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  1. This marks the start of "mini-game" development. Still learning the ins and outs of stuff to make sure they are optimized and well. [There's a picture of it in the screenshots spoiler]
  2. Added full body art of the characters im able to give to give a better idea what they look like. Edit: I just bumped my thread in less than 3 days, UGH! Sincere apologies, my fault and will keep in mind of the 72 hour mark!
  3. There has not been many updates, but I'm trying the best with updating as much as I can. One new screenshot and some extra character information. Game progress should be improved at some point. I also noticed how spoiling the story tab was. My fault entirely. I removed some things to keep further spoiling away if it's already not to late!
  4. Jokingly Serious Mainly due to explicit language and some sexual/suggestive themes. Abstract: Pokemon in "comedic" yet serious situations. Genre: RPG Game Progression: Limited early alpha, expect at least a year for beta with our current crew. Recruitment: Artists for sprites, Minor scripters are not needed but are open for interest. Current Crew: [Main developer] Eziam. [Possible scripter] Kevans. [Definite playtester] Ion. A game with a world of Pokemon. But the Pokemon are the people. Mix that in with some cheezy stories and cute characters, and you get some interesting reults. Characters Setting/Plot Screenshots Credits Features [Or in other words, what to expect other than the story line] Music
  5. Hello Members and Guests, as well as musicians and music enthusiasts! Being the amateur(?) musician for electronic music for almost more than 2 years, most fast paced music is a breeze for me. A question to musicians, or even to ones who know about music: How do you make or picture town music, as well as calming music? Having practiced music on a bpm range of 128-150, and being electronic dance music, it's quite hard to make calm music. Some tracks succeeded, but town music is something difficult. How do you picture it? How would you think a process making a calm track would be? These are the only calm music created, and those aren't even fitting for so called towns. That's 2 songs out of the huge list of tracks made. (Including outside of Soundcloud) https://soundcloud.com/eligrand-one/game-soundtrack-main https://soundcloud.com/eligrand-one/game-soundtrack-urban-jazz-time Considering the following: Since these will be made using a DAW program, will this affect it's process? (Both the tracks were technically created in a DAW Program, but not DAW plugins(?)) (Musicians on this forum do a great job at calm music)