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  1. tripnmusic

    Walking Sprites, Character Icons

    Now you need to make unique battlers in RMMV format for each of them so I can use in my game ok thanks! LOL only if you want to! hahaha These are really something special good job Amy!
  2. tripnmusic

    Call the airship with an Item

    Hmm I just made a single Common event, it controls all 3 variables for player map, x, and y. Than i put a condition to check if variable map id is = to world map id. If yes Ask if they want to call airship, and if yes move it to there location. if they are on another map it just diplays text "cannot use here." I use an item to summon it works great for me. I don't see the need for a parallel process event to do this. It summoned airship even when I was in the forest where I have it set to it not being able to land normally.
  3. tripnmusic

    Japanese-themed Resources Questions and Requests

  4. https://www.twitch.tv/nazgul_tv2 streaming for a bit, check out anime fighting fantasy ask questions!
  5. tripnmusic

    Toasty's Dazzling Effects(Added Stuff: 9/12/13)

    I realize this topic is ancient, but oh my god! Thank you so much Toasty! This demo pack you made is incredibile! I cant believe you made this so quick! You understand animations so well! I wish I could visualize with your strength! Thanks for assistance doing my best to keep it all looking nice!
  6. tripnmusic

    DoubleX RMVXA State Triggers

    Wow this is so incredible, let me tell you how I plan to use it. So basically I am implementing a pet state for my game to have an in battle pet that is a state, So I have animated a sprite to move as the state animation. My plan is to have 4 different pet state, each will have slight variations in movement to let the player anticipate the next move. The state trigger will remove the state and cause an animation to play of the pet attacking or helping a friend or foe; then it adds the next pet state in sequence 4 turns later the next skill will go off, and so on. He has 2 helpful moves and 2 offensive ones! I absolutely love this script its power is so insane! I never imagined the level of creativity this allows for! Thanks so much for this one!
  7. tripnmusic

    DoubleX RMVXA State Triggers

    Forgive my ignorance here, I do use this script, I am just planing some ideas and I was curious if you could answer a question for me Doublex. What will happen if a 4-turn state has a note tag to call a state trigger and the enemy dies before the state runs out? Will the state trigger execute first? Will it cancel? Is there anyway I can make the state trigger when the enemy dies? The idea is to have a state that never goes away its on one battler and after 4 turns it does a trigger and reapplies itself to a random target. Sorry if this is confusing basically what I am trying to do, is just have an infinite state that is always on one battler and will keep triggering reliably.
  8. tripnmusic

    Touhou Tales: Spirit of Dark Memory

    This has got to be the most beautiful looking project I have seen! What amazing artistry and taste!
  9. I am vastly ignorant when it comes to scripting or else I might do what you say! Because learning them via skills as well would be fun. Kread-ex had a script but it didn't have an animation play and i really like the light bulb animation over his message display. Thanks for the advice about a counter that increases chances to learn as you keep trying. I believe that is what I will do.
  10. tripnmusic

    DoubleX RMVXA State Triggers

    DoubleX Anime Fighting Fantasy uses this script to great effect!
  11. So basically at the moment the nature of the eventing system allows only for skills to be leveled up during the regular attack. I think I will attempt to implement a skill counter so there is a set range you will learn the skills like between 30-60 attacks and then maybe about 50-100 on a tough skill. This way rng doesn't come too early or too late. Thanks for the replies!
  12. So this is the basic idea, it seems to be functioning rather well. I just set up her attack skill to call a common event, the common event checks some conditional branches to determine if she learns the new skill or does her regular attack. With this system she can only learn new skills from attacking. I am posting to ask about the types of conditional branches that should go into unlocking character skills. It might seem straightforward but I wanted to see if anyone else had an opinion on this type of skill learning. So my conditional branches right now check the Actors Level, then checks an RNG variable, then it checks if she already has the skill. If she doesnt the following sequence above will happen. The RNG right now is a variable assigned a random value between 0 and 255. Then depending on her level she has a chance on attack to learn a skill. So for instance at level 5 she has a 25/255 chance to learn her first skill with every attack. Not all skills are available at all levels. Should all characters learn skills this way? Or only the TP characters since they spam attack more often? Should I get rid of RNG and use a counter method, so she has to attack between 30-60 times before unlocking set skill? What does everyone think of this system? Its quite a lot of work to implement to all the actors but if its something I work on I want it to be done right. Please let me know if you have some questions or comments. Thanks everyone. For some skills I determined a switch could be used before you unlock them. For others you could have a special battle where you are able to unlock it during that fight with a conditional branch. For the Mage characters I would change it to "New Spell!", and perhaps restore there mp so its a free cast for them.
  13. tripnmusic

    Yanfly Shop menu, Adding Icons to Character Names

    Oh wow shiggy! I bet that will work too This is awesome! It looks so pretty! I am gonna get a screenshot! for everyone! Thank you so much this is making my day! Pairing this with Kread-exs multiple equipments and Yanflys message scripts I am going to draw each characters icons in the description of weapons and armor they can equip! You can close this topic as solved thanks to Shiggy!
  14. tripnmusic

    Yanfly Shop menu, Adding Icons to Character Names

    Thank you so much Shiggy I am going to try this right away! Thanks so much its drawing the icon I input! The icons I need to use are Index: 5232 - 5238 I probably should have specified that each actor needs their own icon. Is there an adjustment I can make to draw a specific icon depending on actor id? This is some brilliant stuff thanks for the help! Please let me know any other relevant information I can give you. I am using https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/menu-scripts/command-window-icons/ To organize most of my menu icons. Each actor needs its own Icon. The indexes of the icons are 5232- 5238. They are speicifc Icons from the set. The indexes below show the actors name and the id of the actor and the icon that should show. Sorry for not including relevant information. Actor id1: 5235, katsumi, Actor id2: 5238, sakura Actor id3: 5234, himiko Actor id4: 5236, minamoto Actor id5: 5237, sayuri Actor id6: 5232, ayame
  15. tripnmusic

    Lortrec: Uprising [WORK IN PROGRESS]

    Love to see good sbs rpgs! Its inspiring to see you get so far. I hope I can be as ambitious as you!
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