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  1. The dark theme is requested / mentioned quite often, there are obvious reasons why it is popular nowadays, and the light theme pretty much became a meme over time. I'd like to ask you - which theme do you prefer? Please note, that the poll is mainly for my reference, its results won't be "final". I want to gather your opinions, take them into consideration and see what would work best. The thing is, I don't know when, but the day will come when the forum software will be updated. I expect few things to break when that happens, and I have some plans in general anyway, so I may be working on the theme from scratch. As I've been mentioning earlier, maintaining multiple themes multiplies the work I have to do when doing any changes. That alone maybe would be okay, but there's a real problem: At the moment the dark theme we have still has white blocks for posts. I left it that way, because I was worried, that some posts may appear not the way they were designed. Leaving them white in both themes ensures compatibility - that they look the same for everyone. There's a common problem, where text copied from somewhere else copies the font color and background as well. I noticed sometimes members post white text on black bars. Now if I decided to make a proper dark theme, where posts also would have dark backgrounds, the problem would be more common, because this also applies to text copied from posts here on the forums. Copying text from posts catches the font color and the background it was on even if the poster didn't set any of this - it just grabs these defaults and sets them as actual style attribute, which is visible only when pasted on a different background. So currently one can bump into white text on dark background, and likewise, while using the dark theme one could bump into random flashbangs, should someone copy&paste text while using the light theme. These things wouldn't be intentional, because one just can't see white background behind text on a white page, for example. These things are noticeable when one switches the theme. I injected a dark theme via browser extension onto forums that have only light theme, and that is when I realized how many of my posts have unwanted white lines and how often other users tend to throw flashbangs without them realizing that. These tend to be unpleasant once you get used to darkness. Now I'm trying to be careful with how I copy text, but to prevent that from happening one has to give up formatting from the copied contents altogether (bold/color highlights etc.), which isn't always desired. Now because I'm sneaking with the dark theme, I might be unintentionally dropping white text on black bars once in a while. A solution for these potential inconveniences would be to stick to one theme, so that it all would look the same for everyone. No unexpected formatting invading the other theme would be appearing, and even if, the person posting this would be aware of that. The question is, which should prevail? Please feel free to leave feedback and/or share your thoughts regarding this in general. Also I posted this at 4AM, my post (grammar wise and such) might be a mess, but I hope you get the idea.
  2. The current dark theme has poor design indeed. In fact, it's not even a dark theme, but a "night" theme. It isn't really supposed to be the real dark theme, so its objective isn't getting rid of all bright colors. Anyway, the current night theme will be gone and is irrelevant to this topic. The dark theme I have in mind is a theme, that I'd make from scratch, that would be properly dark, something close (if not the same) to the screenshot I've posted earlier. --- That is correct I initially aimed to keep only one theme, so that it is easier for me to maintain it. I expected up to a single or maybe two votes on the light theme, but currently there are 7 users who prefer the light theme or would like to have a choice, so for me that means, that there is that demand for a light theme and that my extra work will actually matter, at least for some. So in the end, I'll keep both, where the dark theme will be redone. However, that will have to wait for a forum software update. These updates tend to ruin a lot of things, so I'll wait for one and then get to reworking things. In the meanwhile, if you have any suggestions regarding site appearance and/or layout, feel free to share these. Perhaps a single high-contrast colorful with tons of lime green eye-wrecking theme would work better? Hmmmmmm Plot twist, it's not just red, but a darker shade of pink - strawberry-ish color.
  3. Rikifive

    Hi I'm new

    Hello and welcome! The green triangle-- do you mean the button that takes you to the top? That's all it does, it allows you to jump back to the top of the page. (If you have any troubles with it, please let me know) I hope you'll have a good time here and good luck with your games!
  4. unF1QYX.png - A0.2 - 05.05.2021
    okay, key rebinding functional WNFmHpv.png
    Also when thingie goes yellow - it means the setting has been changed and not yet applied; quitting the menu will revert changes if "apply" won't be pressed beforehand.
    And when it goes red, it simply means the key is already used somewhere else and the game will be like "that's legaln't! A8PkNKi.png"

    And with that, the options in pause menu are pretty much done, checkpoint reached, time for backups and stuff. ut1EJDR.png



    1. Kayzee


      What no individually bound directions? What if someone wants to use some odd thing like okl; for directions? Yes okl; is a thing. I played a game that only had wasd and okl; as options the other day. Weird!

