifive


      @Meep007 (YAY mentioning system always reliable! :D) 
      In my case it looks like this- I'll fix one thing, another one breaks soon after. :P I'm unlucky when it comes to that kind of things. :P 


      @Tarq'o'Lantern Struggling with cables and all these parts isn't fun for me, because it's extremely difficult to do that with hooves! :lol: 

      Yes, yes, any recommendations would be welcomed. I don't have any specific questions I'm afraid, but if you know something that could save me some troubles, I'd be happy to hear that out. :P


      Yeah, it does, mainly because I have work to do. :P Thanks, I hope everything will go relatively well.

    3. PhoenixSylph


      T____T I'm so sorry..

    4. Rikifive


      Oh, it's okay. Eventually I'll disappear for a month or two. heh, hopefully not. :P Thanks.

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