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  1. LittleGameDev

    House Upgrades

    I am looking for a script like that as well. Can you please post a link to the one you found. Maybe I can help you figure it out.
  2. LittleGameDev

    XS - Interactive Icons

    Hello, I am trying to see your script but the links you have posted are not working. Could you please repost your site links and the scripts screen shots
  3. Hello, I am requesting a Basic Climate System and lighting plugin for Rpg Maker MV similar to the Basic Climate System VX Ace Script by: V.M and Khas Ultra Lighting/ Khas awesome lighting VX ace script. My only requirement for the plugin is for it to be compatible wit MogHunters Time System Plugin which has screen tints. Thank you in advanced Sincerely: Sakurahan
  4. LittleGameDev

    RMMV Quest Log/Journal

    Anytime same here ^^ If you ever need any help with anything I would be glad to help
  5. Currently trying to learn how to make tilesets :D anyone how has any advice on how to make them please message me :D

  6. LittleGameDev

    Menu Music Playlists (overriding the map bgm feature)

    I think it is possible through using an common event. Try watching this tutorial from Driftwood Gaming it is for RPG maker MV but I beleave it will work in VX ace as well. I hope this is what you are looking for and I hope it helps out here is the link. Please let me know if this is what you are looking for Take care ^^
  7. LittleGameDev

    RMMV Quest Log/Journal

    Hello, would this be helpful I recently found this Quest Book plugin for MV. When you get to it just copy the code and paste it in to your computes notepad. Save the file as PH_QuestBook.js into your MV project folder then save a copy somewhere on your desktop for easy access for the future. Once you have done that. If you have MV open, close you MV file then re open it. Then add in the Plugin. There are instruction with in the help menu. But if they are still confusing you I can leave a link to the creator help page or I can try to help you . I am still new with the plugin my self but if you have questions I would be happy to help. PS: When you are copying the text becareful not to copy the page numbers at the left side of the screen or it mite mess up the plugin. If the plugin still does not work. I can post a copy of the code for you. Here is the Link http://mvplugins.com/plugin/PrimeHover/PH%20-%20Quest%20Book
  8. LittleGameDev

    RPG Maker VX ace Crafting/Cooking script request

    Hello holidayse, I would like to thank you all for your help. My scrip requst has been answer and I am extremely greatful for the help. I would like to say thanks to all that had replyed and special thanks to Fox420 for providing the script. If anyone has any questions please message me and I will try to provide the answers. Thank you all for your help Sincerely, Sakurahan01 Happy Holidays
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