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  1. I did something to help myself. dfEG13d.png


    I suk so bad, that I even need to cheat in my own games. 0CHh6vQ.png

    jk, jk, that stuff is just handy, because I can adjust stats / test things on the fly, without having to change the code all over the place and keep restarting the game, you know how it goes.

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    2. Shiggy


      I was reading your comment about making generic console commands with the compiled language and it made me think.
      Is it possible to make a pre compilation script that would parse your files and create a new function in a separate file that associate the name of the functions parsed to their adress? 
      That way, every function you already wrote can be used in the console without having to do busywork.
      It would be a bit complicated to deal with the types of the arguments but I still think it's doable (at least in the compiled languages I know of). 
      I don't know too much about Game Maker, what language does it use? 

    3. Kayzee


      Pretty sure Game Maker uses it's own language, but I haven't used it enough to be sure. Not sure if Game Maker uses make-style compile scripts really.

    4. Shiggy


      Yes I imagine it doesn't have make style compile scripts
      But as long as your can acess the game maker files from your file system, you can write the script in any language and run it  yourself before compiling (you only need to run it again if there new functions you want to be accessed from terminal).
      I like to play around with these kind of meta-programming stuff and the real question is often
      "Does it saves more time than it takes to implement?"

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