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  1. Eh, I planned to release "literally anything" from the pony game by the end of my vacations, but it will have to wait a bit longer heh.

    Today I had a rather tough day. I slept only about two hours, because I woke up in pain and had to get up to take some painkillers (I still feel bad, I'll take more painkillers before going to sleep and maybe tomorrow will be better). I kinda wonder if I won't end up having to take them everyday heh, something's going on... Nevertheless, I worked all day despite that, hoping to get something released today, but it's just not quite ready yet. I did clean & optimize tons and tons of code, I did implement various features like;

    - woah Twi can actually die now, visuals for that are WIP though (coz for now twi just explodes kek)
    - all spells have properly setup tiers and they can level up
    - various new sounds and stuff
    - ignore the "ducking" text, I keep it for collision testing and stuff

    the prototype is pretty much ready to be released as the core features are covered, but I've encountered some lil bugs I'd like to fix first -- and maybe add few more minor things.

    It's not like there will be anything epic to see yet, there's literally about a minute of actual content I guess. If you'd ask me, I wouldn't really recommend playing it, unless one would be curious about what's there and how the game plays. What I mostly want is to finally have something released, so that the game will start actually existing, so to speak.

    This video shows pretty much everything there is atm. I'm still polishing core features, before I'll be able to put more content.
    Also, all music tracks here are placeholder assets.

    Now I better should go to sleep.

    1. Kayzee


      Awww, hope you feel better! The game looks pretty neato so far, so don't give up!

    2. Rikifive


      Still running on painkillers, but I manage, thanks. I'll do what I can, thanks.┬á­čÖé

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