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  1. thanasulas

    [ Help-me || Pearl Liquid ABS V3 ]

    Take this code and put it in the "module PearlKernel". It is in the Falcao Pearl ABS script shelf # 1. def self.draw_monster_hp(obj, battler, x, y, w, h, color, name=nil) tag = '' ; c = color draw_monster_gauge(obj, battler.hp, battler.mhp, x, y, w, h, c) end def self.draw_monster_gauge(obj, nm, max, x, y, w, h, col) obj.font.shadow = true w2 = w - 2 ; max = 1 if max == 0 obj.fill_rect(x, y - 1, w, h + 2, @gaugeback) obj.fill_rect(x+1, y+1, w2*nm/max, h/2 - 1, col[0]) obj.fill_rect(x+1, y + h/2, w2*nm/max, h/2 - 1, col[1]) end After doing that go to line 251 of the script you are showing and replace this line: PearlKernel.draw_hp(self.bitmap,battler,h[0],h[1],h[2], h[3], hc,true) with this: PearlKernel.draw_monster_hp(self.bitmap,battler,h[0],h[1],h[2], h[3], hc,true) If you need anything else tell me. If it is simple I will try to help.
  2. thanasulas

    Autosave with Yanfly save engine

    I am not sure, but I think running the command "DataManager.save_game(<position>)" with <position> being the ... position of the save file (starting from 0) works. You should have a position though that it is for the auto save. It would overwrite anything the user saved there. I am not sure if it works with yanfly's script but check it out and let me know. It works with the normal save. You can run the command from any event, using the script option.
  3. thanasulas

    Looking for a teacher for scripting

    Check this out and see if it fits your needs.
  4. thanasulas

    Very Newbish Question (Asking yes/no in a script)

    What should I write, if I want to check it in my rpg maker and see what your problem is exactly?
  5. Sorry for the late answer!That's because I overwrote some methods in Game_Battler. Send me a link to Victor's script and I will make a patch for you. I also updated the bugfixes patch (in a few minutes ) with some additional options and another optional bugfix, which can also solve the spinning issue mentioned by thanasulas. Edit: Okay, patch updated, get it from the same place! I also updated my Enemy AI module script with some advanced ways to create real AI for your enemies. And I made another addon which lets you make direction based animations (icon animations and real ones too). Both can be found on the other site where my other scripts are. Well, the latter is not yet approved. Hey Sixth, where is the "same place" you mentioned? Also where can I get your Enemy AI script? Thanks!
  6. Ah well I've edited sprites before but never stuff they were interacting with, I'll just adjust the animation graphic until I get it. I can use the ones included with the script demo for reference. If you know a bit about photoshop, things are easy. Take the character animation (player) and have it as background layer, then put the weapon animation above and move it until it fits.
  7. thanasulas

    Immortal Sins

    I played the game out of curiosity. I don't have a lot of time these days so I only played 10 minutes. I liked the maps, simple but nice, and the dialogues. Also the menus and the battle system are very well done. Some things I didn't like: In the dialogues it really bothered me that the sentences didn't go to the end of the message window and were continued in the next line for no apparent reason. It is very simple to fix with a script. The door is locked... (Do I really have to wait every time? Annoying!) I would also suggest to make the environment more interactive. f.e. Talking to the piano, or the cross in the church could say something about them. Finally, even though I liked the classic beginning (small town, family house), it also got me a bit bored. Maybe later, when I find time, I will try it till the end. Till then, keep up the good work!
  8. This is a problem of sprites. You should create the sprites of the dagger accordingly. I do not know if you are familiar with sprite modification. The dagger should be modified to a position where it will look like the player is holding it.
  9. What do you mean exactly? What do you want to do?
  10. Very nice game. I really like the completely different logic of it. I didn't really think I would like it but you surprised me! A small bug is at the menu status, Captain of the Guard is not shown properly (is that what you wanted to say?) . I would really like to have the board show where the next step is. In some occasions it is obvious, in others it is not so much. I gave the magma to the goblins and they enchanted my weapon. When I used the combo (pressed A) I took damage too. Is this normal? I didn't fully read what he told me The one think that I didn't like was that I never knew what damage I would do to someone. In some fights I hit for 5, and then in the next one for 40... Could you explain the mechanic to me? One last thing, is it normal that all the monsters have 0 armor? I shifted all of them and didn't find anyone with armor... (bug?) Keep up the good work, I believe this will be a successful game!
  11. This is not the full notetag... That's the problem. Notetags can go longer than what you can normally see... If you move the cursor inside the notetag window with the arrow key (down) then you will see that there are more notes. If you copy all of them, from another weapon, then your weapon will work too.
  12. thanasulas

    DoubleX RMVXA Dynamic Data

    Thanks for the pastebin. So, this script saves the whole database instead of some parts of it like normal save does, right? Where could this be used, apart from using the previous save to a new expansion (the only use that I could think of...) ?
  13. thanasulas

    DoubleX RMVXA Dynamic Data

    I cannot download the script. Could you upload it at pastebin or something like that? I am with firefox.
  14. thanasulas

    Szyu's Equipment Type Level

    Very nice script, it reminds me of World of Warcraft specialization! The v1.1 addon makes it even better. I would be pretty pointless without it... , not knowing what level you are. One question, I am not sure what w1 and a3 represents. Is w1 the 1st weapon type and a3 the 3rd armor type? Does it start from 0 or 1? Good work!
  15. thanasulas

    Face Popup Script

    Very nice. Keep up the good work!
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