    2. Rikifive


      Listen, I ran out of budget, okay? Lmao I had to pick the movement bundle because it was cheaper. 😎👌


      I actually recall a game with similar, if not the same movement keys you've mentioned. Hmm no idea what it was, but I think these were the keys for the second player? 🤔


      Well anyway, I hope this will suffice. Initially I planned to have like two presets for all actions and that's it, but while I was there, I just made it more customizable instead, as it required a similar amount of work. Though I kind of ran out of space in that window, so had to wrap movement into one setting containing presets. I don't really expect anyone to have different preferences than these two, but I can always add more movements layouts, should other keys be demanded.

    3. Kayzee


      Budget... Riiiiight.


      I'm sure it will be fine. :3

  5. Rikifive


    Hello and welcome! I hope you'll have a good time here.
  6. Dark theme kind of became a must-have nowadays, because users tend to leave negative feedback for site lacking the dark theme, claiming the whiteness causes them an eye strain. Someone here already expressed displeasure when I mentioned ending support for the dark theme. Anyway, I, as a night owl, can actually agree to that. I do like the bright appearance, because it makes the place feel a bit more peaceful and friendly - more open, but when the Sun sets, the whiteness indeed is more tiring to look at. Having an automatic day-night cycle would be really nice I think. Generally I like to have a choice, so I'd gladly support both, but sadly there are few flaws in that, so I want to see how exactly does the situation look like - whether it's really worth that or not. The poll's purpose is just to gather who prefers what and see how many users are actually interested in these, for my own reference. If there will be few users who prefer the light theme, it will be enough for me to know, that someone actually uses that and that the extra effort I need to put isn't wasted, so to speak. It's not about which theme wins (because without that I know the majority will go with the dark theme), it's about knowing how many users there are behind these, so that I know who I work for. Every vote counts, especially for the light theme. If light theme is desired, I'll give supporting both a try and see how it goes.
  7. Yeah, it works for copy&pasting some text, but let's take project/game threads for example - these usually are a bit more fancy with all these images, various font settings for headers/sections and such and there's a higher probability the unexpected formatting will sneak in when moving things around. Anyway, not everyone (especially newcomers) may be aware of that and pasting as plain text isn't the default action, so things can happen before they realize that. I've seen enough of flashbangs personally --- tons of my own past content is full of these traps, heh. I plan to make the dark theme from scratch once the time comes. It will have a completely different design and post containers will also be dark. The current pseudo-dark (night) theme will be obsolete. I've coded another dark theme and locally plugged it via browser extension that allows injecting custom JavaScript and CSS, at the moment it looks like this: --and this could be my target when implementing it "officially" to the site. Of course, I'm open to suggestions regarding the colors and whatsoever.
  8. Rikifive

