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  1. Shiggy Longer Item Description crash

    Was able to figure it out. Figured I'd leave this fix here for anyone else having this problem. Replace line 75 in the script with this:
  2. So I've been trying to implement Shiggy's Longer Item description: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/36877-longer-item-description/ However, whenever I copy the script as-is into my script editor, I get this message when booting my project:
  3. Pokemon-Style Power Points

    So i'm making a game set in a modern world, no magic, guns, etc. I want to simulate ammo using a Pokemon-style Power Point system. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Power_points It's a bit hard to clarify... In Pokemon, power points are like individual magic bars for each of your skills. Instead of using a Magic pool attacks draw from, attacks draw from their own individual pool of PP. Is this possible in RPG maker, to your knowledge? Is there a tutorial or script I could use? Any help would be apprieciated.
  4. So i've been trying to create a custom battle system using (mostly) events. It's a bit like an ABS since it doesn't use a separate battle processing screen. I've implemented CSCA's custom movement and i'm starting to work on the enemies. I'm trying to make an event where if the player walks into an enemy, they will begin to attack, and vice versa, a bit like in rogue. If' you're confused by what I mean, i'm basically trying to do what's shown in this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ewVipzgESnE How can I implement this? Any advice is apprieciated.
  5. Event Touch Trigger

    So i'm trying to create a moving event using the event touch trigger. I want to program it so that it only triggers when the event touches the player, not the other way around. The problem is that I have another event page that uses a player touch trigger and they seem to refuse to work together. Sorry if this is a bit confusing. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. Combat system idea

    So i'm starting to get an idea of what i'm going to do for my combat system. Still needs to be fleshed out. I want my project to have the general controls of Rogue. Turn-Based, enemies only move when you move, etc. This will not feature random dungeons or permadeath, so this will not be a roguelike. I want to implement an AP system. Whenever the player uses any sort of attack, they use AP. You regain +1 AP every time you move a square. I also want to simplify or remove any extra stats. HP, AP, ATK, and MAT are the only stats I want to use. Numbers will also be made smaller in scale. All(or most)of this I want to do without scripts. What would be your advice?
  7. You could make it like a roguelike. If you die physically after a failed dream state or cannot pay your debts, you will be forced to start the game all over again from the very beginning. . Dreams could be randomized each game, keeping it fresh every time you lose. Staff could also be randomized and change each game, forcing you to adapt to each of their strengths and weaknesses in a new way each time you die and start a new game. Just an idea, good luck with wherever you decide to take this.
  8. Making story through gameplay

    Enviromental storytelling can be used to great effect. Subtly constructing stories from clues in the enviroment that can be interpreted different ways can make players feel smart when they put the stories together themselves. This is the type of storytelling companies like Bethesda and From software excel in. This is my favorite type of storytelling in games in general because it's there whether the player cares or not. You can walk right by some of the most interesting stories in the game unless you're vigilant. It's the type of storytelling that makes the player work to figure out what's going on. Here's a quote from Tim Cain on Fallout 3, which gives an example of what I mean:"I also loved the set decoration FO3. There was so much destruction, yet obviously everything had been meticulously hand-placed. So much story was told entirely through art...I found a feral ghoul in an underground shelter filled with lab supplies and lots of drugs... except for Rad-X. I imagined that a scientist found himself irradiated and desperately tried to synthesize some Rad-X to cure himself before he succumbed, but he was too slow. I did notice that whatever was left of his mind sure did seem to enjoy toilet plungers."
  9. abs Project Difficulty

    That definitely sounds promising. I'll contact you after I take a look at it, thanks!
  10. abs Project Difficulty

    Thanks for all your help and patience.
  11. abs Project Difficulty

    Thanks man. Unfortunately, the author says it's uses melee only. But you can set up an ABS just using events? Are there any tutorials related to that?
  12. abs Project Difficulty

    Thanks for your help. Two more questions: What noob-friendly battle systems would you recommend? Also, are there any hybrids out there? For example, a turn-based that doesn't use a separate battle screen?
  13. abs Project Difficulty

    Thanks for the advice. If you don't mind, could you send me a link to Soulpour's ABS? Thanks. I've been looking at the demos for Falcao's abs as well as the Sapphire abs. Both seem pretty involved. I'm not a huge fan of turn-based combat, but i'm willing to work with it if absolutely neccesary.
  14. abs Project Difficulty

    So I've been getting my toes wet with RPG maker, learning the basics(Eventing, Tilesets, Using basic scripts, etc). I want to implement ABS Combat. How difficult would it be to use and modify this to my liking? If it's possible, what's the simplest ABS to use? I have modified some scripts before, but they were very simple changes.
  15. Roguelike Combat

    So I've taken up messing around with VX ACE, and I've been wondering how to implement classic roguelike combat(turn-based, grid menu for attacking) into a game. Think Nethack, The Drop, or Desktop Dungeons. I've seen it done before in RPG maker games like The Drop, but most of the roguelike battle systems, like ORBS and Ultros's Roguelike System are either only for VX or are missing. Any advice?