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    Mouse System

    Hello Jet, hopefully you will see this message, I'd like to report an issue and I'd be so grateful if you could fix somehow. When I put a "mouse text" command in an event, the text is display over pictures when I make a picture command. Isn't there a possibility to change the Z value so that when I make a picture command, the player cannot see the text on top of the picture if they hover their mouse over it ? Also, another little issue is that, when you double click on an event, it repeats itself twice. What could that be ? Thank yo uvery much Jet !
  2. Dear_Elise

    Mouse System

    Hello Jet, hopefully you will see this message, I'd like to report an issue and I'd be so grateful if you could fix somehow. When I put a "mouse text" command in an event, the text is display over pictures when I make a picture command. Isn't there a possibility to change the Z value so that when I make a picture command, the player cannot see the text on top of the picture if they hover their mouse over it ? Thank yo uvery much Jet !
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    closed topic

    closed topic
  4. Well obviously the names will be in romaji but some of the files and on some parts of the game, it will also contain kanji to show the meaning of their names. But I see your point, thank you.
  5. Hey ! So it's just like the title says, in a visual novel game which contains anime-like graphics, would you rather see characters with japanese names or names coming from different countries ? I'm struggling between these two choices ! Knowing that the cast of characters is diversified (like some characters are blond, some dark-skinned, some colorful-haired etc...) is it better to give more diversity by giving names coming from different countries (like egyptian, french, british, russian and a few japanese names) or is it better to give exclusively japanese names to the characters so that it will fit better the anime-like design? Thank youuu~
  6. Really interesting reply ! But maybe I could clarify for you so you could give me a clear opinion ? I want the game to be "marketed" in whichever country, I want everyone to be able to play it (with people translating it in their own language if needed). Also the game does not happen in any specific country. Next, the characters are coming from an organization spreading world-widely, with members coming from many different countries. Now it's also on the aesthetic that I am asking this, like, you know ? Seeing the list of characters coming from the game, with all the names including, is it more intriguing somehow to see exotic names or japanese-only names ? On a hand, I feel like japanese names are interesting because you can easily search for the meanings of the kanjis (and it's exotic for non-japanese people, and japanese people can more easily figure out the meaning of the names), and on the other hand, it's interesting to have characters with different cultures and origins. What do you think dear Traverse ?
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    closed topic

    Boop ! Nobody :< ?
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    Turn into your Alter-Ego !

