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    Meybe I add a shadows to paperdoll/dialogue rame. New video! Pluskwiaczek (Bedbug Ship): Date of first arrival: (Time of day / month / (BLANK)* / Day) In game we have calendar. some actions/event be played on the right time. *year = LV.
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    MENTALMETAL [XP] Game Type: Crawler, conflicts and psychopaths clashes. Hello, I'd like to present my game titled Mentalmetal. All the imagery is hand drawn by myself using mouse. Those are linearts. In the surrounding enviroment will dominated by two colours only. We impersonate the character of Machuka, we're some sort of godlike being, astral soul.The game doesn't have plot per se, although there's one main motif (Releasing the 666 beast), but asides we will just have the possibility to parcitipate in 30 missions/adventures which we can attend to in non-linear fashion. The adventures are triggered by going to certain location at certain time or after comlpeting preceeding task. Also, our choices can influence further gameplay or even block other adventure. We're using Machuka's calendar. Obtained artifacts are destined for construction of planets-New setpieces. machuki home: Protagonist with bad karma: Alchemy and frontflip: https://youtu.be/GmBpHDfP5Qc Adv #3: https://youtu.be/drHpH9_GeYw Adv #5: https://youtu.be/vyfL0gUBt3M Adv #8: https://youtu.be/8KvvmqoRdGk Adv #10: https://youtu.be/UFMqU8D8yfU Adv #20: https://youtu.be/n3jTgiDgAms Five element crafting: https://youtu.be/VAIxtKfDJqQ Standard RM battle https://www.youtube.com/embed/59Z6oKXmT6I Protagonist (machuki) Male Female Main occupation of Machuka's exploring the cosmos. Participating in adventures. Which is, usually, going from one place to another, completing the dialogue section, sometimes to create soething, just wait, or eliminate an enemy. Chaos is the part of my game and I do know that that at first it'll be hard to grasp anything. We're thrown into vortex of the cosmos, we start in our native solar system, the access to the rest of cosmos is available at hand. We can venture wherever we want. My game's Style. All of my graphics, and there's roughly over 3000 are made by hand. They're linearts-colouring them on my own would've been an insanity. Two colours prevail in the game. This is a balance and it's explained in two sentences at the beggining of the game. Mental metal it's typical representant of 'dungeon crawler' genre. I'd like you to notice the way our caracter is navigating the map. It's an ingenious solution, which I came up with, and it's using about 60% of this system. Most of the maps are interactive. The epoch of games made using titlesets is coming to an end. Battle system- classic straight out of RPG Maker, albeit there are few modifications made by me, as charging special, inputting certain combinations to increase the damage dealt. As you can see, I haven't used any scripted actions in the game. It's a kind of ''essential RPG Maker''. In the options you can change navigation method from d-pad to 8 directions. Motor isn't only vehicle for hastened movement but surely the most efficient one. As you can see, I am not putting a great deal of attention to char-sets animation because, simply, I haven't got enough time for this. Our character can tumble, pivot (but he can also: Give Voice ), look around the map (if it's bigger than 640x480) The release date is anticipated at the end of 2015 (It might change without notice). The game will be PEGI18+ rated Youtube.com & Mentalmetal.tk