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  1. gendfleur

    Battle Systems

    honestly i hate to be That Guy, but i can't Stand ATB systems. i find them obnoxious and frustrating at worst, passable at best. i personally just dislike real-time battles. (i also recently played a game where the ATB meter didn't stop running when you were choosing what to do with your turn, and that was a Nightmare.) in my opinion, a balanced team with a turn-based system is the absolute best battle system. the best rpgm demo i've ever played had a turn-based system that relied on the player learning how their baddies were structured and reacting accordingly, learning when to heal and when to let their players just take the damage. i just like the feel of turn-based, where i get to decide exactly what everyone's going to do and then watch them do it. that's not to say i totally disregard games that use ATB, but i generally find it annoying and not worth it.
  2. gendfleur

    art a wild bustset appeared!

    a new bustset???? i'm actually working on my game ????????? incredible
  3. gendfleur

    art a wild bustset appeared!

    hello hello !! it is time to unleash my drawings on the world........... even if they're not very good, i'm pretty h*cking proud of them they're all sets for my upcoming (eventually (in maybe a hundred years)) game, which is Very Very Tentatively titled something along the lines of "theomachy." (yes the game will be using busts, but i don't want to take up a massive amount of space with this post so i'm just posting the general-face bust and then the emoset ) also, the choice to use the "female" base for all characters is an executive choice on my part; i'm super super not a fan of the "male" looseleaf base so i just decided not to use it at all now that you've been bored with the intro, it's art time and that's all, folks! if you feel like critiquing, keep in mind it takes me many hours to do these because i'm not a very good artist, so critiques like "your eyes don't look realistic" are unfortunately not very helpful, because i'm not able to do realistic eyes ! other than that, i hope you like them [thumbs up]
  4. gendfleur

    game title ?

    @Whiona thank you for the suggestion !! after a lot of looking around, i actually decided to go a Totally Different route, haha, and was thinking something along the lines of "Theomachy," possibly with a subtitle added to it? "theomachy" is a word that means "a war between/among gods," and it does tie in with the theme of the game, albeit in a spoiler-y way: @Rezanta i'm super glad it sounds interesting!! it's actually not directly inspired by either (though i'm sure my ideas on heaven and hell have been influenced by popular culture as much as anyone's), this game came around because i was really interested in making something using the "hell culture" my best friend and i came up with over many months of roleplaying @Nirwana thank you !! i didn't actually think about the ease of finding the game, which is a really good point, so thank you !
  5. gendfleur

    game title ?

    hello !!! i'm working on a game right now that's still in the very early development stages, and i'm trying to come up with a good name! my working title has been "divine providence," but someone told me they hated that name, so i've been rethinking it ^^;; my game follows a fallen angel, who can be named by the character but is "officially" named divinity. they wake up in hell with no idea where they are, no idea what happened to get them there, and no knowledge of anything that's happened in the last few days - their last memories are of just kind of angel-ing in heaven. with the help of three other demons, all of whom became demons in different ways, they make their way through hell and uncover why they got booted down to hell and figure out if they can get back. the main theme of the game is going to be about kind of reinterpreting people's ideas of heaven, hell, and religion. i have a very, very tumultuous relationship with religion and it's going to kind of come out in this game. there's a lot of emphasis placed on personal choice, and a few different endings that can be achieved, each relying on the way you treated NPCs, your party members, and enemies. "divine providence" was chosen for a couple reasons: it was a play on the main character's official name (divinity), an already-established phrase that people could recognize, and acknowledged that there was going to be a strong theme of religion. if you think "divine providence" is a good title, feel free to comment that! if you think you have a better idea, feel free to comment that too! if you have a vague idea that you think might inspire me to create a super awesome better title, that would make a great comment too! i'm The Worst at naming things. i like to think my idea is pretty solid, but naming things is.... not my forte, to say the least : p thank you !!!
  6. this is an AWESOME game !!!! don't take my lots of notes too seriously, they're mostly super super nitpicky, and it's easier to note bad things than good things : ) - Technical - Dialogue - Spelling/Grammar - Ambient Gameplay - Mapping - Battles - Music - Puzzles Overall: i LOVE this game, i really honestly adore it, everything about it is really fun and well put together. the characters are all nicely fleshed out, the plot is interesting and doesn't seem cliched or boring, and your dialogue is funny without being overbearing. i'm absolutely going to keep my eye on this project, and i wish you guys the best of luck in your continuing with this !!!!!!
  7. gendfleur

    Ruined Future: The Bad Ending

    alRIGHTY i took a couple hours out of my week to play this game and Boy Do I Have Some Feedback For You, haha i mostly note things i didn't like or that didn't particularly make sense, BUT that doesn't mean i didn't like it, it's just easier to note criticism unfortunately. i have an overall at the end, so don't lose hope! & of course if you don't care about whatever i say you never have to incorporate any of the suggestions, they're just suggestions for you to think about! - Technical - Dialogue - Spelling/Grammar - Ambient Gameplay - Mapping - Battles -Music Personally, it took me 4:05 to finish Overall: I thought this was a really good game! It was interesting, and I really liked the idea of naming each kingdom after a stone, that was a good touch. Your characters are memorable, and your battles, while occasionally a little repetitive, aren't overly difficult or annoying once you get past about l3. Gameplay is pretty good, though the payoff for getting chests isn't really worth fighting through all the enemies. Your storyline is pretty solid, and I was invested in where the story was going, which is nice. I know I put a lot in the spelling/grammar category, but it's mostly little fixes, and I always understood what you were trying to say, so it didn't completely detract from the experience. Overall, I'm definitely interested and will definitely keep up with this game.
  8. gendfleur


    hey ! first of all, i'm really glad to hear this project isn't dead, and i hope you start feeling better soon! what little i've played of the game is really cool. i came here because i was playing, and i found the gauntlet and went to leave the cave and was given the dialogue that says i havent found the artifact yet? am i missing something?
  9. gendfleur

    Small peek at intro + portraits

    WOW, i went "ooooooooh" out loud when i saw that first post's dialogue sprite!!! that art style is absolutely gorgeous!
  10. gendfleur

    Some sprites

    whoa, these are cool!! i especially love the mouselike one, it's interesting and very original.
  11. gendfleur

    purple phantom A few drawings for an emoset

    he looks interesting ! the main critique i would give you is that his t-shirt looks like a sideview, but his face and body are giving more of a three-quarters view. i would recommend you move the text on the t-shirt over a little so everything looks more three-quarters ! on another note, what's an emoset? i've seen people using it before, but i don't know what it is ^^;
  12. Hello!!! My name's Rose, and I'm just getting back into RMVXAce after a long, long time of doing nothing (mainly because I didn't have any ideas!) I'm working right now on a zombie game that's more focused on the relationships between characters than the actual killing of zombies (though there's quite a bit of that too!) I'm totally new to things like scripting, which is what I'm super ready to do! Just today I've downloaded like 11 scripts and am working on playing around with the ones that aren't plug-and-play. I hope to one day have an entry to the Masterpiece Theatre!
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