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  1. Tale of Two sisters An RPG Maker Game Hello. My name is Kevin Matthews. I'm a 21 year old university student. I'm dreaming of becoming a game developer. This is just a game i'm making as I learn to use the program. I will of course try my best to make this a good and enjoyable game. It started out as just a short and quick RPG with a simple story, but as I worked more and more on the game, new ideas came into play and it looks to me much much longer and bigger that first anticipated. I really that this game will be the first step for me in game development, and hopefully I can stay motivated to make other project, and use the program to its full potential. Now for the game itself. Abstract: The game is an Adventure RPG set in a fantasy world, with a story inspired by another game of the same name. (Chantelise: A Tale of Two sisters.) Genre: Adventure RPG. Game Progression: The game is progressing a bit each day. Currently i'm working on getting the Main Quest done, and then focusing on the Side Quests. Estimated progress: 45% Estimated time of Finish Project: Late August. Story: Main Characters: Credits: Even though I try to avoid using anything out of the thing that comes with the program, I have imported a few things to make the game feel more alive. I also don't like using scripts for my very first game but I will if necessary. Screenshots Thank you for reading about my project. There will be more to come as I work on the game. I won't be doing daily or weekly updates, but I will be updating of there is major changes. Also there will be no demo. I will only release the game when it is finished and tested, so it will be a fun, bug free experience. Hope you all have a great day Updates: 13-07-2015 Updated the Story. Updated the Characters. Updated ETA.
  2. Thanks a lot, that seemed to fix the issue