    The world is tedious and monotonous . People have black or brown or blond hair . Blue or brown or green eyes . Let's be colorful and creative ! *magical girl transformation* I wish to see your alter egos ! What do they look like ? What are their name and their personality ? Shall we introduce ourselves to each other !
  9. Katsura - "Stay tuned to the game" The game's development is being slightly slackened due to my college exams . Hopefully , I will still find some time left to keep on with it . Do not worry , the project is still on .
  10. The characters will only emit sounds occasionally , it was just a showcase video to show that "Wooooah , woaaaaa ! There are voices !" . It is mere show-off haha . Also , I will try to implant an option menu to allow the player to change the volume of the BGM and the voice clips . Anyhoo ! Thank you for your feedback , you ninja with a delicious-sounding name ^v^ ! Story short , I had once created a story similar to Danganronpa unconsciously . A friend then made me notice it and introduced me to Danganronpa and I happened to like it . The more I would watch Danganronpa the more I would start using the same artstyle without noticing it . What an engrossing story isn't it ? Haha (By the by , Chiaki best waifu , and so are Sonia and Kirigiri !) Thank you for your sweet feedback Achromatic ! Haaaaa ! I am tremendously flattered that you noticed how much work is being put into this project . *A* ! And if you miss something , just get right back into it ! Surprisingly , there is always some time left for creativity . Therefore , I shall now order you to grab your pencil or your graphic tab and to fuse with your lost hobby ! More seriously , those are modeled 3D backgrounds . And thank you for reminding me about the highlights ! I had completely forgotten about it ! Thanks once again to the three of you !
  11. Greetings lost wanderer ! Soooo , for the past weeks , I have spent time drawing a few arts in order to develop my skills but then a major blockup came across my path , I am unable what art style to use . So the questions are : - Is it ok to have multiple art style instead of just one? I feels like , sometimes , an art style can be specific to one artist and can even portray their signature , but I cannot be satisfied with only one art style ! Therefore , would it be ok this way ? - Among those five drawings-drafts ( I actually have a dozen other art styles but I only used four of them with my graphic tab so far .) which one do you actually prefer ? First artstyle is almost chibi-like with minor shading but a slightly wider color palette for the hair . Its sketchy and colors are solid. Unlike other artstyles , legs are not very realistic and goes from thinner by the thighs to thicker by the feet : Second artstyle (I have already published on another topic , I do know) , the artstyle is not chibi-like but not too realistic either . It's simplistic but has a bit of details . Proportions are more anime-like with bigger eyes , bigger head , droopy shoulders , very round features and structure . It has shading and a bit of lighting for the hair. The "outer" outlines are black but the "inner" outlines are lighter and the color is closer to the filling : Third artstyle is a closer aspect of the anime style but still in a cuter art style . There are a bit more details , minor lighting for the hair and shading . The "outer" outlines are black but the "inner" outlines are lighter and the color is closer to the filling : Fourth artstyle is a more realistic in proportions . It has less lighting effect but has a more detailed shadowing ( I guess ) and more details . The outlines and the shading are sometimes a bit smoothed down on the ends . The "inner" and "outer" oulines are both black : Fifth artstyle is quite similar to the third one but with a cuter aspect and the head is even bigger than the body . It has more shading ( there is one shading for the part that is facing the light , and a shading for the part that is hidden from the light source.) It has a bit of details but it is mostly for the eyes and the patterned areas . The "outer" outlines are black but the "inner" outlines are lighter and the color is closer to the filling : Thank you very much for taking your time to read this post . It is greatly appreaciated !
  12. The section has been added . A gameplay showcase is now available . I also updated the section and added a gameplay screenshot .
  13. Dear_Elise


    What a stunning albeit pretty gloomy artstyle ! This seems interesting but I highly think you should , maybe , consider making your own material for the map . It would be a lot more immersive and a tad more fitting to your own little world !
  14. I've been ... rather busy , effectively haha . But saddly , with college it is taking more time than expected . But thank you for complimenting me on this point , it is sincerely flattering my already tremendous ego , haha ! Now concerning the 3D part , the game will be made using RPG maker engine so , these maps will be mere flat 3D backgrounds and 2D sprites will be implemented . Still faithful to the visual novel genre . Now for the storyline , I will use a good old saying which is : "dont judge a book by its cover" . It will be my job to render a fitting , fullfilled storyline , and it will be the player's job to discover it . I am doing my best for people to enjoy this forthcoming project . ^v^
  15. Dear_Elise

    Finding own art style . Feedback ? (once again)

    No , no . I mean , globally . Can you have several artstyles globally , and not only for one single game . Obviously , this would look inconsistent haha .
  16. Dear_Elise

    Turn into your Alter-Ego !

    Why would you even want to shape shift into a human ? Being a fairy is already a marvelous thing on its own! Being a mere human is a little mundane most of the time , but well !.. Keep being your fairy self .
  17. You and I , will go on a adventure . You and I , will aim for a promising future .

    1. lonequeso
    2. Kayzee


      Why the future tense? Isn't that what we should already be doing? :3

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    Is this cute ?

