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  1. My advice : try Mithran script and check wich scripts make memory leaks and fix them if you can.
  2. @Mirage88 : your idea about the couhes were allright, you just needed to properly rotate them. The way you did is like they're "flying" over the floor. Try to put them in a 45° pose. If you can't, then put the normal pose. I'm sorry for my bad english.
  3. You can download the demo, it helps.
  4. Chaos17

    LoZ-like Combat System? Is it possible?

    Yes, we call them action battle system (ABS) and I only know 2. Pick the one you like : LINK
  5. Chaos17

    What script could replace VE-Animated Battler?

    Pick up the one you like : LINK
  6. Chaos17

    TSBS Dev Journal #19 Battle Camera! (part 2)

    Will you make a stand alone version ?
  7. Chaos17

    where is the best place to start learning ruby/RGSS3?

    Code Academy is a cool site and Multilanguage.
  8. If you're searching another UI than Yangly, I suggest you to take a look I this list that I compiled : LINK They can be used either for FBS or SBS like Yanfly script but not all of them or compatible friendly like Yanfly.
  9. Indeed. I suggest people to try the Etrian Odyssey serie and watch how they evolved the FBS by making more deep each time. At the moment, I'm playing the remake of the 1 on 3DS and I can say that I don't dislike anymore "good" FBS.
  10. Chaos17

    Popup Window

    Does this work too in the baics systems like menu or battle ? That would be cool for my tutorials.
  11. @HumanNinja : try to make smaller room, easier to make a shape of them and put details. Big maps are hard to handle because you will need to work on the floor so much so it won't feel empty. I know that I said that people disliked cluttered map but look at the lovely Luchino map and other populars maps, they've alaways a lot of details in them. Youhouu Luchinooo~ I like your mapping whenever you use tilisets or parallax
  12. Chaos17

    Jet's Side-view Battle System assistance (SOLVED)

    Grab Yanfly SBS, it made so the battle will look like what you want. http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/visual-battlers/
  13. @YummyTiger : I always try to be carefull when I do parallax that you can move freely around and play it. @HumanNinja : thanks for the idea and your support but I think my map was too cluttered to the taste of people in general I mean that I fear that if I add too much details (like your idea) people may dislike me more. Though, when I can I usually try to make a path like in this village that I'm working on : http://puu.sh/5Xu0h.png I wanted to try a different style of mapping for the contest, that why I didn't not do the same that I usually do. I gues, I was wrong.
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