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    Happy quarantine everyone

    Hello, welcome and good luck with your project!
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome!
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    Hello! Welcome and good luck! c:
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    Redundant Notifications

    That somebody can be you, because somebody should visit their Notification Settings. You should see this right at the top (under general notification settings) Just tick it off and messages will no longer poke your notification bell.
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    Anomaly Detected

    Hello and welcome!
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    OTHER Skydancer - A post atomic tale

    Sounds interesting and looks really good I have to say. That made me curious, did you make it all yourself? 6 years is a rather big deal, but looks like it was worth it. This game is certainly 'refreshing', compared to what users typically upload, so I might give it a go when life will be generous enough to leave me some free time, heh.
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    Why hello there.

    Hello, welcome and good luck!
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    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Oh it's been a while, good to see you! Awesome stuff! Smooth and decent animations
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    Hello! Oh that rpg maker for ps1 was a fun thing to toy with back then. Welcome and good luck with your projects!
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    Changing Gamepad Control Default

    May I ask why exactly do/did you want to use the Gamepad Extender? By default gamepad has the same amount of used buttons as you have on the keyboard, so unless your game needs more keys, I don't really see the point of using that extender (?). I imagine one either wants a combo of keyboard script and gamepad extender or none of these, as expanding just controller would pretty much lead to controller being required to play the game, as keyboard would lack of necessary extra inputs. I used the Gamepad Extender in one of my games only for one specific purpose - to support multiple gamepads, as the game features local coop. To maintain that feature, I also had to use a keyboard script, to expand the available keys there, so that two players could play on a keyboard with the keys they bind to functions. In my case it wasn't that necessary, I could have put a requirement, that two pads are needed to play on coop, but if you have a singleplayer game, where all keys are important, then you do want to expand your keyboard as well. Now if you'd use a keyboard script, you'd bump into exactly the same problem, as the configuration is nearly identical. Sooooo the question is, do you really need it and why? Try to avoid using scripts you don't really need. Flooding your script editor with a collection of scripts is a bad practice and a very common mistake beginners, who don't know how to code do. ... and then this is what happens. Anyway, to try to explain how it works... The script does warn, that a little bit of coding knowledge is required. # This is not a plug-and-play script. # Some knowledge of RGSS is required for proper use. And this is for a reason, as it's scattered all over the place. Configuring it is quite messy, so is trying to explain it to those, who haven't toyed with scripting. Input.trigger? , Input.press? etc. are pretty much all over the place - these are functions that handle input with a specified key. CTRL+SHIFT+F and searching for these in the script editor should lead you to where those changes need to be done. Now in regards to the script, pretty much all you need to know is what's in the instructions there: #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Command Reference: #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # All calls to extended buttons on Pad 1 can be made through the Input module. # When using multiple pads, send calls to WolfPad with pad number (0...3) # as the final parameter. (i.e. WolfPad.press?(:A, 3) ) # # The current list of mappable buttons is as follows: # # :A, :B, :X, :Y - XBOX 360 standard face buttons. # :L1, :L2, :R1, :R2 - Four triggers (LB, LT, RB, RT) # :SELECT, :START - Back and Start buttons # :L3, :R3 - Clickable Analog buttons # # :UP, :DOWN, # :LEFT, :RIGHT - D-Pad buttons # # :L_UP, :L_DOWN # :L_LEFT, :L_RIGHT - Left stick directions # # :R_UP, :R_DOWN # :R_LEFT, :R_RIGHT - Right stick directions To give a simple example, if you'll go to Scene_Gameover, you'll find this in line #24 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Frame Update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update super goto_title if Input.trigger?(:C) end oh what's this? Go to the title screen if the player presses the [ :C ] key (either on keyboard or gamepad - see settings under F1 key while in game)? Sounds cool! But how does one make it work with the extender? By following the instructions, let's bind the "A" key on xbox pad (or CROSS on PS controller); We want to bind one of the face buttons: goto_title if Input.trigger?(:C) || WolfPad.trigger?(:A) Now pressing that [ Z ] on keyboard OR pressing [ A ] or [ CROSS ] on gamepad should return the player to the title scene. Now repeat, repeat and keep repeating such modifications all across the script editor, where input is called. One thing I'm wondering on is, if it won't trigger the input twice or something. The default inputs are bound to both, keyboard and gamepad, so I wonder if adding a second gamepad input (that would happen to be a different button than the default) won't give funny results. Haven't tried, nor delved into the code, so idk. It's just something that came to my mind. As I've mentioned earlier, I used both, keyboard and gamepad extenders, so I wasn't using the default binds at all. Also, I wrote my game from scratch, so I didn't have to toy with any default scripts as I deleted them lmao; just coded everything on my own, having these new inputs in mind. Since keyboard and gamepad inputs were separate, it all worked perfectly.
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    Hello Fellow Rpg Maker users

    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your projects!
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    back after a very long break

