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  1. EDIT: Excellent, it works exactly as I would like, thanks very much! Sounds like that could work, as long as the skills don't show in a skill list in battle or anything, or the state icons show on the character(s) the way Poison/Blind/etc would. Thank ya either way, always good to build up my useful scripts collection!
  2. Hi there, hopefully this is the right place to make a topic like this. I'm working on a game that includes a thief-like ability to steal stats and stuff from enemies, rather than items. This ranges from stealing new abilities (like Blue Magic), to permanent health/strength/etc bonuses. However, I've been trying to figure out some way to also also gain permanent resistances through this method too. Eg, a fire elemental may give you a permanent +1% defense against fire, or a slime might give you +1% resistance to poison. Other than instead being able to steal equipment that does these things, I can't think of any way to do it. Any ideas (even a script recommendation that could do this) would be greatly appreciated. Thank ya!
  3. I had thought about trying a common event, but then I wouldn't know what to do about using the single targeting one. Maybe there's a way to store the targeted character's ID in a variable, and have a common event use that to figure out who to use it on?
  4. Hi there, I've recently discovered that my items that are supposed to completely recover a character/the whole party (like Final Fantasy's Elixir and Megalixir) don't work on dead characters... I've set the items to remove Death and all other statuses, and restore 100% HP and MP, but I can only get it to work on either ONLY living characters, or ONLY dead characters. Any ideas how I might get around that? Preferably without a script, but willing to use one if that's the only way. Thanks for your time!
  5. PoPS

    Basic Autosave

    Hi there, Just wondering if it's possible in any way to make it so that, instead of autosaving onto slot 1, it autosaves onto slot 13? (May seem like a random number, but I'm using Yanfly's Save Menu thingy, and having 13 as the maximum slots. Just want the autosave to be somewhere that people won't accidentally save over it). Sorry of this is something that should be simple, but I'm fairly useless with scripts D: Thanks!
  6. Hmm, would prefer to stay away from scripts as much as possible, as I'm starting to get a little worried about their compatibilities together. But if a script is really the only way to do that, I'll have to give it a go. Thank ya for the help, seems silly that a later RPG Maker would just remove a simple feature like that. Also it just doesn't seem to work. I have a Shotgun weapon that I want to hit all enemies, and a skill for that on Skill number 11. I put in the script, and <attack skill: 11> in the Notes area like the script tells me too, but it still just does the normal attack thing... I have a feeling it might be because I have an item encyclopedia script in, that tells stats and info on every item you've held, taking information from the Notes area, so that might be cancelling it out, but I also tried taking everything else out of the Notes area of the shotgun weapon, and still it didn't work... For now, I just have it set to enable use of a skill that hits all enemies, which you can only use as long as you have that weapon equipped. I guess that's good enough for me, if the only alternative is messing around with scripts. Nevermind, I had that skill set to "Hit 3 random enemies", not all enemies. Now it works, so I may stick with it. Thanks again!
  7. Hi there, As a long time user of RPG Maker 2000, I'm very confused at the moment, as I can't seem to find a way to make an equipped weapon hit all enemies at once. I assume there must be a way somehow, as it was simply a check box for each weapon in 2000, but I can't find it for the life of me... Nothing in the Features, no check box... Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. Oh wow, putting a ! at the start of the file name fixed it... That's one of the strangest things I've ever seen, why would anybody want their sprites to be shifted up by default? Oh well, at least now I know. Just another thing I'll have to keep a note of somewhere. As for the placements of my door sprites, I have them set that way so I can just have the movement be Turn Right 90 degrees 3 times, instead of Turn Left, Turn Right, Turn Up or whatever the default is. But I don't make it transparent in the end, I kinda like still being able to see the door just before the screen transitions. Anyway, thank you both very much for your responses! Learning a new program is always the hardest part, so it's nice that there's such a friendly community ready to help!
  9. Hiya, Thanks very much for the response, though I think I decided against using those scripts when I looked through things a while back, as it seems to do some things that I don't want. I'm completely useless with scripts and editing them, so I wasn't able to disable the things I didn't want, or adjust some things that I did want. But I very much appreciate your assistance, it's nice to know this community has friendly helpful people!
  10. It's no bother at all, I very much appreciate your suggestion and desire to help. It pleases me that people here seem so friendly and helpful!
  11. That does look quite good, but even that looks too complicated for me somehow. Pretty much anything that requires modifying/adding to the script in any way is likely to be beyond my abilities, and even with the instructions in that script, I wouldn't know what to do. But thank ya for the suggestion. Maybe if I manage to get better at understanding scripts some day, I might be able to make use of more cool stuff like this.
  12. Yaayy, seems to work perfectly now! Thanks so much for your help! I have made a note of your name (at least, this one, Jackus) to put in the credits. As long as that's ok with you, of course.
  13. Awesome, thanks for the quick response! That script you did semi-works... Itempedia shows up in the menu, and does exactly what I want it to do, buuut... this also happens for some reason (don't mind the strange names and stuff, it's a very silly game): In case the image doesn't work, my first 4 menu commands are duplicated and placed under Itempedia, then the Quit option is under those, with the Save option completely gone! It's strange to me how such a small bit of script can do so much... I don't know anything about scripting, but maybe the "add_main_commands" is adding those 4 main commands for the 2nd time (since "add_main_commands" already appears in a default script), and the "def add_save_command" might be what's removing the Save option?
  14. Unfortunately that one just causes an error: Script ' * Item Effects Boxes' line 265: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `effect_desc=' for #<RPG::Item:0x8aac924> (line 265 is the line I put " = nil" onto the end of) I then tried just adding a # to the start of every line that seemed to handle something to do with notes, but that just led into more and more of the script bringing up an error.
  15. Thank you very much for the quick response! Unfortunately that didn't work for some reason, it still shows up in the item effect box, just more squished to fit in, instead of making the box wider. If necessary, I'll probably just stop using the Item Effects Boxes script, that seems like the slightly less important of the two, but I very much appreciate your time and efforts.