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  1. unF1QYX.png - A0.2 - 05.05.2021
    okay, key rebinding functional WNFmHpv.png
    Also when thingie goes yellow - it means the setting has been changed and not yet applied; quitting the menu will revert changes if "apply" won't be pressed beforehand.
    And when it goes red, it simply means the key is already used somewhere else and the game will be like "that's legaln't! A8PkNKi.png"

    And with that, the options in pause menu are pretty much done, checkpoint reached, time for backups and stuff. ut1EJDR.png



    1. Kayzee


      What no individually bound directions? What if someone wants to use some odd thing like okl; for directions? Yes okl; is a thing. I played a game that only had wasd and okl; as options the other day. Weird!

    2. Rikifive


      Listen, I ran out of budget, okay? Lmao I had to pick the movement bundle because it was cheaper. 😎👌


      I actually recall a game with similar, if not the same movement keys you've mentioned. Hmm no idea what it was, but I think these were the keys for the second player? 🤔


      Well anyway, I hope this will suffice. Initially I planned to have like two presets for all actions and that's it, but while I was there, I just made it more customizable instead, as it required a similar amount of work. Though I kind of ran out of space in that window, so had to wrap movement into one setting containing presets. I don't really expect anyone to have different preferences than these two, but I can always add more movements layouts, should other keys be demanded.

    3. Kayzee


      Budget... Riiiiight.


      I'm sure it will be fine. :3

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