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    Disappearing Doors

    Forum Feedback and Support is for posting questions and sharing thoughts related to the site. Therefore, I have moved this thread to Editor Support and Discussion. I also have added MV prefix to your thread, basing on what you have mentioned in your previous thread.
  2. Rikifive


    Hello there, If it's a problem with the engine and/or its editor, just go to Editor Support and Discussion and make a new thread explaining your problem. Also no worries, even if you'd post it in a wrong place, it wouldn't be seen as spam as long as the thread itself would look 'legit'. In that case it would be simply moved to the correct place. Good luck!
  3. Rikifive


    Hey there and welcome to the herd! The first tip I can give: Start small. Your first project(s) will most likely be really bad, due to lack of knowledge and experience. It's best to toy with the engine and make few small silly games first. Otherwise you may end up redoing things many times and not really achieving anything. Good luck!
  4. Rikifive

    Digital Clock

    Some games offer displaying real time somewhere in the HUD and personally I find it kinda useful, even though I have a physical clock right in front of me. It also depends on the type of game; You mostly see these in MMO's of some sort, where the HUD is relatively large. With that being said, how the time is displayed in this script isn't necessarily convenient, but with some proper modification, it would be possible to nicely include it somewhere, where it would look good. There are legit usages depending on worldbuilding and the type of game. For example, day/night cycle based on real time. It could have impact on the gameplay, like more&stronger enemies appearing in the woods; ghosts or whatever. Or if one wouldn't like the time to make a difference, it could be just about visuals only. Perhaps some players would appreciate having darker colors when playing at night. You could also use it for Easter Eggs. Let's say you're playing a game and everything is cool; Then 3AM comes in and if you happen to be in a specific place in the dark forest, something odd may happen. Think of some creepypasta content of some sort.
  5. Rikifive

    Digital Clock

    Assuming, that I'm thinking of what you're thinking of~ I've added a method to return the current time as a string. For example, @variable => nil (not set) @variable = Clock.current @variable => "07:23" That method doesn't affect the clock's behavior, it just returns the current time. Here's the slightly modified script: By the way the clock is not updating properly for me for some reason. It refreshes every 1~6 seconds, so the " : " between numbers acts weirdly and the clock tends to be off-sync by these few seconds. Either way, I didn't touch anything, I left it be like it was originally written. Hope that helps. c:
  6. Rikifive

    Changing the color of the font shadow?

    It seems that you cannot change the color of the shadow. https://www.rubydoc.info/gems/rpg-maker-rgss3/1.02.0/Font
  7. Rikifive

    Corruption of Laetitia

    > Moved to Completed Games. Congratulations!
  8. Rikifive

    Hello There~

    Hey there! Welcome to the herd!
  9. Rikifive

    Battle Guests

    This thread is closed at OP's request.
  10. I've noticed, that some users have ultra-long signatures, that are simply invasive. Literally, I've bumped into a signature, that is as high as 1000 pixels, which is almost enough to cover the whole screen. Members keep pointing out to the others, that they should put their code in spoilers. I also recall some reports regarding long signatures in the past, so I believe it is safe to say, that no one wants to get through these walls over and over again. We always were reminding members, that the maximum allowed height for signatures is 200 pixels. While most of you respect that, there are members, who don't. So now I present you a solution: Instead of dressing up as a police officer and poking members to adjust their signatures, I have modified how these are displayed. Basically in the editor ~ in your actual signature, you can still put as much things as you want (don't go wild with interpreting this though - obviously, harmfully long images for spamming purposes will result in troubles), but only 200 first pixels will be displayed. The rest will appear cut-off - not displayed, that is. Nope, I'm not yelling, don't you worry. I'm just highlighting the important information, as I can imagine members asking "why my signature gets cut-off in posts?". So now you know the answer beforehand. It is to make it all nicer mainly for you, not us. You are the ones, who point out / report these things after all. Of course as always, feel free to discuss that change. Feedfrontback is always welcomed. Thank you!
  11. Rikifive

    Hello all.

