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  1. Dear_Elise

    Mouse System

    Hello Jet, hopefully you will see this message, I'd like to report an issue and I'd be so grateful if you could fix somehow. When I put a "mouse text" command in an event, the text is display over pictures when I make a picture command. Isn't there a possibility to change the Z value so that when I make a picture command, the player cannot see the text on top of the picture if they hover their mouse over it ? Also, another little issue is that, when you double click on an event, it repeats itself twice. What could that be ? Thank yo uvery much Jet !
  2. Dear_Elise

    Mouse System

    Hello Jet, hopefully you will see this message, I'd like to report an issue and I'd be so grateful if you could fix somehow. When I put a "mouse text" command in an event, the text is display over pictures when I make a picture command. Isn't there a possibility to change the Z value so that when I make a picture command, the player cannot see the text on top of the picture if they hover their mouse over it ? Thank yo uvery much Jet !
  3. Well obviously the names will be in romaji but some of the files and on some parts of the game, it will also contain kanji to show the meaning of their names. But I see your point, thank you.
  4. Really interesting reply ! But maybe I could clarify for you so you could give me a clear opinion ? I want the game to be "marketed" in whichever country, I want everyone to be able to play it (with people translating it in their own language if needed). Also the game does not happen in any specific country. Next, the characters are coming from an organization spreading world-widely, with members coming from many different countries. Now it's also on the aesthetic that I am asking this, like, you know ? Seeing the list of characters coming from the game, with all the names including, is it more intriguing somehow to see exotic names or japanese-only names ? On a hand, I feel like japanese names are interesting because you can easily search for the meanings of the kanjis (and it's exotic for non-japanese people, and japanese people can more easily figure out the meaning of the names), and on the other hand, it's interesting to have characters with different cultures and origins. What do you think dear Traverse ?
  5. Hey ! So it's just like the title says, in a visual novel game which contains anime-like graphics, would you rather see characters with japanese names or names coming from different countries ? I'm struggling between these two choices ! Knowing that the cast of characters is diversified (like some characters are blond, some dark-skinned, some colorful-haired etc...) is it better to give more diversity by giving names coming from different countries (like egyptian, french, british, russian and a few japanese names) or is it better to give exclusively japanese names to the characters so that it will fit better the anime-like design? Thank youuu~
  6. Dear_Elise

    Any japanese translator here for my game ? Pleaaaaaase ?

    Boop ! Nobody :< ?
  7. Hey hey ! Everybody ! I'm currently making a game and I have a piece of text which need to be narrated in japanese. The thing is I have the text in english but I was wondering if anyone was able to translate it for me in japanese please ? I'd be tremendously thankful ! I hope to hear for you all soon . Have a nice day ! ( If you can or if one of your friends is able to, I will give the text through personal message.)
  8. Katsura - "Stay tuned to the game" The game's development is being slightly slackened due to my college exams . Hopefully , I will still find some time left to keep on with it . Do not worry , the project is still on .
  9. The characters will only emit sounds occasionally , it was just a showcase video to show that "Wooooah , woaaaaa ! There are voices !" . It is mere show-off haha . Also , I will try to implant an option menu to allow the player to change the volume of the BGM and the voice clips . Anyhoo ! Thank you for your feedback , you ninja with a delicious-sounding name ^v^ ! Story short , I had once created a story similar to Danganronpa unconsciously . A friend then made me notice it and introduced me to Danganronpa and I happened to like it . The more I would watch Danganronpa the more I would start using the same artstyle without noticing it . What an engrossing story isn't it ? Haha (By the by , Chiaki best waifu , and so are Sonia and Kirigiri !) Thank you for your sweet feedback Achromatic ! Haaaaa ! I am tremendously flattered that you noticed how much work is being put into this project . *A* ! And if you miss something , just get right back into it ! Surprisingly , there is always some time left for creativity . Therefore , I shall now order you to grab your pencil or your graphic tab and to fuse with your lost hobby ! More seriously , those are modeled 3D backgrounds . And thank you for reminding me about the highlights ! I had completely forgotten about it ! Thanks once again to the three of you !
  10. The section has been added . A gameplay showcase is now available . I also updated the section and added a gameplay screenshot .
  11. Dear_Elise


    What a stunning albeit pretty gloomy artstyle ! This seems interesting but I highly think you should , maybe , consider making your own material for the map . It would be a lot more immersive and a tad more fitting to your own little world !
  12. I've been ... rather busy , effectively haha . But saddly , with college it is taking more time than expected . But thank you for complimenting me on this point , it is sincerely flattering my already tremendous ego , haha ! Now concerning the 3D part , the game will be made using RPG maker engine so , these maps will be mere flat 3D backgrounds and 2D sprites will be implemented . Still faithful to the visual novel genre . Now for the storyline , I will use a good old saying which is : "dont judge a book by its cover" . It will be my job to render a fitting , fullfilled storyline , and it will be the player's job to discover it . I am doing my best for people to enjoy this forthcoming project . ^v^
  13. Prism+ Virus ã€ãƒ—リズム+ ウイルス】 (purisumu uirusu) is the first oncoming game (project) developed by Wisteria Del Luna . Prism+ Virus will be a survival visual novel . ( DEMO is still under development . Informations will be uploaded throughout the development . Everything concerning the mechanics and characters may undergo modifications later on .) You will be conveyed into a pop-futuristic setting in which an ominous future-inducing theme will be mixed with a colorful color palette . Mechanics : It will include mechanics such as an interaction system to bond with the characters in hope to obtain bonuses . A virtual map will be accessible by pressing a certain button , and more importantly , the game will also be accompanied with several mini games . ( Characters' biography is very vague , it will only mention their age , job , height , weight , interests and dislikes . Keep in mind that these informations will be already directly readable inside of the game and that their backstory will only be obtainable by interacting with them. ) Each characters are accompagnied with a set of less or more ten different facial expressions . They will also all individually include a japanese voice actor. ( From the first line to the fourth one , from right to left. The little , offbeat looking character excluded) These face sets do not include spoiler sprites and further facial expressions will be added for each characters , these are mere exemples . This section will be updated once a chracter's face set has been fully completed . Please , remember that anything related to the game design such as the characters , the dialogue box or even the map can undergo modifications before the release of the Demo . Also , a few screenshots might be added later on . A few maps : Title Screen: Gameplay : This section will includes arts and videos . 1st gameplay showcase : My most sincere apologies if I have forgotten to include someone . Feel free to give me words about it ! ( And thank you for sharing your talent , your voice or even your creativity !) Evolution : Art : ∞ Sprites : 60% Script : 20% Gameplay : 10% Maps : 30% Mamoru Hibiki ç¯.響 :
  14. Dear_Elise

    Finding own art style . Feedback ? (once again)

    No , no . I mean , globally . Can you have several artstyles globally , and not only for one single game . Obviously , this would look inconsistent haha .