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    MLP (apparently). Going for a walk on the fields outside town for hours and enjoying the day, playing games (especially local coop), making games, watching animated films/shows.

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  1. I did something to help myself. dfEG13d.png


    I suk so bad, that I even need to cheat in my own games. 0CHh6vQ.png

    jk, jk, that stuff is just handy, because I can adjust stats / test things on the fly, without having to change the code all over the place and keep restarting the game, you know how it goes.

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    2. Kayzee


      Hehe, I admit I have done stuff like that too. I used to have this wacky system back when I did romhacking and ASM... Er... but that's a long long story. I started typing it actually but after paragraph after paragraph of just explaining the context of everything... Well... Maybe I will finish it later and make it a blog post or something, but every so often I have a rare moment of clarity and actually realize I am blabbing too much. :P

    3. Shiggy


      I can imagine how it would not fit in this thread.
      But you got me interested, so I hope you will write that blogpost.
      Sorry Riki for hijacking your status update.

    4. Rikifive


      Game Maker uses its own language called GML (Game Maker Language). It is quite similar to JS.

      To be honest I have no idea, as I haven't really tried pushing it that hard. I kinda doubt that is doable though and even if, it would require more hassle than necessary I think. It could be useful, but not as handy as I'd like.


      No worries, that's absolutely fine.