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  1. Thejaxinator


    I'm currently looking for a good lighting script, but here is a few i've found on here
  2. Hello everyone, again. I used to be pretty active on here, before I kinda completely disappeared, but plan on actually making games worth playing, and returning to this community. glad to be back.
  3. I actually am still here, and do have a project planned.


    But more importantly I built a brand new PC! (See Profile)


    I want to try and be more active on here now..

  4. Well, I'm alive,
    but my old PC was mostly ruined by Irma, however, I got a new one now (Slightly better) and I'm taking this as a time to restart my project.

    1. lonequeso


      Yay! Survived the hurricane AND got an upgrade? #Winning B)

    2. Thejaxinator


      Well, I lost 4gb of ram, but I did get a video card (I had integrated before), but overall it runs much better.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Any luck with recovering the old HDD?


      I believe it can be done even if damaged.


      If you haven't tried and/or seen about it, you should, just to see if your project can be recouped.

  5. I was going to work on my project, but I guess Irma has other plans...  (Don't worry getting out of the state tonight)

    1. lonequeso


      Yeah, I'd say not being caught in hurricane trumps working on your project. Be safe!

  6. Just spent most of my day installing and uninstalling Ubuntu. 

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    2. Kayzee


      I think many of the variants are better personally but I haven't used unbuntu in a while to be honest.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Installing an OS is a great deal of time that can never be recovered...

    4. Kayzee


      You know, I get that humans are mortal and all and so have understandably different attitudes about this kind of thing, but it still seems silly to me to think of time as something you need to hold on to so tightly and that anything that takes too long should just be avoided. Because honestly, time is going to be 'used up' no matter what you do. Things are going to pass you by regardless if you are running around trying to 'make every moment count' or not.


      It's what you are doing right now that is important. If you are doing what you want or what you feel you need, then you should try to be happy with it. Sometimes people want or need to do things like watching a video on youtube, or playing a game, or working at some job, or installing an OS, or even just taking a break and doing nothing or waiting for something. If looking back something seems like a waste or a big chunk of time you will never get back, just try and remember why you were doing it, and that time isn't something you 'spend' on living, it's the act of living it's self.

  7. Thejaxinator


    Hello welcome to the forum if you need anything make a post we are here to help!
  8. Thejaxinator

    I made a video of my Catz!

    I had Dogz on my old gameboy lots of hours wasted..... Say where is that gameboy.
  9. Thejaxinator

    Camping or Base? Your choice....

    Base so you can make a strong place you feel save and not be running around outside as much
  10. Hurricane Matthew is htting tomorrow.... I live in FL.

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    2. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      That really stinks... I wish you luck.

    3. Purple Phantom
    4. lonequeso


      That's not good. If you think it's going to be bad, get out of there. Head as far inland as you can get.

  11. Thejaxinator

    Forum Theme?

    What about having more then one theme? is that possible, having sets of them you can pick at the least classic (now) modern (later)
  12. Thejaxinator

    forum game The Sentence Game!

    Animals are at the zoo i saw a pikachu at a zoo (Pokemon day)
  13. Thejaxinator

    Indie in a Week 5!

    My game has a few bugs might want to say them The secret ending does not work. if you can decrypt the game and fix the last switch it works but not now no endings... the final boss works but the end card wasn't turned on yet it said "good job but there is a better ending" and good job for the endings Also the first boss is meant for LVL 15 for testing and 30 for final boss
  14. Thejaxinator

    Indie in a Week 5!

    Here it is in all of it's awfulness things to note Color tiles have meanings red deals 10 damage green heal 10 damage yellow saves and heals light blue lets y-{>}{@#L}%>{@#%#%@}>%{#>}{>1 If the bosses are to hard spam stun burst It's one of my games........ Be prepared Number 5 is nothing Number 4 is nothing something something beware the game i made it something something https://www.dropbox.com/s/vc434eoe1smp7cq/A%20Simple%20Game.exe?dl=0 (Edit might want to redownload had to fix a bug) (Edit 2 i have had a busy day and just fixed the last of issues that i know of so one more download to get past the "dark cave" boss)
  15. Thejaxinator

    Indie in a Week 5!

    Quick copy what the rest of them are doing Actors: 1/1 Classes: 1/1 Skills: 11/11 Weapons: 2/2 & (default) Armors: 0/0 (default) Items: 0/0 (default) Enemies: 7/7 Troops: 12/12 Animations: 0/0 Tilesets: 1/1 Common Events: 1/1 Just doing that last bits of testing for the game and it will be out another awful game off the press
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