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  1. Rikifive

    Fear - Survival Horror

    Everything sounds and looks promising, this game has a potential, so keep it up!
  2. Hello there, I have moved your thread to Editor Support and Discussion. Game Production area is for posting your own projects. No worries, it's all fine now. Normally not, once the game is exported and encrypted, players cannot access your files, except music. For some reason the folder with audio normally stays as it is and players can access these if they're willing to do so. However, Ace's encryption doesn't make your files 100% safe anyway. People already came up with a some sort of 3rd party hacking software, that will 'decrypt' your game back, making it fully vulnerable to resource theft as well as hacking the game itself by opening it in the editor (manipulating with contents ~ cheats etc.). Summarizing: Yes, players can see your assets and edit the game after being exported if they're determined to do so. I recall some coders working on an alternate way to encrypt your game with better protection, but I haven't tried any of these, so can't tell. Try googling rpg maker ace encryption scripts, perhaps you may find something.
  3. Rikifive

    Several things (listed in detail below)

    Yes, yes, absolutely! They better be. If by nasty cold you mean low temperatures in real life then I know what you mean. I'm not a fan of cold either. Had issues with that in the past. This year I installed moar electric heaters+air conditioner all over the place, so it's good, except the fact, that my electricity bills skyrocketed. Such fun. Sadly placing campfires in home for cheap heating doesn't work in real life. Only if I was rich, maybe I'd be able to help there as well.
  4. Rikifive

    Several things (listed in detail below)

    Aaaah now that changes everything. Feedback is not disabled. I checked the permission settings and there was a derp in there. It was set to allow members create new threads, but not reply to existing ones - it should be the other way around and is now fixed. It may be my fault; There's a really LONG wall of sections, each having multiple boxes to tick - and each member group has the same wall set differently. It is simply confusing. It's not the first time where there was something wrong... and probably not the last, heh. Sorry for that. By the way I have clearly stated to comment in that thread when having any doubts or questions: I'm surprised, that nobody mentioned not being able to do so. The thread isn't locked after all. *ahem* Now it should be okay.
  5. Rikifive

    Several things (listed in detail below)

    How come I didn't notice? That's super weird, the spoiler button is a predefined button, that can be added to the toolbox. However, it simply decided to vanish from the system, as it was no longer on the list. Now here's the 'wat' part- I created a custom button and put fancy html code to create that spoiler box and add it to the text editor like the predefined one was doing - that worked perfectly - but also now the original spoiler button decided to appear. *mind blown* Well, so in the end I removed my button and used the predefined one. The buttons seem to be back and working now. It seems to be working now. Unless there's something else you have in mind? In that case more information would be nice. Do you mean the night theme? It's still there. I don't recall it being gone in the first place; I was testing themes earlier after the update and the night theme seemed to behave normally. I checked the permissions and everything seems to be correct. Please check themes again. REMINDER: You can switch themes at the bottom of every page. To be honest I'm not sure if it calculates all the files you have already uploaded, but perhaps it shows you the remaining space. Either way, I've raised the Total Maximum Storage from 5MB to 50MB for normal members, at least for now. Check it again and see if anything has changed. Also please note, that attachments aren't really meant to host your games. I'm not sure how much space is safe to allocate, I'll have to discuss that with the lead admin who hosts the site first. I'd like to avoid any potential issues resulting from overloading the site storage. The Total Maximum Storage might be raised/lowered at some point. On a side note for those who have premium account: You will notice, that the limit for you has been increased as well, to 100MB. All Moderators also seemed to have only 5MB, now it is 250MB. Also since there usually aren't many members online, SEARCHING THE SITE HAS BEEN BUFFED! It will be less annoying now, as the search flood control (delay between searches) has been reduced from way more than 10 seconds to 5 seconds for normal members. Premium and staff don't have any delays, as I'm pretty sure they won't be abusing that to cause potential troubles. On a side note, some site messages, such as confirmation windows/errors seem to be behaving normally now. If you beg to differ, please feel free to do so and notify us. I hope everything is now working for you; Thank you for your feedback.
  6. Rikifive

    A friendly hello!

    Hello there! Good luck with anything you'll be working on! Welcome!
  7. > Moved to programming as it involves scripts/plugins/coding in general.
  8. Rikifive

    Ahoy Yukkilied here

    Hello there! I hope everything goes well for you! Welcome to the herd!
  9. Rikifive

    Variable display on Menu screen

    > Moved to Programming. Completed Scripts/Plugins/etc. subsection is, as the name suggests, for posting your own completed scripts/plugins for the others to use. No need to worry, everything is now fine.
  10. Rikifive


    Hello there! I hope you'll find what you're looking for! Welcome!
  11. Rikifive

    audio [AUDIO] DisOmikron - Indie Game Composer

    Your works are decent, I like these, especially chiptunes. Well done and good luck!
  12. Rikifive

    Takeo's Resources

    Aah now that you said that, I've re-read what you were saying earlier and you indeed clearly stated that before. It changes everything. It was extremely late for me, I overlooked that, my bad.
  13. Rikifive

    Takeo's Resources

    I've checked all the images, links and even downloaded the pack - Everything is displayed and works just fine for me. @PhoenixSoul If you're still having troubles with viewing the images, try cleaning cookies etc. in your browser, as it can load outdated previews from the cookies in order to save data transfer / load the page faster. I did that myself to ensure, that what I see in the OP is still valid.
  14. Rikifive

    Pirate RPG - Bloodbeard's Revenge

    This game looks and sounds hilarious! Seems interesting I have to admit, nice work! Perhaps I may give it a try someday.