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  1. I really like your dragon riders! They're giving me a little inspiration!
  2. Awesome! I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for the forest idea, I'll play around a little and see how it looks. P.S. I'm looking at your work and you've got some cool Battlers, I might use some of them in the future, and you'll be credited of course.
  3. ​Abstract: An epic tale about the struggle between the people of Mundar and the dark forces of evil, one which transcends time and space. ​Genre: Classic story driven fantasy RPG. ​Average Demo Time: 1 - 2hrs (Depending on whether you're a player who looks for secrets/talks to everyone or a player who just goes straight for the objective.) ​Game Progression: (1-5%) Hard to say really, I have the broad outline of the story written down, like the main events and story points of where the game is going and how it'll end, but as many of you must know, as you progress along through the game all kinds of little details come to you that not only enrich the story but all lengthen it. The current demo is just the "prologue", much like in a novel. It sets the tone and sets up the events of the main story to play out but in actuality is a very short piece of what's to come. Story: Set in medieval times on the world known as Mundar, the kingdom of Haligonia has been enjoying a time of peace for the past 16 years since the conclusion of the War of Nations, a war in which King Faliard of Brictonia suddenly crossed the ocean with his armies and attempted to conquer Haligonia. Some say Faliard was possessed by evil forces and was driven insane by voices in his head, though nobody knows for sure. One day, on the southern shores of Haligonia, at a small settlement called Newbark Town, true evil suddenly and without warning appears and starts slaughtering everything in its wake, looking for someone they call The Ancient. Miraculously this seemingly unstoppable evil is contained and peace resumes, the people of Mundar never knowning what even happened. It would be another 16 years of peace before once again the evil surfaces, and this time it's here to stay, that is unless a group of ordinary people thrown into extraordinary situations can find a way to end this cycle of evil once and for all, if they can't, the world of Mundar will undoubtedly be consumed and destroyed forever. Characters: Raiden Raiden is a serious well-mannered man. He lives in Newbark Town and works as the town hunter. He fought in the War of Nations as a young squire but gave up pursuits of becoming a knight for a simpler life as a hunter. Respectful and caring, he will always be there for you when you need him. He grew up at Oakland Castle with his best friend Darien but has no real family of his own, so his friends and neighbors are everything to him. His strong sense of honor and loyalty guides his choices and life. Darien ​ ​Darien is arguably the best knight in all of Haligonia and he played an integral part in many battles during the War of Nations. Now however, in times of peace he lives in Newbark Town with his wife Marilynn and their two twin baby boys. Even though he's technically retired he still trains and patrols various parts of Haligonia with his dragon partner Gardock. Honorable and loyal to the crown and kingdom of Haligonia, he would give his life fighting to protect it. Marilynn Marilynn is the wife of Darien, she is a quiet kind-hearted woman with patience and love for everyone, she wouldn't even hurt a fly. Though she is a very honest person there is something mysterious about her. Darien and Raiden first met her a few years before the War of Nations one day while walking through the forest. She was being attacked by a bandit and Darien saved her. Her life before that day is completely unknown as she refuses to say anything about it other than saying that her home was destroyed and she had nowhere to go. Darien brought her back to Oakland Castle and got her a job washing laundry. Before long they fell in love and then a few years after the war, when Newbark Town was first founded, they got married and decided to start a new life together in the small settlement. Gardock Gardock is an extremely smart dragon that has a special bond with his partner Darien and they have been inseparable since Darien was just a little boy. Gardock, a lonesome dragon, too smart to relate to other dragons, lived his life in the mountains near Oakland Castle. One day Darien, just five years old, stumbled across Gardock's Cave and they came face to face. To Gardock's surprise though, Darien didn't run or scream, he just stood there for a moment then began talking to him. After that Darien would return almost everyday with food and he would sit down on a rock near Gardock and just talk to him, Gardock can understand English but can't speak it so he would just listen. One day dragon hunters found Gardock and nearly killed him but out of nowhere, Darien, just a small boy, came flying in from behind and killed two of the hunters, Gardock just watched on as this boy fought for him. Darien was struck down and almost killed himself, but when the hunters realized who he was they took off. Ever since that day Gardock and Darien have been best friends, something no man and dragon have ever shared before. Gairick Gairick is a retired war general who was given the position of commander of Newbark Town for his years of service. Because of the peace times and his age, he spends most of his time sitting around the Newbark Keep with his men drinking brew. He's kind of an asshole but can be relied upon when the fighting starts. More characters to come There are lots more characters to come, but I will add their bios as they become relevant in the story as to avoid giving away story plots and spoilers. ​ Credits Blood Tileset - "Lololo Games" http://lolologames.blogspot.mx/2014/12/pack-de-recursos-de-terror-rpg-maker.html Dragon Face - "ZororoWhite" http://www.rmakercom.net/t375-vx-ace-megapack-de-recolores-y-edits-del-rtp (Everything else in the game so far is from RPGMaker VX Ace itself.) (I am the only person working on this project.) Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/0lezus30qizbvja/Spirit%20Summons.exe?dl=0 I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to check out this post and a big thank you to anyone who actually downloads the game and plays it through. I'd love to hear about any feedback you can give me, good or bad, what you liked or didn't like. Also, I don't think there are any issues or bugs, but please let me know if you find anything wonky. Well that's it then, hope you enjoy my game!
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    Hello! Pleased to meet you all!

    Hey welcome, I'm new too, just trying to spread the love haha, good luck on your game!
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    Thanks for the welcome guys! As soon as I'm allowed to make another post I'll upload my game to The Gaming Lounge.
  6. Hey everyone, I joined this site about a year ago with the hope of getting some feedback on my current game but never got around to posting an introduction and all that. So here I am a year later, with a playable portion of my game ready for gamers to sink their teeth into, and I'm really looking forward to sharing it with everyone here. I've been into making video games since I was in high school, a couple friends and I rented RPG Maker for PlayStation and I really got into it. I spent about 200 hours making a game until I eventually filled up the entire memory card, I was pretty crushed about not being able to continue my game since I had only finished about half of the story I had planned in my head. I also used to make Counter Strike maps with the Half Life editor "Hammer" and these two experiences led me to study "3D Game Animation and Design" after high school. Ten years later, married, living in Mexico, an English teacher, I'm recreating my old game from high school with RPG Maker VX Ace, bigger and better. Revamped story, new characters, bigger map and no limited memory card holding me back! So anyway, that's my story in a nut shell. I'm excited to meet some new people here, learn more about RPG Maker VX Ace and share my game with anyone who'll play it, thanks for reading!
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