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  1. So I finally got time to work on the project again, and I was able to fix the facepictures (As well as add more ), I fixed the elevator "Go Up?" Bug, the tile passing bathtub bug, I THINK I fixed the silence bug, I'm working on figuring out the taunt bug, and SIGNIFICANTLY nerfed the umbras in the Phay solo dungeon. Additionally, Kazu being the weakest party member soon changes when new eliciters are available, giving him the most diverse and useful skillset out of all the party members (Though I will admit that earlygame, his usefulness is pretty lackluster) And as for the story, the intention is to begin by thrusting the player into Kazu's situation, and have the player learn more about the umbra's origins as the people of Hon Kage find out more about them (The reason the lore isn't explained is because nobody knows where the hell the Umbras even come from); Anyway, the point of this message was to give a little update on the things i fixed, as well as show what improvements I made upon hearing your feedback Did you ever get around to finishing? I'm really curious as to what feedback you may wanna give
  2. Thanks for all the feedback! I actually wasn't aware of a significant amount of the bugs you mentioned (or all of them, actually 0_0) I will say it's much appreciated. Oh, and about the Umbras and their origin; you're not really supposed to know where they come from entirely yet, as most of the plot involves investigating their origins in order to, well, send em back (that's really all I can say right now to avoid getting spoily but it's much deeper I promise) I do intend to weaken the Umbras in that Phay section (like, a lot), as well as do more with the maps (I know they look big and empty, but that's because there's gonna be more of a reason to return to them later and I just haven't added any of their future segments yet) some may end up shrunk a bit, though, depending on how they are when I'm 100% done. And yeah the facepics do need work but that's just something I've been to lazy to trim xD it's like the top of my priorities list at this point though
  3. How goes the demo playthrough? I'm interested in what you have to say about the game
  4. Ah okay awesome, can't wait to see some more of the characters' pasts. Also my deepest apologies if the criticism came off in a douchey sorta tone xD I'm rereading it now and it looks mean when it wasn't intended to be 0_o I guess the start of the school year put me in this "I hate life" mood xDDD
  5. While I do have several cons, there are a few pros to be had as well. Unfortunately, it seems as though significant amount of the characters suffer from "Plot Cliches". For example, Sophie = "Parent(s) in danger (Or dead, in common uses) [Example: Just about every FF protagonist ever] for motivation" cliche , Jessie doesn't follow any dangerous "Cliche", but just being the "Best Friend" doesn't give her much plot, James (I would like to commend you for featuring team rocket in this game) is the "An ally, but one who succumbs to the darkness" cliche [Example, Kingdom Hearts], Mike: "Amnesia for motivation" cliche [Example: Final Fantasy 7]. I actually take interest in Nuru, though xD. While I despise the VX Ace Character Generator, as well as just about any of the RTP stuff (Excessively, anyway; I don't mind some bits of it, like monster sprites) the mapping job in this game is really great at points. A lot of detail goes into some maps, though some seem very plain. I do see great potential for this game, but I think certain bits do need a bit more attention than others >.<
  6. Yeah haha there's some RTP stuff in there. Some of the areas aren't as modern (Like a mountain resort you'll see at a few points) so I just went and used the standard tiles for it. The game's mostly under a modern setting, however.
  7. I'm so glad people are taking interest! With this being non-profit and for-fun, my main motivation comes from the happiness and hype of the public, so I'm really excited to bring you guys the demo when it's ready!
  8. Kazenna

    Never Fear, I Am Here

    Thanks for the warm welcome, you two!