    New to the forum

    Hello and welcome! I hope you'll find what you're looking for, good luck!
  9. @Gump If you're willing to still provide potential support for your scripts and/or you're open to feedback and ideas, then posting scripts in their own threads would work better. Also giving them own threads with proper titles and descriptions would make it easier for developers to find/Google these, rather than having these randomly plugged in a thread on x page. This thread is more for reuploading missing scripts, where there's no original author to resubmit these properly. 3rd party users can't really submit these as if these were their own. Since you're here, you can normally submit your scripts as you wish. Don't worry about flooding the section, that's what it is for after all.
  10. Epic, I'll take a look later. I've approved it and of course, was thinking of that earlier, but there was no such thread to post in. Will post over there once I'll give it a go.
  11. Hmm what makes me wonder is that the enemies on my level hit me for around 20-30 damage (bought that full plate mail for 10k or something), but when they cast a spell, the damage skyrockets to 200 instantly killing me. Was doing the arena and same there, got to 3rd rank i believe and there, as long as enemies don't cast spells, it's manageable, but once a spell is thrown, its damage dramatically exceeds my max hp, leaving no possible strategies to take. I'm not sure what is considered late game, but the issue with spell damage started at around 8 monster level. Everything was balanced prior to that point and their spells' damage was within reasonable damage range. Those 8+ bois in swamp are mad tho. Was thinking of grinding, but since komodo dragons no longer spawn and others have these spells, it leaves me only the first area, where I'm absolutely overleveled. I can normally sustain normal hits, so I assumed I'm doing okay, that I'm not underequipped, but then a random fireball proved otherwise. rip I'm not at home atm, so I'll give more details from the log later.
  12. Welcome back! Writing games from scratch is what I see? I approve! I gave the game a try ("try" - yeah sure, been playing for 2 hours) and it's pretty addicting. It's fun, although it crashed two times after defeating an enemy though: Fatal error, exiting FATAL -- : undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) ocr5BE7.tmp/src/Game_DB.rb:1035:in `items_array' I gave up after poor balancing came and made the game hardly playable, where apparently the only way to not die is to avoid enemies with magic. Purchased armor, reduced incoming physical damage to like 20, cool, was grinding on enemies without spells. Then I leveled up and it deleted komodo dragon from existence and I got stuck with magical enemies it was throwing at me, that can cast a random spell that deals 200 damage while I have like 120 max HP. I couldn't find any logical way to overcome this, as the player info screen mentions nothing about resistance to suggest anything. Grinding items that permanently increase defense also won't help at all from what I've noticed. Maybe I could try grinding here and there, but unless I'd bump my max hp to at least 500, I have a feeling it would change absolutely nothing. On the other hand, when I cast spells, they perform worse than the default attack, which itself tells everything about balancing (was playing as human). I also couldn't finish quests, because the required monsters weren't showing up, even those rats decided to cease existing. Perhaps you could split the existing areas into, let's say, two separate? For example the first area has monsters with level 0 - 6 or something, and leveling up eventually prevents monsters from the bottom range from spawning. Maybe two areas (0-3) (4-6) where the monsters always spawn regardless of player level would work better? The first area was too easy, while the second one got too difficult. At least it would allow me to grind on enemies I can defeat, instead of pushing me into stronger enemies while not being ready. Either balancing is wrecked at the moment (and I understand it's a WIP) or I suk (correct me if I overlooked something), but the game in general was fun and working, so good job! Also epic visual effects! It has potential, so keep it up! Many users have switched to another engines outside RM, including myself (which led me to leave RMW, for example, as I suppose my works aren't welcomed there), so after some discussion with staff and gathering opinions from users, we decided to support all game-dev related activity - or rather, not yell at those who don't work with RM. Therefore, feel free to create a thread here with your project and for the tag, pick "other" when the editor will ask you to choose one. For now the "other" tag is for everything, that others tags don't cover. Suggestions for more tags if needed are welcomed too. Anyway, I'm looking forward to see you around!
  13. Takes ages, but finally got back to it. - yay me 

    unF1QYX.png Ver.A0.2 B0.0.2.1 (16.04.2021)
    - Added Audio configuration to Options in Pause Menu
    - Added Display configuration to Options in Pause Menu


    1. PhoenixSoul



    2. Kayzee


      Yay for options!

    3. Widen612


      interesting platformer

  14. Rikifive

    Hello from France

    Hello and welcome!
  15. Rikifive


    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your projects and have fun working on them!
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    Hello from Maine

    Hello, welcome and good luck!
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    Hello and welcome!
  18. Rikifive

    Hey Hey

    Hello and welcome! Have fun with developing your games!
  19. Rikifive

    Hello everybody!

    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your gamedev adventure!
  20. Rikifive

    How to Create RPG Battle Themes

    It's FL Studio.
  21. Rikifive

    Hello from Singapore!

    Hello and welcome! Good luck and have fun!
  22. Rikifive

    Damage formula help

    Hi, (b.hp*0.75).to_i -should deal 75 damage if the target would have 100 HP remaining, for example. The (x).to_i thing is to make sure, that the output is an integer, as I suspect it could end up throwing floats.
  23. Rikifive


    Hello, welcome and good luck!
  24. Rikifive

    Hello I just got RPG Maker

    Hello, welcome! Sounds interesting ~ good luck!
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    Hello people

    Hello and welcome! I hope you'll have a good time here!
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