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  1. Hello guys, for some time I was tinkering with the thought of starting to work on a project of a Life-Sim / Open-World game. Of course not something like Skyrim in Rpg Maker or stuff like that. I´d like to develop a game that takes place in a small modern village/town. There are no battles, no typical quests and nearly no fantasy elements. Just stripping off that whole JRPG mechanics. Focus of the game should be the everyday life in the village that creates the "story" and plot. Everyday you have things do, have a sleep cycle, needs, you can interact with all other people in the village, events will happen, etc. Features will be things like: - Day-/Night- Cycle - Needs (Eating, Drinking, Sleep, etc.) - Relationship-Level with the other people in town - People will react differently every day - The game should get an overall eerie feeling (not sure yet how to acchieve it) I don´t want the game to be finished in a short amount of time, nor do I want to win a price with it. But I´d like to know, what features or things in general you´d suggest or would like to see after the stuff you have read so far. I´m excited to read your posts PS: I guess I should mention that I don´t already know how to create all these features, so plugin suggestions for all those features are very welcome. And the combinations, for example, I know there is a plugin for day and night. But I don´t know how to create the gameplay mechanics that the people act different through the days, new events will happen, etc. It shouldn´t just be about ever-repeating tasks like working and surviving, but feel more like you´d really "live" the game as an experience. Greetings, jb
  2. I used RPG Maker 2003 and XP very obsessively some years ago. I am just geting back into it again, I only have to explore where every button is again. But I still know how everything works, how you even, what switches are for, how the database works, stuff like that. I even know how to implement scripts and how to do little customizations. I just used the standard character sizes all the time, so I was never familiar with other sizes that may be supported. The program I use for spriting is GameCharacter Hub, so I can easily set up the height and width I need. So you say it´s not problem, until I make sure that everything else will fit too, like height of buildings, doors, stuff like that? So the spritesheet could theoretically every size, as long as I keep 1/3 width and 1/4 height, right? Of course with the $-sign.
  3. Hey guys, At the moment, I am planning my RM-Game and I decided to not have the standard RTP- and JRPG-look. I want characters that are higher and not as wide as the standard chars. I really want to show the difference between muscular and huge guys (barbarians), "normal"/average guys, men/women, children, old guys, etc. Personally I think that you can´t do that very well with the RPG Maker and I want to have completely custom graphics. That means: Drawing own non-rtp-style characters, create parallax maps in Photoshop, create own Icons and more. Now my question: How high and wide can I make the characters, so they will work well with things like-door events, Side- or Upfront- Battle Systems, Animations and such. It would be so awesome if you could provide a charset template of what is possible in terms of more height and less width (so it looks more human). Or if you can´t or don´t want to do this, could you at least please give me some information of whats possible or have some screenshots of taller, non-JRPG-style characters that someone already created? A big thank you in advance Greetings, jet_black PS: I am just learning custom spriting, so I had set the goal how I want my sprites to look like and the template would show me whats possible, so I can learn very ressource-effective.
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    Extending the RPG Maker Core

    Oh that's definitely possible - the exact name of it escapes me, but I believe there was a similar tool on some website somewhere that used a GUI-based click-and-drag process that automatically generated a script that adjusted the in-game menu windows, either for RMVX or VXAce. From memory, it wasn't very fully featured and couldn't do much more than change the coordinates (and maybe add extra buttons that still needed to be manually programmed) but I remember something similar existing. Dunno what happened to it, or if it ever got far off the ground, though. Yes, because every changeable thing in Scripts like the Luna Engine is stored in variables. So it shouldn´t be a big problem to have the user to change the content of a variable in a dynamic way via GUI. It could be very useful, for example you can add a menu-item which will then appear on the GUI under the other items (maybe you can change order via drag&drop) and on the right side you´ll have an empty window to add your own custom scene-script. And for every other thing you can change in Luna Engine, like the graphics for the buttons and backgrounds, there could be fields where you can insert graphics from your local hard drive via drag&drop (like the media area in wordpress) or upload-button. You could also change height, width, image and color of battle screen items (like character portraits, bars, colors, fonts and such). Of course in the beginning, only the few most used battle systems and engines would be supported, but you could extend it over the time. This little application should be Open Source and public on github, so everyone could contribute. It could really speed up the development time, make it easier for beginners and could lower the entry treshold for people which like the Luna Engine, but still haven´t bought it yet, because it still seems a bit to complex for them.
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    Extending the RPG Maker Core

    Guys, thank you very much for your awesome answers. I thought that it may be legal to write extensions or plugins for the Editor, as long as you don´t sell them. But yeah, to do that, the Maker would need to be Open Source. What I meant with Installer: Some scripters should get together and make a collection of the most useful Scripts they created and which are compatible with each other. Kinda like the Luna Engine. But I came to the conclusion, that you wouldn´t need that, because you can just copy the Luna Engine (which is a collection of the most awesome scripts) Base and create your project from that. And I understand that it may not be legal if you change the dll too much or in a certain way. But what would be possible is a GUI for certain scripting things where you create stuff. Like drag&drop your custom menu, customize a SBS, stuff like that. That would be very helpful for coders and even for non-coders, because it shortens development-time very much. What do you guys think about that?