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  1. KunLibertad

    RPG Maker MV Has a Few Loose Screws

    Definitely! (After the file loaded and transferred...) uhmm. can you please put the link again... it take me to the "Log in" page of Mega
  2. KunLibertad

    Best Freeware Video Editing Software?

    i know that blender have a Video editor mode... but idk if it's good. i use Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum. (But it's not free.)
  3. KunLibertad

    Absurd/Crazy Projects Showcase!

    Yo Rikifive. wanna make your script more evil?. Use ntdll.dll and make the game a critical process of Windows. and when you close the game... oh boy!... ITZ FUN!.
  4. KunLibertad

    RPG Maker MV Has a Few Loose Screws

    hmm... well. can you send me a dump with procdump?
  5. Hi!, so. yesterday i was bored. nothing to do, i don't have a job until January 20th and i can't work on the rpg game i'm programming cuz the person who is doing the graphics/sprites recently had a baby. so... Why dont sass arround with Windows?!. I know that Windows is boring. with all the Policy Group and Resource managment. so i decided to do something that is crazy but sassy!. an aplication that changes the Window color in the Desktop Window Managment (DWM) depending on the value of the sound "Power". and also a rainbow gradiant. using the dwmapi.dll and some unofficial documentation i created a useless application. but hey, ITZ GUD!. So.. what proyects have you made that you consider Absurd, or crazy, or SASSY? :3 P.S. sorry for any typos. English is not my main language :333.
  6. KunLibertad

    RPG Maker MV Has a Few Loose Screws

    Hello there!. Since when RPGMV Started crashing?
  7. KunLibertad

    Exporting game

    Go to "File", then click on "Deployment". A window will pop up asking where you want your project being saved and which platform you want to deploy the project.
  8. KunLibertad

    Show your Desktop!

    nice and simple desktop wallpaper. although i hate the fatct that is on Mac. IDK why i dont get along with Mac OS. i have a mac but it has windows in it. One Day probably i will use it when testing RPG Maker Projects on OSX. Anyway. Here is my new desktop. Its mountains!. Who doesn't like mountains? Natural sculptures of our world (Such sass of a person)
  9. KunLibertad

    RMMV Stopped Working

    You're wellcome Crescent!. hope this thread help other people with the same issue
  10. KunLibertad

    RMMV Stopped Working

    Hi Crescent. after analyzing yor dump file i find something interesting. What is causing the problems are these libraries called ig4dev32 and ig4icd32. and what are these libraries?. for ig4dev32: and for ig4icd32: Here is the thing. those libraries are part of your integrated graphics drivers that control openGL which is what RPG Maker MV is using to display the GUI and the games. so even if you updated their driver. it still will crash. what we can do here is force RPG Maker MV to use other OpenGL Library. you can use this one: download it and put it on the main folder of RPGMaker MV, the path is this: Where X is your O.S. Drive X:\Program Files\KADOKAWA\RPGMV (For those who use a 64x O.S.) X:\Program Files (x86)\KADOKAWA\RPGMV put the library there an try to open MV again. Hope it helps
  11. KunLibertad

    RMMV Stopped Working

    thats werid... ok. lets not base on the MSDN forums and do this the correct way Open a new command prompt with administrative priviliges an type this (Without quotes) "CD \" "md c:\dumps" after doing that go to your os drive and search for the dump folder. and extract procdump on that folder. after that, type this (Without quotes) "cd dumps" "procmon.exe -ma -i c:\dumps" after that open RPGMaker MV and search for a dmp file in the dump directory. and upload the dmp on your favorite sharin file service.
  12. KunLibertad

    RMMV Stopped Working

    I found the documentation of your computer and it uses the Intel Graphics Media Acelerator X3100. but to make shure is your integrated graphics i need a Dump (Sounds funny i know), In Windows when a program crashes. Windows generates a dump to send it to microsoft. but here is nether saving a dump or sending it to microsoft. to diagnostic your problem i need you to set a tool called ProcDump. You can get it here: after downloading the file. extract it on the desktop. open a Command Prompt with Administrative priviliges and type this Where X is your O.S. Drive X:\users\<your username>\desktop\procdump.exe -ma -i X:\dumps open again RPG Maker MV and when it crashes a command prompt window will appear, meaning that procdump saved the dump. Upload it on your favorite sharing file service and post the link. Hope that i can help you with this
  13. ThigthVNC is a B1tc#. hidding your tray icon so nobody can see you huh? what a Sass of a program.

  14. KunLibertad

    Thoughts on MV

    if i can give my Thoughts on MV. 1st of all i'm glad that they moved from Ruby to JavaScritp. not because i have knoloedge on that language but because finally i can use Visual Studio to develop Scripts (or plugins). and i get why many people dont like MV right now. Learning JavaScript could be easy for one but not the others. like my friend Arturo told me when he started learning C#. VB.NET was very easy for him but when he tried writin applications in C# he often confused sintax in the code and get annoyed by that. also why is not an option to playtest the game in a Win32 Executable?. trying to share and play the game using the browser is laggy (and i have to be honest. i make a small game in MV and when trying to show the game to one of my friends at work. it run so slow i have to create a virutal machine in our ESXi Server and share it to play the game. im not kidding. and yes, i'm using the trail version.) and have to deploy every time when you save the game is frustrating. i hope Kadokawa can fix this. until then i will use ACE instead. EDIT: If you are thinking: "Hey sassy! y u don't shared the Win32 executable instead of the browser version?", well. the Win32 Application didnt work because of the Intel Integrated Graphics hardware that my friend's laptop was using. even if their drivers where updated. (In these cases WinDBG is your best friend. of course if you save the dumps).
  15. KunLibertad

    Show your Desktop!

    Uh, well, how this one looks? :3 It's better!Cold, dark and quiet. . . Not for mah! =3 Is this for you Rikifive? =3 or more specific, which one is for you? =333
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