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  1. I got an email, that someone tried to download one of my crappy games, but couldn't due to Google's changes in security and stuff.

    I don't like the new security update, because it STILL didn't fix ANY of the inconveniences I'm facing, but only introduced more of them, making all this process even more painful for me and everyone interested in downloading those files. Like, apparently you have to be logged into Google to be able to download the files - I'm not sure everyone will like it. It can be disabled, but they didn't really make it convenient to do, tons of clicking for each file.

    Guess I'll have to run all over the place fixing links and stuff. Aaaand rip posts in communities I no longer visit. Thanks Google.



    Edit: Actually despite having to reconfigure each individually, it's not that bad, as disabling the security update for the file brings it all to normal and everything works, so in the end everything can be fixed within Google Drive itself. That works I guess.

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    2. Rikifive


      Yes, shared to everyone, but you need to update the links themselves, as they have a new format with keys, otherwise no one will be able to view it. I just checked it by clicking one of the old links and yes, it basically says I don't have an access, but I can ask for it by pressing a button.

      But that's for the very default links leading to the file with preview. It seems to not apply to modified links with direct download, which is good. These still work as they did, buuuuuut~


      ~Whichever link that would be, it's shared to anyone by default, yes, but apparently it's every Google user now, not literally anyone, unless you disable the security update for the file. This appears to successfully revert any of these inconveniences. All old links work and no one has to be logged in, now that I checked all the scenarios myself.


      So uh, maybe it's not as bad as I thought it is. The only complaint I have is that Google enabled it by default and now I have to configure every single file to disable it and revert it back to normal, one by one... At least I can do all of this within my Google Drive, so that works.

    3. Aslanemperor


      Have you considered sharing the games through Itch.io?  You can upload directly to the site and let people just download it that way, and people going to that site are expecting to see indie games.

    4. Rikifive


      Yeah, I was thinking about that, been considering putting on gamejolt too maybe, but I don't know, never felt the need to put my stuff there. My games are too silly for that. :P 

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