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  1. harbo

    Advanced Select Item

    This is a perfect script for VXAce -- amazingly, nothing like it exists for MV. Any chance of a port?
  2. Hiya! I've been poring through forums searching for this question but can't seem to find anything on it. Basically I'd like to implement some basic weapon functionality outside of the battle screen. So, an actor can, let's say, jab a sword, Legend of Zelda style. I can do this simply by changing sprites to a sprite with an extended spear, but the look isn't very convincing unless I can extend the sword to an adjacent tile. So is there a way that I can have a common event appear on the tile right next to the player, where I could extend the sword and create a convincing jab? And could the event query the player direction so it knows whether to use a sword graphic pointing up down left or right? I know it's not quite what RM was intended to do but it'd add a neat extra dimension to have a little bit of action combat. Thanks for any advice!
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