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  1. captainhellfire

    Pirate RPG - Bloodbeard's Revenge

    Much obliged matey!
  2. captainhellfire

    Pirate RPG - Bloodbeard's Revenge

    Ahoy mateys! Me first game, Bloodbeard's Revenge has just released here on itch.io! You play as the mad pirate Bloodbeard, returning from a successful voyage with a ship overloaded with gold. But a mysterious treasure seems to be more than the crew can handle and is calling out to beasties that seem to be appearing more numerous with each passing day! This game is based on the adventures of me pirate band, Captain Hellfire and The Wretched Brethren so be sure to check us out if ya like tunes with extra rum and swashbuckling! Check out the game trailer here Credits: Utilises scripts from Moghunter, Galv, Yanfly, Modern Algebra.
  3. Ahoy guys! Hey I'm just wonderin has anyone thought of creating a password system that correlates to the players level and items that they can type into a sequel and start with everything they finished the last game with? I'm about to release a game in 2 parts and have heard that transfering saves to a new build can be bug central so I thought of this as a possible solution. So basically I'd like people to finish chapter 1, be supplied with a password and then when they start chapter 2 be asked to enter said password. Starting the next chapter with the level and every item they ended the last one. Guess a possible downside is we could be dealing with a bloomin long password here, but even if it was just key items and level thatd be great! Much obliged for any help, scripts or even peg-legged steps in the right direction with this!
  4. captainhellfire

    Pirate Rpg: Bloodbeard's Revenge

    Ahoy shipmates! Here be a wee look into me game, Captain Hellfire and The Wretched Brethren: Bloodbeard's Revenge. She be a pirate rpg, set on a ship and later a cursed island. I've been slaving away on 'er for about 4 years or so now (and also running a pirate band, hence the long development time). The first chapter is lookin' to be released along with our first EP in the next few months so strike yer colours and prepare to be boarded! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Synopsis - You play as Bloodbeard, the deranged quartermaster aboard Captain Hellfire's flagship, The Devil's Revenge. Overloaded with gold and jewels the crew finds themselves on the final leg of the treacherous voyage home. But the rum is gone and mutiny waits in the wings, and what in the blazes is going on with that mysterious treasure chest, overladen with vines and drawing evermore ravenous beasties from the depths? With a combo based 3rd person battle system using state of the art (circa 1990) digitised graphics, and a top down perspective view for exploration, you'll tackle fiendish puzzles, bloodthirsty enemies and the most formidable opponent of all... Yourself! Climb aboard and sail the blackened seas as the scoundrel entrusted to keep Captain Hellfire's scurvy crew under control, the legendary Bloodbeard! Truly this is a voyage not to be missed! Yarrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This be me first game ever and I couldn't have done it without the help o the lot of ye that have developed such a great forum with answers to all the questions a pirate would ever have, and also most importantly the script writers who have created such brilliant code and asked fer nothing more than their name being respected, feared and whispered in the dark corners of taverns in hushed awe (or failing that at least appearing in the games credits.....) Would be much obliged to hear yer thoughts on the screenshots and the game when she be released! Thankin' the lot of ye , shipmates
  5. captainhellfire

    CSCA Dungeon Tools

    okay I have a theory and I'm not even remotely sure if it'll work. If you set up a call in the background that when the switch is triggered and the character is turned into a chicken that it change the lines in the script to the edited versions, and then set it so that when that switch is deactivated they go back... that might work. But I'm not even remotely sure how you'd go about telling it to change the script code like that. Anyone that can give us a lead on how something like this may work? Or any other possible solution?
  6. captainhellfire

    CSCA Dungeon Tools

    Hey guys I was wondering if there is anyway to change the graphic and sound effect of the arrow during the game? Theres a section of my game where the main character is transformed into a chicken and I want the arrows to turn into eggs and make an appropriate sound when they are fired. Im hoping it would be possible to change with a switch or a script call or something along those lines but if its of any use I'm not planning on using the boomerang tool so that could be a slot to double up with a second arrow tool that is the egg. Thanks in advance
  7. captainhellfire

    CSCA Dungeon Tools Help!

    Thanks anyway Laganrok
  8. captainhellfire

    CSCA Dungeon Tools Help!

    Thanks! I was hoping for something that could be inserted into the Dungeon Tools script to do the job as I'm not sure that the dungeon tools exactly equip like other things? So good news, I worked out what the problem was with not being able to shoot when facing down, I'd forgotten that I had painted the offending maps with Region 2 for a footstep sound script I was playing around with. Dungeon tools has a lot of built in effects by region so mystery solved! So anyway can anyone else help out with the modifications I was hoping for? Any chance of playing a muzzle flash animation when you shoot or a graphic change that can be a part of the script?