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  1. xoferew

    Different kind of tables?

    Those autotile tables are pretty easy to recolor. There must be recolors for download somewhere. If not, and if you can't do it yourself, I'll bet you could request certain colors and someone would be happy to do it for you.
  2. xoferew

    Jaluna's First Screwy Pixels

    I'm kind of wondering, does your game have giant screws in it? If so, great, but if not, why not work on a plant or a rock or a bench or something that you will be able to use?
  3. xoferew


    The autotiles in the A tilesets are tricky but for everything else you can just paste your own 32 pixel square or smaller graphics over graphics in an existing tileset, save it with a different name, and import it into your game. Say you edited dungeon_b. Then under "database" you can copy the dungeon tileset to a new slot and rename the new one "edited_dungeon" or whatever, and keep the a and c tiles but change the b tile to your new edited b set. when you make a map you can pick "edited_dungeon" to be the tileset for that map (under map properties). In this example below, I have made changes to the c file so that one has a different name (for my bunny tunnels) and the whole thing is called Dungeon Bun.
  4. xoferew

    Jaluna's First Screwy Pixels

    Nice start! Metal generally has a lot of contrast. Look at the RTP bars of silver and shovel and such. If you are using mostly RTP then put your creations into a map along with RTP stuff and look at how those things are shaded with a light source from the upper left, often with a shadow around the base. Is your screw standing on its end, or lying down? Are the details easy enough to see? With such tiny graphics we often have to sacrifice what it would actually look like so we can tell what it is supposed to be. Many people start by altering existing game graphics rather than starting from scratch.
  5. xoferew continues to work long hours writing reports for school. xoferew misses working on graphics and game events. come on xoferew, don't quit now! just one more weekend of nonstop work after this and you'll be done! (or in the loony bin from a mental breakdown) sometimes it's hard, being a kitty who wants to play...

    1. Yuugami


      All work and no play makes xoferew a very dull kitty.

    2. Rezanta


      xoferew, before you know it, you'll be able to work on what you want to your hearts content. Don't give in to the reports now! :D

    3. xoferew


      I just hope everyone doesn't forget about me! *Throws fur everywhere.*

  6. Teacher gets a cushy chair! Maybe you should move all the desks up one so the lower door isn't blocked? What is the room with the big red carpet?
  7. xoferew

    When I was your age...

    When I was your age we didn't have seasons like Spring. The earth hadn't started moving yet.
  8. xoferew

    Pixelization of a Hand Dagger?

    The icon you made looks pretty but I can't picture how you'd wield it with any control. Does your whole hand go in there, or just a finger? And how is the blade attached? (I'm not criticizing your graphic, I'm just curious about the weapon you based it on.)
  9. xoferew

    When I was your age...

    When I was your age we told those over-hunting young whippersnappers to get the heck off our gosh-danged consarned lawn!
  10. xoferew

    When I was your age...

    When I was your age we made our time machines out of DeLoreans.
  11. xoferew

    When I was your age...

    And we didn't have proper ponies, we had hyracotherium!
  12. xoferew

    When I was your age...

    Back in my day we only raised offspring of different species because we liked the challenge! (And because we'd offered up our own biological offspring to the White Walkers.)
  13. xoferew

    When I was your age...

    Back in MY day when I was about 150 years old I had to change little toddler Lonequeso's diapers after he had an accident at the giraffe petting zoo because he got so freaked out when one of them licked him with its big purple tongue.
  14. xoferew

    When I was your age...

    In my day we carved the sprites out of Ivory soap bars.
  15. xoferew

    Attempting some birch trees...

    Thanks!! I wish *I* could do the awesome drawing *you* do. You're right about the trunk. The trees started out much more stylized and when I made the leaves more realistic I didn't change the trunks. Lonequeso: You better keep a leash on that Charizard or I might just leap down out of a birch tree and eat him.