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  1. I want your profile photo to manifest before me so I can pet it.

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      No. I'm cutter and fluffier @Rezanta. @lonequeso If my pic manifest itself I have a very strong feeling that a bunch of scientist or endangered animal workers would come and take her away.

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      And I can't have that.

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      Eh, depends. There's some specimen that are doing fine, just really, REALLY rare to find. (Not trying to be science)

      And I can't really be fluffy, I'm a Leaf Dragon. :)

  2. Set it where the state last for 1 Action End. So after they do what ever skill they have it comes off. Action End is for each action they use, ie every time they use a skill or item. While turn end is for however long it takes to get through all the battlers.
  3. There's a bow and arrow weapon in the demo. This is the info for the bow, you put it under note tags. User Graphic = $Bow----> This is the bow graphic User Anime Speed = 40 Tool Cooldown = 35 Tool Graphic = $Arrow------> this is the arrow graphic Tool Index = 0 Tool Size = 1 Tool Distance = 10 Tool Effect Delay = 4 Tool Destroy Delay = 10 Tool Speed = 6 Tool Cast Time = 0 Tool Cast Animation = 0 Tool Blow Power = 0 Tool Piercing = false Tool Animation When = hit Tool Animation Repeat = false Tool Special = nil Tool Target = false Tool Invoke Skill = 0 Tool Guard Rate = 0 Tool Knockdown Rate = 0 Tool Sound Se = Bow1 Tool Cooldown Display = false Tool Item Cost = 4----------> This is your ammunition. Set it to the item number that you want the weapon to use. Tool Short Jump = false Tool Through = true Tool Priority = 1 Tool Hit Shake = false Tool Self Damage = false Tool Combo Tool = nil When you give the player the bow, you also give them the ammo(and alot of it), in this case, item number 4. So when you do the event you say "weapon: bow +1" "item: ammo + 100" I also recommend using Yanfly's adjust limits if you're using ammo, as VX Ace won't allow you to have more than 99 items, and you may want to give the players more that 99 arrows. Also you can use this sprite converter which converts XP sprites to VX and convert the graphics you've linked to(just remember that you have to give credit for the sprites and the converter) and just use those in your game (just make sure they have the $ symbol infront of their names).
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    cRmGSS - SceneFile Confirmation

    Bump. Hello I've edited your script to allow for a few more things, and I was curious if I could release it or if you wish, you could release it. All that I ask if you do wish to release it is for you to add that the modifications I made to the script were done by me, and for both of us to be credited if this script is used. If I release it then I would say that this is a modification of you're script, and I only did the modifications to it. And to give us both credit and if used in commerical works to give us both a free copy of the game. As for what I did to your script, here's a list: The ability to load a save file in game. The ability to change the number of max files. The ability to change the save file name. The ability to show the characters or not on the save screen. The ability to show the playtime or not on the save screen. The ability to change the number of saves shown on the save screen The ability to make the choice window transparent.