    Hey, hi! Oh RPG Makers on PS consoles were fun. Welcome back and good luck!
  12. Rikifive

    Waves in Holder

    Interesting... Hey, hi! Welcome back!
  13. Rikifive

    Hello, New to this program

    Thank you, Super Coolstory Bros was made in RM VX Ace. Hmm.. the download link is at the bottom and seems to work fine ~ try this one.
  14. Rikifive


    Personally I think it's better to stay with the default resolution. Not everything is compatible with custom ones, resulting in tons of unused space all over the place or other awkward looks (unless you know how to modify it all to make it look okay). Closing at OP's request.
  15. Rikifive

    vlue formation bonus and yanfly party system

    This thread is closed at OP's request.
  16. Rikifive

    Hello, New to this program

    Hello there! Welcome to the herd and good luck with your projects!
  17. Instead of 'y' put usable or learned or don't put 'y' argument at all to make it display the skill all the time even when not having that learned, think of making another command similar to "Guard".
  18. Updates should make things better, right? 🤔


    GIGABYTE apparently decided to go the other way. AORUS ENGINE (GPU driver of some sort) was working really nice, but then.. There was that Awesome™ update that split its functionality into two pieces of software ~ introducing RGB Fusion for LED management. Of course, I didn't like that right from the beginning ~ I so dislike having to install more software, than necessary. 😓


    Anyway, that aside, holy balls! Not only it has less options, but it also is almost like a virus of some sort. That Amazing!™ software seem to open command prompt (?) once in a while ~ like once per hour or two. It literally appears for just few milliseconds, so it's hard to tell what it exactly is. The problem is, that this ultra-quick pop-up steals the focus of the window, so if you're working on something, there is that chance, that it will randomly interrupt you for these few milliseconds. And the worst thing is, that if you're playing a game on fullscreen mode, it successfully minimizes the game and throws you to desktop. 


    At first I was kinda scared, that something is not right with my system in general, but thankfully this is the only software I have installed lately and also thankfully it started doing this immediately, so I knew it had something to do with it, which saved me some hassle. I disabled that software and everything is back to normal. I hope they'll fix this as soon as possible.


    Seems like everyone loves that new Fantastic™ feature. 😂

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Well, can you downgrade it? Or is that gone once the update is installed?

      If the latter is true, then that's BS.

    3. Rikifive


      Downgrading not I'm afraid, but I suppose I could look around for outdated versions online and throw a fresh install.

      Eh, it's just for some LED control on the GPU, so it's not worth the hassle. Seems to work without it anyway, the soft is for changing the colors, but the effect stays without having it active. I suppose these command prompts were to update configuration related to the GPU in BIOS or something. No idea though.


      Either way, I disabled "start with system" thingie in the soft and it doesn't bother me anymore. If I'd like to change the color, I could run the soft, perform changes, then terminate the process in the task manager and voila.


      I'll wait for the storm to go away.

    4. PhoenixSoul



      ...I'll wait for the storm to go away...


      Looking forward to warmer weather myself...

  19. Rikifive

    members faces

    That escalated quickly Reopening on request. @Chucksaint you can continue.
  20. Rikifive

    Hello everyone!

    Hello and good luck then!
  21. Rikifive

    members faces

    That's great! You're welcome. Okay then, closing thread. If you'd like to reopen it, report the first post in this thread or just poke me. Thank you!
  22. Rikifive

    members faces

    As you can see in your window, things are cleaned, then drawn in the refresh method, so you need to run that method again to update stuff. You don't even have the update method defined in your window, so it calls the one from superclass it refers to - Window_Base. So in the end, the update method is basically this: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Frame Update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update super update_tone update_open if @opening update_close if @closing end --which is already run every single frame by the way. All scenes refer to Scene_Base superclass, which updates every single window: So all windows will have their update method run every single frame. Putting commands like @draw_actor_next.update will basically update the window twice, as it's already being updated by scene. So to update the contents of the window, you need to put @draw_actor_next.refresh instead of @draw_actor_next.update. From what I see, you're trying to update your window in scene updates, so that means, that the things will be redrawn every single frame, which may drastically reduce performance (also known as "cause lags"). Avoid updating windows when not needed, these are demanding. Look how disastrous my little window is when I'll make it update the faces every single frame. In the bottom right corner you can see FPS - it drops from 60 to about 9 just because of that window! You totally don't want that. These scenes have a method called on_actor_change, which is run when you're switching the actor. This is a perfect time to update the window. So instead of aliasing update methods in the scenes, alias on_actor_change instead. For example you have this: alias actor_face_on_equip_update update def update actor_face_on_equip_update @draw_actor_next.update end Change it to this: alias :actor_face_on_actor_change :on_actor_change def on_actor_change actor_face_on_actor_change @draw_actor_next.refresh end ~And that should do the trick. No worries, you're welcome; Hope that helps!
  23. Rikifive

