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  1. unF1QYX.png Ver.A0.2 B0.0.2.4 (03.06.2021)
    - Fixed: Rewrote PLAYER COLLISION SYSTEM, fixing gamebreaking bugs the previous one had
    - Added: Error Codes & Crash Prevention for bugs related to PLAYER COLLISION

    Basically I fixed various teleporting glitches caused by specific scenarios. Now Twi can squeeze into tight passages without glitching out or getting stuck.

    Should she for some reason get stuck, she'll be slowly pushed upwards, instead of being yeeted somewhere or causing the game to freeze. Initially I didn't consider the possibility of getting stuck inside a wall, but during testing I realized, that things happen, you never know.



    The slopes add TONS of work in regards to collision, and tons of code too, due to many scenarios they add. When I handled one possibility (read: set of blocks' angles she was squeezing through), another one was causing troubles. I was toying and toying until I got them all "patched", so to speak... at least I think so. Z97yrAB.png I guess time will tell.

    1. Kayzee


      Oh yeah, slopes are kinda nasty. I have some experience trying to program a sidescroller, so I know. Actually I think I got my attempt at a sidescroller to work pretty well, but it uses an old old engine. Haven't messed with it in at least a decade. Are you using per pixel obstructions or tile-based ones? Looks like per pixel ones to me! Looks very simmilar to what I used to do with my attempt at a sidescroller.

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