    Hello and welcome back!
  13. Moved to Editor Support. Introduction section is, as the name suggests, for introducing yourself.
  14. I know, I know, don't worry about that. Nevertheless, please approach that more careful next time. The whole thread was misleading and some of our precious time went to space. I know you want good @PhoenixSoul, but it's best if the one in need actually puts the effort to describe what they want, accurately. It really took waaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than it should, because the goal kept changing and there was a mess in general.
  15. And now that is something absolutely different than what was asked in OP. ;-; @roninator2 looks like we got trolled a bit a ton lol Aaaaaanyway, if graying out an item/skill if no one is dead is the case, then that would be a pretty cheap suggestion from me: class Window_SkillList < Window_Selectable alias :revive_enable? :enable? def enable?(item) # Check if the item/skill contains "revive" in its note. # If yes, disallow use when no one is dead. if !item.nil? if item.note.include? "revive" return false if !($game_party.members.any? { |a| a.dead? }) end end revive_enable?(item) end end class Window_ItemList < Window_Selectable alias :revive_enable? :enable? def enable?(item) # Check if the item/skill contains "revive" in its note. # If yes, disallow use when no one is dead. if !item.nil? if item.note.include? "revive" return false if !($game_party.members.any? { |a| a.dead? }) end end revive_enable?(item) end end Pasting it in the materials will basically add one extra condition to skills/items, that have the word "revive" somewhere in their notes. For example, like this: (that note scan could be better, but i said it's cheap and technically shouldn't really be a problem anyway ) If the item/skill will contain "revive" in the note, it will be grayed out (unusable) if there are no dead party members.
  16. So you just want to gray out a skill when no one is dead? This is an absolutely different thing than what's in the OP and I'm confused - why didn't you make the thread yourself? Aaaanyway, if that's the goal, an another user asked for something similar, how about the script mentioned in that thread?
  17. I don't know what exactly is the problem, nor what Yanfly's script has to do with this if you don't want to use it. We won't get anywhere if we'll be throwing vague references without actually explaining what one wants to achieve. :/ Not everyone played Persona and not everyone is using Yanfly's battle engine. What exactly is messed up? Who actually requested that???? Who is able to give accurate answers? So far we have a complete mess here. @PhoenixSoul What is going on here? Looks like posting a thread for someone else isn't the best idea.
  18. I'm kinda confused what exactly is the skill supposed to do. From what I understand, they want a skill that: If at least one ally is dead: > Revive ALL dead allies > and RECOVER FULL HP of the ENTIRE PARTY so that the whole party is revived and the whole party has their HP recovered when there was at least one dead member Else, if no one is dead: > Do absolutely nothing Is that correct? Then they might try this damage formula: p=$game_party.battle_members; if p.any? { |a| a.dead? }; p.each { |a| a.revive; a.hp = a.mhp }; end It will revive the entire party and recover full hp of the entire party (whether someone was dead or not) ONLY if there was at least one DEAD ally when the skill was used. Otherwise, do nothing. Wouldn't common event work as well, as suggested above? What's the problem there?
  19. Rikifive

    Changing Gamepad Control Default

    The OP is confusing tbh, tags and title say one thing, the post another, but I think I see the problem now. I believe there's simply a lack of the gamepad script. You don't have the script on your list, therefore such function doesn't exist, hence the error. Aside that, that line seemed to be fine. And do not put ":", because it is already specified in the constant in the script it was trying to call. The issue is, that you probably don't have that gamepad script installed. The OP didn't actually mention wanting to make it work with a gamepad, but only stated the need to fix a problem, that "has something to do with the PadConfig", so I assumed, that the OP isn't even aware, that it calls for a 3rd party script (thus doesn't want it in their project), as it wasn't really specified. I imagine the region script was copied from another project that used gamepad script, but the OP forgot to copy the gamepad script along with it. (?) I'm still not 100% sure what is the actual goal there to be honest, so yeah, If you want to actually keep using the gamepad system revert the changes to what you had initially when posting this thread and just install the missing, gamepad script. If you didn't install the gamepad system for a reason (not wanting to use it) Then removing the modifications, that call for an inexistent script as I suggested was what you were looking for. .. unless there is something you wanted to achieve besides getting rid of the error?
  20. Rikifive

    Changing Gamepad Control Default

    Yeah, don't put zeros. As for the gamepad part, it wasn't really mentioned in the thread, so I'm not even sure what is the actual problem there, nor what to refer to.
  21. Rikifive

    Changing Gamepad Control Default

    Are you sure the switches and stuff in the configuration is set up properly? It's hard to pinpoint why something doesn't work, while not seeing anything (all the code/ errors and stuff). I haven't used the script myself, so I'm not even sure how it should work exactly. There's a demo included in the project, double check how things work and make sure it is set properly/the same way in your project.
  22. Rikifive

    Changing Gamepad Control Default

    What is that PadConfig.confirm for in the first place and where it came from? By default you have this: return if Input.trigger?(:C) Your script is modified for unknown to me reason, because I don't see any scripts for input on your list, or at least I don't recognize any. Therefore, nothing like this is initialized (set up) for it to call that constant properly. Compare your script to the original: https://galvs-scripts.com/2012/10/04/region-effects/ Since you're confused about the error, I assume you didn't modify the script yourself (?), because otherwise you'd mention the other script (input system of some sort) you're trying to make it work with. So yeah, if you didn't (want to) make any changes, restore this script to its default version, by getting it again from the page linked above.
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    how do you guard attack scene

    I have moved this thread to Editor Support and Discussion. Games in Progress is for submitting games, not asking for help.
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    New Guy Looking For Scripts!

    Welcome and good luck!
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    Back in the community... hello!

    Hello hello! I wish I could say the same regarding free time, but I normally go to work, heh. Welcome and good luck with your projects!