    members faces

    Hah, no worries. Hmm.. it depends on which window are you using. Windows aren't refreshed unless you tell them to do so. These are refreshed only when needed to avoid performance drops. Seems like the window you're using isn't refreshed when changing actors, but it's not hard to configure that. Which window are you using? Existing one? A custom one?
  24. Rikifive

    members faces

    There totally is a way to do so, you could even draw the faces as standalone sprites (and for example move them around :: doing that in windows would require refreshing their parts each frame, which would cause lags), rather than drawing in windows. It all is possible, as long as you know how. Sorry for a lame example, but this is what I did in my project: Though configuring these as sprites requires some work, so yeah, but I just gave an example that you can do more than you think. Either way I see you've mentioned, that you got this to work, so feel free to disregard what I said. You could approach that in multiple ways. For example, you could draw a different face depending on if the actor is currently selected or not. Like, add outline around the selected faces or something. You could simply check, if the face, that is about to be drawn matches the currently selected member. Modifying what you had above, you could do this: $game_party.members.size.times do |i| if $game_party.members[i] == $game_party.menu_actor draw_actor_face($game_party.members[i], 100*i, 0) else draw_actor_face($game_party.members[i], 100*i, -60) end end if $game_party.members[i] == $game_party.menu_actor ^- checks, if the drawn face belongs to currently selected actor. As you may know, it cycles through all party members (that "i") here, so each one will be checked - in this case only one will return true. I didn't have graphic, nor that stuff prepared, so I just modified the y position in the example above. The result is: So you could just use different graphics, something like face.png and face_selected.png and put these in the if conditional respectively. Also, I used $game_party.menu_actor, but I assume putting just @actor instead should work, as that global variable ($...) is stored in the instance variable (@...) in these scenes. I wrote a custom window for testing and I didn't configure that variable, so just called it from the global. So yeah, I believe it would be better to put if $game_party.members[i] == @actor Other than that, you could draw an another image below the face, something like this: $game_party.members.size.times do |i| #draw highlight behind the face of selected actor if $game_party.members[i] == @actor draw_image(file, 100*i-10, 0) end #then draw all faces draw_actor_face($game_party.members[i], 100*i, 10) end Of course there's no such a method as draw_image, I just put that as an example, to give you a general idea. So let's assume that image would be the circle - it would be drawn in the same spot ( 100*i ) as the selected actor's face, but I also subtracted 10 from X and moved the faces down also by 10 to give it some offset. Pretty much basic stuff, you get the idea. You could also do this that way: #get the selected actor's index and draw a highlight i = $game_party.members.index(@actor) draw_image(file, 100*i-10, 0) #and then cycle through members to draw face for each $game_party.members.size.times do |i| draw_actor_face($game_party.members[i], 100*i, 10) end So instead of checking if the selected actor is the one currently drawn -- and doing that for each member (loop/cycle or whatever you'd like to call it) --- you can just assign the selected actor's index to let's say i and draw the highlight in specific place ~ that would be a neater approach. But welp, it all depends on your needs, so feel free to toy with this. Hope that helps! Good luck!
  25. Rikifive

    members faces

    Hey there, Hmm if you want to draw faces of all party members in their current order (formation), you could put something like this: $game_party.members.size.times do |i| draw_actor_face($game_party.members[i], 100*i, 0) end This will draw faces for all party members, starting with the leader - exactly like in the image you've posted I assume.