  9. GAME DEMO AVAILABLE! : http://crescentskygames.wix.com/decayingdamnation Decaying Damnation is a turn based rpg taking place in a modern setting, primarily in Hon Kage city and the various areas surrounding it; The game has a chapter-based story progression system, akin to that of games like Paper Mario or Tales of Xillia 2. As of right now, I have the prologue and chapter 1 completed, which is about 4-5 hours of gameplay time. Story: Umbras are feared by just about any living being that inhabits this world; These creatures consume the souls of the innocent, and nobody ever does anything to stop them. Most people are too afraid to stand up to the Umbras and therefore allow them to remain the superior species. However, a select few set out to rebel against the Umbras. Their reasons, very different; Their goal, mutual. Throughout their journey, the group discovers the secrets and origins of the Umbrian race, as well as certain secrets about themselves and their unique pasts. Characters: Kazu Norowa: Kazu isn't your typical hero; He fights for a different reason than "Saving the world" or "Helping the ones you care about". In fact, he doesn't have a single person he cares about, and he sure as hell doesn't give a damn about the fate of the world. He's just sick and tired of being on the same boat as the "Inferior humans" that don't do a thing about the Umbras. Some think he's a jerk, while others claim he's flat-out heartless. He has a different view on himself: "I'm not heartless, I just don't give a damn." But throughout the journey with his new comrades, will he find a different way of seeing other people? Phay Hikari: Phay's just about as "polar-opposite" of Kazu as a sole person could possibly be. Phay is always smiling, and can turn the most depressing of moods into the happiest mood they've ever experienced. The only thing she loves more than smiling is seeing her friends smile too, and she fights the Umbras for the sake of the innocents who were killed. Jin Shiro: Jin has a dagger-weilding dog named Kabi, and together they form the greatest mercenary duo known to man. Jin hunts Umbra for money, as he has quite a demand on his hands when it comes to money. However, when unforseen circumstances strike Jin and his pup, he's offered an interesting deal. How will this affect his struggle against the Umbras, and his personal struggles as well? Airi Akemi: Airi is the assistant to the mayor in Hon Kage city. She spends the beginning of the quest sending the group out to find powerful Umbras to take down, until she eventually joins the party because of an interesting ability she finds herself able to use. Some call it summoning, or even taming of the Umbras. However, she considers it more of a mutual pact between human and shadow, and thinks of her Umbrian partners on equal grounds with her. Hiro Miyazaki: Hiro, like Phay, certainly knows how to make a mood more positive. However, he has a rather strange way of doing this. Hiro spends most of his time flirting with women, especially Airi, and making vulgar jokes that nobody really laughs at but him. Sometimes Jin pretends to go along with his jokes, if only to embarrass the rest of the party. Credits: Created By: Kazenna Voices: Kazu: Kazenna, Phay: Sierra Hyde, Jin: Gotti, Airi: Katerinu, Hiro: PMONickpop123, Shopkeeper: Arwennick Scriptwork: Yami, Kread-X, Yanfly, VM of DT, Modern Algebra, Pacman, Music: The World Ends With You, Zelda Series, Xenoblade Chronicles, Noragami, Dan Alvarez, Katerinu, Persona Series, Tales Series, Panty and Stocking, Corpse Party, Yasushi Ishii, Bakemonogatari Artwork: Slime-Frog Screenshots: (Click to Enlarge) Extra Features: Eliciter Gems: Eliciters are technological weapons imbued with elemental power. However, Kazu has the ability to change the "Eliciter Gem" in his, which alters the elemental abilities available to him. For example, equipping a Ruby gives him skills like the single-target "Fireball" or the Area Of Effect, "Flame FIeld", while a Sapphire would give him abilities such as the single target "Pop" or the light healing skill, "Holy Water". Note that Kazu has the Sapphire equipped in the third screenshot, enabling the Pop skill used. Fusion Skills: With the use of a script, certain skills, when used in succession, will combine into what is known as a "Fusion Skill". An example would be that when Kazu uses "Fireball" directly before, or directly after Phay uses "Light", Phay will propel Kazu's fireball with a light beam, significantly amplifying the damage output of the skill. Note that a fusion skill is being used in the third screenshot. Interchangable Costumes: There are various costumes available throughout various parts of the game. They are found in different ways and methods, and allow you to change your character's sprite into a different one that we have made for them. Try to find them all! Note that the screenshots display the party members in different outfits, whether they be Alternate Colored default outfits, or completely different costumes.
  10. Heyo, nice to meet you all; I'm Kazenna (Not Kaz, cuz that seems to be the name of the bossman here) and I'm working on a game called Decaying Damnation, which seems to be like, really interesting according to the testers 0_o They told me to make it known here, so I made an account! I'll be posting information on the game into the Showroom sometime in the near future, likely later today. I hope you all look forward to it, and I can't wait to get to know all of ya!