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  1. DigiDeity

    How to make a basic tracker

    I can see that you're new here. RPG Maker is made with Ruby not C++. As for what you are asking for. $game_player.x $game_player.y $game_map.events[#].x $game_map.events[#].y so what your example would be is if $game_map.events[1].x-1 = $game_player.x do thing end I think you don't realize the power of the basic framework though. Try having an event check the location of the player and then adjust depending on the difference. Or if you were say trying to make a mirror puzzle you could always just use another parallel processes event that checks to see which arrow key is being pressed. Its: if $game_map.events[1].x-1 == $game_player.x do thing end Also to notice, the maker initilizes the events, switches and variables with the starting ID of 1 and not 0. I wonder why you have problems with Ruby since C++ is way harder in my opinion. :/ I have no clue what you mean. Do you want to have a reference to the object of the tile? Cause there is non in particular they're stored in maps and for more informations you can look up the help searching for Tiles. There is a "documentation" or at least a part of a documentation about the classes RPG Maker/RGSS3 implements.
  2. DigiDeity

    always update the status window in Scene_equip

    Thank you thank you far to kind! And you're welcome!
  3. DigiDeity

    always update the status window in Scene_equip

    class Window_EquipStatus alias initialize_refresh_if_actor_changed initialize alias update_refresh_if_actor_changed update def initialize(*args) initialize_refresh_if_actor_changed(*args) @last_actor = nil end def update(*args) update_refresh_if_actor_changed(*args) refresh if @last_actor.class != @actor.class end end Add/Try this.
  4. DigiDeity

    [SOLVED] Drawing pictures in scripts

    You're Welcome! (Y)
  5. DigiDeity

    [SOLVED] Drawing pictures in scripts

    Yes it is possible and I guess you have to acces the name of the actor or something to load image with the name and a suffix or something like this. It will be redrawn so you dont have to bother about it I guess but it depends on how or in which method you draw it. There is no method for drawing simple images yet but I can write one. If you add this you can now draw images by using draw_image(x,y,path): class Window_Base # x: x coordinate # y: y coordinate # path: Path/Folder and name of the image "Graphics/Pictures/picture.png" for example def draw_image(x,y,path) bitmap = Bitmap.new(path) self.contents.blt(x,y,bitmap,Rect.new(0,0,bitmap.width,bitmap.height)) end end Since Im not at the PC right now I can't check the perfect syntax but I guess you can get the ActorID just by using actor.id.... case actor.id when 1 # do bla when 2 # do another bla end
  6. DigiDeity

    [SOLVED] Drawing pictures in scripts

    First of all, Bitmaps (Pictures as self) don't manage Z-Coordinates. To determinate those you have to put this Bitmap into a Sprite and this Sprite can handle Z-Coordinates. Drawing a picture means, loading a Bitmap and storing it into a Sprite (or overdrawing a bitmap of an already created sprite or whatever). To do this you have many possibilities for Example loading it by a path (pretty intuitive one): Bitmap.new("Graphics/Pictures/picture.png") If you read the text above you will maybe know, that this bitmap is just loaded but not drawn. To do this you have to use a sprite which is for example your window. And to draw the loaded image into the picture of the window you can acces these by: #@window.contents # Bitmap of the window @window.contents.blt(x,y,source_image) # I dont know if this is the exact syntax Use the Help function of the Scripteditor and search for Bitmap or blt or stretch_blt.
  7. DigiDeity

    Need help w/ help menu script.

    Hay, well you don't define anything particular to happen but the cancel call. So nothing will happen if you press anything except X.
  8. DigiDeity

    Simple HUD

    Hay, yes it is free as long as you give credits and may be notice me as soon the game is out so I can play it!
  9. DigiDeity

    "this" object reference?

    Yes, whenever the player is transfered and the map id changed Game_Map will setup with the new map id.
  10. DigiDeity

    Jump Fix (incl. Jump Function)

    Hay, maybe I'm misunderstanding you but if is effecting the events as well. If you setup the script the events wont jump onto wrong/unpassable coordinates,
  11. DigiDeity

    Extra Menu Window

    Hay, you have to edit the update method a bit, initilize and also the refresh method. def initialize(x, y) super(x, y, 160, 32 * WINDOW_LINES) # â— You can set the font settings here: self.contents.font.bold = false # enable BOLD? self.contents.font.size = 20 # set the font SIZE self.contents.font.outline = false # enable OUTLINE? self.contents.font.shadow = true # enable SHADOW? # â— End of font settings self.contents.font.color = normal_color @playtime = 0 refresh end #----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # â–º Setup (Do not touch anything here) #----------------------------------------------------------------------------- def refresh . . . @playtime = $game_system.playtime end #----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # â–º Update #----------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update super refresh if $game_system.playtime - @playtime >= 1 end
  12. DigiDeity

    Extra Menu Window

    Hay, looks good and seems to be working! Improvement:
  13. DigiDeity

    Jump Fix (incl. Jump Function)

    Awesome, glad I was able to help!
  14. DigiDeity

    [SOLVED] Displaying more than 4 states in Menu

    Maybe I will figure out how to implement the feature in a better way and independent so it will be compatible with everything.
  15. DigiDeity

    [SOLVED] Displaying more than 4 states in Menu

    Im gonna fix this but bot now. It seens like its highly incompatible with some Scripts.
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