    Last morning , I felt a little bored albeit slothful , so I decided to draw something cute and simple . What do you think about it ? Is this cute or even nice ? I called it "Phantoms And A Wandering Girl" , with the girl named "Kuri Madoka" [æ —ãƒžãƒ‰ã‚«] the two little ghost on the top being "Pupa & Pope" [プパーãƒãƒš], the offbeat three-eyed rabbit being " Betago" [ベタゴ] , the little mushroom "Kinokio" [木ノキオ] , the fluffy-looking bunny "Coco" [ココ] , the flame wraith "Hatsuka" [髪ç«] and the weird poisonous-looking sheep , "Muffix" [モフィックス] .
  19. Here's my new project : Prism+ Virus ã€ãƒ—リズム+ ウイルス】 (The "+" isn't pronounced and is just inserted for aestheticism.) Prism+ Virus will be a survival , sci-fi visual novel . Synopsis : In this present time , anyone who is brought to life has to be implanted with a "Prism" in a region nearby the brain . This governmental device is meant to oversee criminality , prevent any cardiac or celebral disease , to be a replacement for ID cards , and can even be used as an internal phone , web browser and social network access point . The Prism's usages are known to be tremendous and supposedly benefits to everyone's welfare . However , in the case of a group of 13 persons , the Prism becomes an ominous threat . As they wake up with suppressed memories , they find themselves being kept captive in a weird , dreary-looking place that seems utterly unfamiliar . As bewilderment arises , they are told by an offbeat , cubic-looking host , named "Rippoume" , that among them is an infiltrating traitor who will cause world-wide havoc . Because of that , every 3 days , the most suspicious-looking person of the group will see their Prism being mind-hacked by "Rippoume" thus causing an instant demise . As an alternative , they will be also allowed to kill who they expect to be the traitor . This bloody mayhem will then keep on until that the traitor is obliterated , even if the entire group has to be sacrificed . Why were they specifically chosen ? What is this place ? Is there truly a traitor ? And who are the individuals behind this mischievous plan ? "Who is the traitor ?" The 13 characters . Is there truly a traitor among them ? But then , who ? Now what I would like to know is , does this sound like a promising story , knowing that the storyline has been very shortened to give a sypnosis . Does the title sounds appealing to you ? I shall , later on , create a full page with all the characters shown along side with their informations , some sprites , some screenshots of the maps and several other informations as such . (Here you can find one only map for exemple .)
  20. I completely agree ! And thank you once again Lonequeso ! I will do my best to make the execution has pleasant and twisted as possible so that people will be able to enjoy my game !
  21. Dear_Elise

    Is this cute ?

    Thank you so much my dears , you all are extremely heartwarming ! And I cannot seriously believe how many metaphorical details you have managed to catch accurately ! I am tremendously merry to see that all of you are indeed correct regarding this drawing . Thank youuuuuu~
  22. May I sigh as well ? How can you tell the entier storyline is silly when you've only red the synopsis ? If you might not know already , the government is already contantly tracking everyone and anyone's moves , why wouldn't it implant "mind chips" , as you call it , to further extend its control over the people ? It might be nothing more than a sci-fi story but how can you theorize that such an occurrence might not happen in our own genuine future ? And concerning the potential hacker , once again , YOU DON'T EVEN REMOTELY KNOW A BIT OF THE STORYLINE YET ! Of course the government wouldn't create a device that would easily get hacked by any random individual . It all lies in the storyline . Don't make me spoil it . And the fact that I know why such a thing could happen in a sci-fi story such as mine makes me feel a bit disdainful regarding your comment . I just think that your personal statement , whether it is generally subjective or not , is somewhat rude toward my work . A brainwashing and overly-controlling government already exists , so I really cannot understand why you think of my idea as so "silly" . But oh well , I am sorry to be part of this stupid human kind , however now , I do wonder what kind are you coming from ? Oh yes , pardon me edgy-lord ! You are human yourself, so cease trying to act so condescending please . People tend not to like that , myself including . Overall when I nicely ask for decent feedbacks . Now thank you for your sullen feedback , i didn't mean to start an argument but try to be a little nicer and wiser next time . If you intend to "enter" one of my topic , please , leave your wrath outside , and bring it back with you once you are planning to leave . Have a nice day nonetheless .
  23. In fact , it is mostly because it doesn't fit my expectations that I decided to stop this project . I think "Kiokukagi" was more like a draft so that I could improve my skills , and consequently , for my new project , I am now able to offer it better mechanisms , an enhanced art-style and lots of different assets that "Kiokukagi" doesn't have . Concerning my projects (like you said and saw) , I have three projects indeed , there is my new game "Prism Virus" that will stand as an improved version of "Kiokukagi" , there is the other one that contains the hand-made parallax like you saw (named "Yoriko And The Dream Ballad") , and then another project , probably a sequel\prequel to "Prism Virus" that will contain most of the characters from "Kiokukagi" so that they will not go to waste . I am not fully giving up on this game , it is more like I am fully making it all over again so that I can render a better work . And do not worry , I feel pleased by your heartening supports ! Thank you a lot !