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  1. It's lit bruh. getting back to work after 6+ months.

  2. Sorry for the late update, to anyone who might have been curious. I have been busy dealing with contracts, and have not been able to talk much about the game. This game has actually been purchased by someone, and is currently switching to a new engine, thus I will not be able to update you guys through this forum anymore, however; look out for the title on places such as steam because it will be coming to you guys soon enough. I have no further updates on the game, as it is currently undergoing a MASSIVE graphical update. -Thanks to anyone who may have been interested in this title. Side note: I will however still be working on this title as lead director, and the exterior world space mapper.
  3. Hello I'm currently converting a game from VX Ace, to MV, and I require two plugins to do so. The first one being a plugin that allows the player to upgrade the base attributes (ATK, DEF, M.ATK, and ect.) upon leveling. I would appreciate a plugin that allows me to choose the amount of points the player gets when they level up, as I am customizing things like how much damage you do based upon your ATK, and ect., and I cannot have the player earn 20 points upon leveling up. The second one being a plugin that keeps track of ingame time, allows me to use script calls to change time, and also gives the lighting effects of day and night. If you have any leads it would be much appreciated, and you will be credited for your help whether you wrote the scripts, or not.
  4. fair warning to all! mapping is incomplete, subject to change and rather bare if you ask me, but it is definitely good enough to not get in the of enjoying the game. it is also only the alpha .01 this is its most bare and naked form, so the world space is rather unpopulated compared to what I have in mind.
  5. Sorry for the long waited reply, I will get on fixing those screen shots, or better yet updating them with better ones. Hahahaha. As of right now the job system is nothing to complex, it is actually very reminiscent of stick rpg 1, and 2, although; I do plan on integrating mini-games to accompany each job in a future update. That may not be for a few months though. I will have a updated version of the game ready to go in a few days here though. I will actually hold of on updating those screen shots to i get a new windowskin, and decide on a font to use in my game... (should be visible now though, nothing special just a requirement.)
  6. I could really use some criticism on my game so far, if you'd like to help check it out in the gaming lounge (simple life). I currently of have the with rtp link up right now.

  7. Update a.02 will include the following - 2-3 new jobs with different payment/work payment hours -A new part of Stump Town -A new animal in the forest (Wolf) -A finished and populated NE district -A better populated SE district The update will be expect within the next week.
  8. Simple life is in the gaming lounge now. go check it out and give me some feed back (:

  9. Uploaded my demo to the submissions forum, just waiting for it to get moved to the gaming lounge. Go check it out in the submissions forum if you wanna download the demo before it's moved.

  10. Story / Setting / Purpose: Simple Life is a game where the player takes the role of young Noah. Noah is tasked with completing jobs to make some money, or hunting, with the ultimate goal of become the king of Stump Town. Simple life is a free roam, do as you please kind of game, where the player not only has the options of working, but going into the cave outside of town to level up and gain EXP. There are many other things to do such as side quest, building you relationships with characters in the game, and other various things. Character Bios: Noah: Noah is a young man who has spent his entire life doing nothing, but that is all about to change. Credits: -Director Robin C.L.D. Kleinschmit -Mapper Robin C.L.D. Kleinschmit -Writer Robin C.L.D. Kleinschmit -Scripters V.M. Mr. Trivel Falcao -Graphics PandaMuru NastiaWolf Maiko Geisha Pineda Screenshots: Features: A stat point system, comparable to Diablo. A day/night system with a clock. A fully functioning action battle system. Download: http://www.4shared.com/file/xLTPPOjWce/Simple_Life_Version_a01.html Known Issues: 1. While the whiskey is suppose to revive a character, it is functioning properly and doesn't work as of now.
  11. working on a smaller project than "Axis Chroicles", but i believe this game im working on will be very fun. (: i will have plenty for you guys to check out this afternoon.

  12. Unfortunately, I have not been able to update my progress on Axius Chronicles in the past couple days, due to my high amount of anticipation for releasing a quality demo by tomorrow. Look forward to it, I am expecting to have 45- 60 minutes of gameplay, featuring core mechanics such as crafting/mining, and ect. I also plan on additionaly having a few side quest open to the characters. I will have the demo uploaded and ready to play asap. (:

    1. Dymdez


      Best not to rush -- take your time :)

    2. TrollToker


      Words of a wise man (: Luckily I've been preparing for a week now for an alpha demo

      I'm souly in the bug fixing stage, hoping for a bug free demo haha. (

    3. Dymdez


      I'll happily test it for ya :P

  13. Updates too come soon on Axius Chronicles. (: with much better screen shots of combat, crafting, and quests.

  14. Why don't you PM me with a side quest idea (including dialogue), and we will see if we can't utilize you. (: Try to make it a clean format, with multiple tasks, and a little more elaborate than go here, kill that, and come back. Maybe you even have an idea for a larger side quest you'd like to share, spanning over a series of events, rather than "receive this item for me because it was my fathers", type of thing. (:
  15. Getting lots of mapping done (: