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    any pixelate game, with good battle system specialy the story are good. oh oh... i'm scripter too but just a beginer. =)

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  1. im using this awesome script for my currently game development. but like i read in above all the post before me i find some similiar error. basically i was testing the demo and i got some error then the game kick me out with saying "Multiple Login Detected!" are this script development is stopped? or there's someone who still development this awesome script? love to seeing next update to this one script.
  2. help i cant find friend system is it has been deleted?
  3. Cleosetric

    ASOE early alpha released!

    is friend system is actually deleted? this script engine is still developing?
  4. Cleosetric

    1.2 ASOE Security Layer

    Love this. and im currently working this on my currently project.
  5. Cleosetric

    Currency System

    Where can i get the script? the link is not work anymore.
  6. Uncommon big threat in Sci-Fi / Futuristic Games, any idea?

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    2. Kayzee


      @Cleosetric it's not really that common I guess, but common enough because it's a real concern raised by nanotechnology, having them self replicate and eat everything else. Yeah, like that will happen. Wait... *looks at her body carefully, looks at the grass, looks at the trees* Oh my god... it ALREADY DID!

    3. lonequeso


      I always liked the nano machines concept. It's more common tha you think. Maybe not in videogames, but in media in general.

      There's nothing wrong with trying to come up with a unique concept, but if development takes you in a cliché direction, just go with it. The more naturally the process is usually the better the result is too.

      In other words don't try and force a unique idea if it's just not flowing.

    4. Chaosian


      Heat death.

  7. Here i am, stuck at horror project and continue sci-fi project.

    1. Kayzee


      Merge them and make it a sci-fi horror project!

    2. Cleosetric


      :'D such a mindblowing, brutal machine.

  8. how to build F.E.A.R in game?

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    2. Kayzee


      Majora's Mask IS a horror game. It's just not exclusively one and it's brand of horror is a lot more subtle then most. But I mean, have you seen the animations when you put on the masks? Have you see the moon slowly getting nearer? Have you seen how utterly terrified people are on the third day?

    3. lonequeso


      True dat. It's dark for sure. I have a hard time calling a game suitable for kids as horror though. It's about as horror as an "E" rating will allow though. So, we solved you're problem, Cleostric. Just totally rip off Majora's Mask =-D

    4. Kayzee


      Horror isn't about blood or guys, it's about creeping dread.

  9. horror stuff is the most unwanted in my life, but i must try find something horror to adopted in my game.

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    2. Cleosetric


      i dont have any problem in sprite or tileset, but i dont have any idea to make more horrific story, i was reading this http://www.mindspring.com/~ernestm/horror/horror.html but i understand nothing.

    3. lonequeso


      What kind of game are you trying to make. Is it a full fledged horror game or a mor etradition RPG with some horror elements. If the fromer, what kind of horror game do you want to make?

    4. Cleosetric


      ehm you can find the project somewhere titled 'Outcandle' and im try to make Puzzle RPG Game with Horror-Ghotic Themes, and yes Action tho.

  10. Cleosetric

    Pros and Cons of the RPG Genre

    actually i've never know there's theory like this for creating rpg game, i just creating rpg game it because i've play the game with same genre as it, which is include something like this. this words is actually help me to fill a shortage of my rpg game.
  11. im bad at designing puzzle, perhaps i find someone who interest in puzzle designer.

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    2. Cleosetric


      matching pattern while pushing the block yeah sure that was nice.

    3. lonequeso


      I made one of those! 9 blocks total that make the image of a dragon. All to magically open hidden door (with magic). XD

    4. Cleosetric


      you so briliant, don't mind if i used that too?, i still developing the game but i don't know too much about puzzle, if you don't mind can i contact you to consultancy about puzzle?.

  12. i dont know create this system is good or not to applied in horror puzzle game, interacting with main actor, http://i.imgur.com/n5XBfWm.jpg

  13. Cleosetric

    contest The One Map Challenge

    sound cool... i'll try my best.
  14. instead of the puzzle itself what's make puzzle more interesting?

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    2. Cleosetric


      @flashy yeah, i think that's worth to try, i mean when actor face a boss, she must solve another puzzle to give damage to the real boss before the boss itself, like a hocrux i guess, so after destroying all hocrux boss health is weaken and easily to defeat. that's fantastic idea, thank you.

    3. lonequeso


      Legend of Zelda and games for that ilk are good for puzzle ideas. In many cases you cannot access an area (both to complete the game or to find hidden stuff) until you acquire a special skill or item. Simple example: A rock or crack in the wall that can be blown up with a bomb. But you have no bombs. You have to get them later in the game and revisit the area. You can also make an optional dungeon that's broken into sections. Each section cannot be completed until you have a certain item...

    4. lonequeso


      or skill. The final section cannot be completed until you have all the required skills/items. That usually happens just before the last level/boss fight.

  15. is there any game that have good puzzle for dungeon gameplay? recomended me please.

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    2. Cleosetric


      wow you're awesome thanks for your recomendation. i'll play it.

    3. Shiggy


      I think the wild arms series has a decent amount of puzzle but I haven't played them personally. If you want puzzle in dungeons ,my best reference is this small serie called Legend of Zelda

    4. Animebryan


      @Shiggy: Actually, the Legend of Zelda isn't a 'small series', its one of Nintendo's biggest & most successful franchises aside from the Mario games. But I agree, the Legend of Zelda series does have a lot of good puzzles.

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